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  1. Yeah wtf I was like "hold up, ohh hell no!"

  2. That's so cool! Can't wait until more episodes come out!

  3. They'd have to be playing every single day

  4. He said, "If you're not gonna speed, then get the hell off the road!"

  5. If you litter in the ocean, just know that I hate you more than anything else in this world! 😁

  6. They're all girl characters except for lucio

  7. That fox had no idea what to do with that cat

  8. Yes. You're both boring. You should bang each other.

  9. Your battery is about to explode. Stop using it and replace it.

  10. Wouldn't protago-nick's powers not have any effect on rick and morty anyways? They already are the main characters... so idk why they were afraid of him at all.

  11. He didn't want to do that. Some people gotta learn the hard way tho

  12. At least you know security is well armed

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