1. Mace gets points for being one of the most badass Jedi I'll grant. Vader's still number 1 though.

  2. Just so you know, max rank is 1000, not 100. But still cool. You got a lot of cool moments and good fights ahead of you before reach max.

  3. Depending on what modes they play on and how often they play Vader they could well have many fights before they hit max!

  4. Yeah, I myself got a Max Anakin and assault. Specialist and Darth Maul are not too far behind.

  5. I believe forces of destiny is the one about the women of star wars

  6. Yeah I did a quick Google, seems it. Looks like they're 2 minute episodes (which are mostly taken up by the credits and intro) focusing on the all the strong female characters in SW. Reviews are either extreme 5 star or 1 star reviews so hard to tell how good it really is from the reviews alone.

  7. There are a few I’d watch. Not all of them are garbage. Specifically, I’d give “The Path Ahead” a watch. It’s just a short vid with Luke and Yoda training on Dagobah, and I absolutely adore it. Also, while it does involve Rose and Finn (Shuttle Shock). it’s probably the best portrayal of both characters. Basically, some shenanigans happens while heading to the casino world, and they have so much better chemistry in these 2 minutes, and both characters shined equally. I understand if you don’t want to watch the latter, but definitely watch the former suggestion.

  8. *points at luke with his other hand* "can you fuckers stop cutting of my limbs every time!? shit's expensive!"

  9. At least this person labeled it as "Reposti", which is more than some people can say for themselves.

  10. Yeah I suppose, it is a lazy format I'll grant. Many memes are though unfortunately. Just check out

  11. When she was able to escape from three adults and scooby-doo slip through their fingers in the forest like 5 times in a row, I knew that I was in for some shit.

  12. Yeah that chase scene really was next level bs. There ain't no defending that.

  13. They had no idea how to write a 10 year old version of Leia, so they just wrote it like she was adult Leia.

  14. Yeah they wrote her like she was adult Leia except for a few scenes where she was written as though she was 6. The writers really messed it up on that front.

  15. Thank you for the compliment and the link to the article, Hermaeus Mora would approve.

  16. No probs, Khajiit is happy to help his friends. But although Khajiit agrees Hermaeus Mora would approve, he is no follower of Mora.

  17. The ring itself, the one in the title that the whole story revolves around, is more than anything, as far as characters are concerned, an internal conflict creating macguffin. Literally anyone presented with even the possibility of touching it faces a life altering, character revealing, massive internal conflict.

  18. Yep, and it's different for each character since each character has different desires and weak points.

  19. It's two old men fighting, they're not gonna be pulling some sick martial arts moves

  20. Yep, that too. I was thinking more about the spells though, convincing CGI would be used in this day and age to make it more dramatic, obviously they couldn't do that then though.

  21. Oh heck! I'd noticed those awards missing, didn't realise it was official. Boo. i gladly accept pretty emoji for bad jokes.

  22. Comments like this make me very annoyed at Reddit for getting rid of the free awards. I'm just gonna have to give you an emoji instead I'm afraid, hope it will suffice🏅

  23. This is my order. Newbies don't deserve commendations just for being new imo. If they tried, awesome. If they mindlessly attacked the point and didn't listen, no commend.

  24. Yeah that's a good way of doing it. Usually they get it from me too. If they've got a mic and are being a good team player then they're definitely getting it, they deserve it.

  25. Disney paid him $4 billion for control of the Star Wars IP. Guaranteed, one hundred percent, Lucas signed a contract that gave them absolutely total control over everything going forwards, forever.

  26. Yeah that's what I thought. George doesn't call the shots, he can advise, offer his input, but ultimately it's Disney that decides what's what.

  27. There would also be the legal side of using her after death - which I know was already done but it would likely need to be a new agreement by the family for an entire trilogy.

  28. Yeah I 100% agree. I think from a respect perspective and a practical perspective it's probably best avoided.

  29. Nice! I've been playing a lot of Obi recently too! He's great fun, especially in trooper modes.

  30. They’re called Summa-verminoth and are an often misunderstood species of “leave me alone”!

  31. Wasn't there a Vader comic containing one of them? Just an alternate variant. Vaguely rings a bell.

  32. I already find it hard to explain to my parents what programming is in practice

  33. Programming is a language that allows you to talk to computers, and make them do stuff. It's how apps like ... And ... Work.

  34. Agreed. It is a fun mess that hopefully they learn from so that they can make better media in future.

  35. I thought the same until the last episode when he told the harfoot to, if in doubt, always follow your nose, and motioned just like Gandalf did when he delivered the same line in Moria. I figured that had to be an intentional call back.

  36. That plus we all know Gandalf's got a close relationship with Hobbits. Makes sense that he would have a relationship with the Harfoots, and this could easily be their "origin story" together as it were.

  37. Bossk is certainly pretty fun. Annoying to fight against sometimes though. A good Bossk can wreck even the best of players thanks to his unblockable attacks and tactical uses.

  38. Thanks, though on my end it says there are no community flairs on this sub

  39. Oh ok, weird. There should be a bunch of blank editable ones. I'm sorry you can't make one. Unfortunately Reddit is quite inconsistent and buggy like that.

  40. Since people are likely to ask (which to be fair, I don't blame you, it was terrible writing and very few people rewatch that film) I'll explain it here:

  41. How is cloning stuff only Sith know when the Kaminoans knew it too?

  42. Because he managed to transfer his consciousness from his old body to this new one, which was done through the dark side. The body was a clone, the character was not, or at least that's how I interpreted it.

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