1. Henry Cavill is very Classic to me. That's why he suits a neat look. I'm guessing SC.

  2. Gemma isn't verified like Jennifer. I recommend reading the actual list of verified people in Strictly Kibbe. Using unverified people to see anything is pretty pointless.

  3. I agree with SN. Sleek looks forced on her. Like she needed the ease and flow.

  4. Fantastic comment - totally agree! I feel like people have taken Olivia Munn as the prime template of DC and run with it haha.

  5. Thanks! I also think the lady in the original Metamorphosis book captures DC essence: she's statuesque!

  6. DC? If we had to cast comeone as the "sophisticated lady", someone who's refined yet cerebral, rocking a formed, tailored chic style I wouldn't even think of Jessica Alba. She would look constricted.

  7. Anyone know what color her natural hair is? Her roots look a little brown to me

  8. DK hinted that Margot is probably a Winter in his system so she's likely a natural "brunette".

  9. For once I agree with DC (sometimes the DC typing is soo off here in Reddit and more based on styling/vibe than physique). Halsey reminds me of Olivia Munn: slightly soft and fleshy but straight, even and slightly angular.

  10. Agreed. I think DK recently confirmed this was her best style era.

  11. In Kibbe's book Metamorphosis, he describes their stature as:

  12. SC. Refined, cool and collected. Curve but nothing too extreme.

  13. If Alexis is more like 5'5" like some sources say: maybe FG. If she's too tall then I guess FN. I don't get Classic vibes at all. She's more like youthful, sweet and fresh.

  14. What makes you think FG for Alexis, aside from her being possibly within the height limit? She looks very balanced to me.

  15. Just because she looks like a calm goody-good girl doesn't mean she's a Classic. Classic is cool, refined and collected. Slightly mature. Alexis is very youthful for her age and there's this charming innocence about her. Large saucer eyes, slender figure etc... But because she's almost too tall to even consider FG there are no other options left other than N or C base. Width isn't always sticking out btw. That's why I vote for N base.

  16. Her features don't look sculpted and symmetrical to me. The asymmetry is even more evident when she's older. Facial features don't exclude any ID but honestly... for Classics the symmetry is seen all over. Including the face. If she's over 5'7" she's likely more Yang.

  17. I see why they seem confusing - they are sort of combinations of the same thing (romantic and sharp), but in practice they are very different.

  18. Rachel McAdams is not a TR. DK actually verified she isn't. He didn't type her though just mentioned that.

  19. He can't see the people who post IRL. He thought Diahann Carroll was a SD until he saw her and realized she was a D. Nothing is sure unless you meet him in person. The other problem is that people draw their sketches over and over again and you can guess why. Minority of people (in Reddit or SK) are even willing to experiment with something that might contradict their inner desires.

  20. Honestly... sometimes I wonder why this sub loves to diagnose DC for anything vertical and straight-ish that ever walked in fancy suit (add sleek hair and a sheath dress and everyone's sold!) and if there's no obvious width... it cannot be FN = must be DC. Right.

  21. Megan is tricky because her image is so cultivated compared to her natural beauty features. For example, here she is

  22. I agree with your examples. Especially the grey-blue dress: I think it creates a stiff and forced look on her. To me it overly emphasizes her shoulderline. Does she look pretty? Yes. Effortless? No. The dress looks slightly tailored in effect and the effect is a bit similar to seeing SN Sandra Bullock in tailored outfits: looks fine but slightly claustrophobic and exaggerated at the same time. The thing is: Megan is all about exaggerated. Natural Megan (whatever ID she truly is) hasn't appeared in a while.

  23. Not DC. Her frame and shoulders are rather prominent and her narrow, elongated torso adds to the upper body width. Also, her natural hair colour is not sultry brunette but lighter, even dark blonde which greatly impacts her look. She sells the "cool and collected" image well but it's part due to her dramatic hair colour, styling, thinness and makeup. People thought Katy Perry was SD because of her hair colour and styling. Yet she was a Spring SN.

  24. Except there may in fact actually be blondes who look best in winter. And in one of the reveals, he basically CREATED the contrast he says a spring needs by dying her hair, claiming her eyes were actually blue and therefore she had a spring triad of contrast but I literally could not see the blue eyes he was talking about.

  25. Well, not in his system. He literally said it's impossible because of how Winter coloring is built. The dark hair is the most important feature you naturally got to have to be a Winter in his approach. The cool natural blondes would all be Summers in his system.

  26. I just looked at pictures of Marilyn's natural hair and uh...honestly, not sure how she qualifies as a Spring. Her natural hair color is NOT light.

  27. He would likely call MM's natural hair colour medium or dark blonde. He hasn't said. But yes, to him dark hair is very dark. The example of extreme Yang lady in Metamorphosis (in the glittery bias-cut dress) has dark blonde hair and would be a Summer in his system (explained in the book).

  28. I was thinking FG but because of your height (unlikely for FG) and because I'm seeing some Yin too I'm going to say DC.

  29. Just saying: If your line goes in and out distinctly (even in a Yang way) it doesn't matter if your shoulders and hips are the same size. You can still have Width. Not saying you have it, just saying this in general.

  30. I see DC, she suits balanced, minimal outfits with slightly sharp tailoring. Additionally, I think she fits the DC image ID. I don’t think she needs the graphic, high energy and choppy styling of an FG, and I also don’t think she has any gamine essence. She’s extremely classic looking.

  31. Btw, in Metamorphosis Ds get more minimal details vs. DCs (you can read the Details section in D chapter versus DC). Ds can go more extreme with their silhouettes/line though. I know it's not so black and white anymore with David's new approach but I find it interesting.

  32. I say pure D. DC is not a bad guess but something about her lacks Yin. She's still, commanding and more "regal". All over elongated (seen in torso, not just limbs). Sometimes the two can be close but this is how I feel as a diy DC. Lizzy Caplan has a similar physique, yes, but her essence is way different to me.

  33. Most outfits are a bit too loose and mismatched imho. Some were good but generally: DC needs more structure and less mixing.

  34. What a nice collection. I always wondered what her ID is. When it comes to essence I honestly get this cool and collected vibe from her. I loved her blunt angled bob so much. I kind of want to say C.

  35. I'll vote for FN, maybe SD. But FN seems more likely. He isn't very wide but neither is e.g. FN Anne Hathaway (sorry, the male examples are limited). I think his essence gives away a lot more than his slender body: to me he looks open and friendly. His nose and facial features are slightly boyish.

  36. Ana is not a DC. Some kind of C, maybe. This place just doesn't get what DC is. It's symmetrical, even, slightly angular, straight with boldness from sharp Yang undercurrent and it's very evident in DC's presence/essence. Like a puma! Ana is more like a kitty. But not as Yin as an R.

  37. Elizabeth Taylor is a verified R and a Winter in the Metamorphosis Book. Coloring and ID are separate.

  38. If she's 5'7" DC is 99% unlikely. So, if she's lying about her height my guess is some kind of C. She might be just skinny. Meaning: Not necessarily having Yang undercurrent. Naomi Watts is a skinny SC. Brie does remind me of Grace Kelly though.

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