1. Changes from previous version (Xande):

  2. Changes from previous version (Raines), not including BT/FR:

  3. I always thought Big Tom was kinda old, hut he was only 45 in Africa. Phillip was 52 on Redemption Island.

  4. That’s nothing, Ghost Island was very young on average. It’s just Angela that’s past 40 I think.

  5. Probably. Not sure what they’d add after that though since aside from HvV, Cambodia, and Micronesia the returnee season that is usually considered really good is WAW. The other ones aside from BvW are usually considered average at best (Caramoan) to straight up bad (Game Changers, All Stars, etc.)

  6. Maybe a half returnee season like Philippines.

  7. This year has been an absolute win for collab characters. Prishe, Luffy and Nami&Robin all have decent niche.

  8. Don't forget Zoro and Sanji! They're less standout (partly because Dark has a stranglehold on team slots) but unworldly CA (very rare in Dark), guaranteed TA, auto-nuke and decent skills.

  9. Undeniably the best collab unit we've ever gotten. His kit is Grand level; perhaps even better than many of fire's current roster of Grands. Makes me think Toei dropped a sack of money on CG's doorstep and bribed them to make him this good.

  10. Luffy is very good but I don't think he's outright better than our two recent Grands. Percy is unrivalled for burst due to his Tag Team. And Wilnas is better for no-click OTK/burst due to higher cap on his CA, natural amplify and a follow-up nuke on his autos if you don't have time to press a button, and the possibility of a counter to add more damage.

  11. This is a small nitpick, but have Alexiel and Europa always been able to fly through the sky unassisted like Superman?

  12. My guess is outside of some obvious cases like Colossus, flight seems to be a fairly common ability for primals.

  13. We got some non-tamer rare AAs in the last couple EX sets though, like EX2 had a lot, and Magnadramon in EX3.

  14. That [Opponent’s Turn] effect isn’t a OPT, this man’s about to turn a full stack WGX back into an agumon.

  15. Might not get that far since once the opponent drops below like 4 stacks things like BT1 Tai will shut off. But you can definitely knock it to a level 4.

  16. That's pretty wicked. And it's only a R, good heavens.

  17. The funny/sad thing is that every breath-using Tiki has Flametongue... except A!Tiki, the only demote.

  18. Does cherubimon's effect only work on one other digimon or all of your level 5 and lower ones?

  19. Re-reading it it looks it affects all your level 5 and lower Digimon. Might be a field effect too, may need confirmation. But if it is, then anything you play out as well would gain the re-play effect as long as it's level 5 or lower, or if a Tamer becomes a Hybrid or a level 6 gets De-Digivolved. Heck you might even be able to get some loop shenanigans on your opponent's turn if that's true with something like Blockers (Leomon???)

  20. Well that's less impactful, but still potentially really good, especially since you can give it to a level 5 and evo them up into a level 6 or higher and retain the effect. Heck, if you have enough memory, give it to a Gabumon, warp it to Gabubond with BT6 Matt, and it'll come back at the end of the turn. Or give it to something with Rush (EX4 Guilmon? Cerberusmon WM, which can give you 9 memory for free if you have a Cerberusmon out?) for two checks.

  21. You absolute genius; I didn't even consider his bull form and now I'm going to weep I want it so badly

  22. Depending on the price, Bull Askr plush would be the first piece of FE merch I might be seriously tempted by.

  23. Elm isn't dead unless we see his corpse

  24. I mean we never saw Askr's corpse either...

  25. If I have a BT9 Pomumon and I use Back for Revenge! on it, if it gets deleted, csb it re-play itself?

  26. what if it’s mentioned in the alternative digivolution cost? “digivolve: 2 from lvl 3 if card text contains ” does that piece of text count?

  27. Just off my head I'd probably say Nat10. Most other options at least did something pivotal during the game. Troyzan saved himself with his idol. Sherri had a great pre-merge. Meanwhile Nat was dragged specifically because she could be beaten.

  28. I think you're slightly mistaken about Deckerdramon - the main purpose of him isn't to be used as Digixros, that's a side benefit. He's a huge card draw machine against wide boards, particularly against BloomHydra and Jesmon. You can and will have times when Blazing Memory boost whiffs hard or you bottom deck key cards like Sora/Joe or Sourai.

  29. So the grand combo they seem to be going for is a turn1 raising Agu and hard play a Gabu to search. The turn 2, even at 1 mem start, pay 2 to evo into greymon, which makes your evo into garurumon free and also refunds you 1 memory setting you back at 0.

  30. It's probably a little easier to keep Gabumon in raising because there are more Black Agumons. Keeping a Agumon out on the field is less dangerous since you have more of them.

  31. This puts black base on par with red base for consistency with a ton of search effects. Pretty happy to see it.

  32. Part of the problem is that black eggs are still generally worse. The new Tsunomon helps, but Red offers more DP or more draw, while Black just has more draw.

  33. Respect lol. Is the deck fairly cheap to build? I know I have the EX2 pieces.

  34. Maid Mode is probably the priciest part of the deck really. The rest of the deck should be fairly cheap, but depends if you’re adding in certain tech cards like TK.

  35. I don’t play it myself, but from what I’ve seen it’s fairly straightforward. Use the EX2 and BT10 lines as well as Rika, then fill in some staples (ST3 Patamon, BT4 Piddomon, Memory Boosts, maybe another Tamer like TK/Kari or Tai/Kari). Then add in your Plug-Ins at your preferred ratio. Calumon for an optional splash-in. Sunrise Buster as an option if you run Tai/Kari.

  36. To be honest, with a parent I'd find it hilarious. With a sibling? I'd be annoyed.

  37. The nullifier is revealed right as the votes are revealed, so after the window to play an idol.

  38. Well I think that soft confirms a Black Gabumon?

  39. LD-only character that gets a GL-First FRBT and Force Echo?

  40. With a Manikin Penelo skin to showcase her true power.

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