1. You don’t have the “right of way” so much as you are in the way. You are not supposed to pull out past the white line and sit in the intersection.

  2. Actually, you are supposed to pull into the intersection when making a left turn. Driver's ed taught me that and in general most states say to do that. Since left turns are considered dangerous, minimizing the amount of time to turn and complete it is better for traffic implications and safety.

  3. I've got a few TNF Nuptses that fit XL!

  4. Why did the broncos get rid of him?

  5. Reportedly Evero has a strong relationship with Hackett, even turning down the interim role when he was fired.

  6. I've had an issue one time where they've provided the wrong tracking number to my parcel. Instead, they sent someone else's tracking # rather than mine.

  7. Hey man! Got some fog hoodies that fit TTS XL available if that's of interest!

  8. I wouldn't be blaming WWTop for this man.

  9. thanks for the detailed review, if i may ask, how is the sizing with QW ? planning on ordering it instead of FK after reading your review.

  10. Hey man, it's TTS the normal Jordan size you wear. :)

  11. Man I appreciate you. You’re the only one that has gave me a direct answer. Thank You!!

  12. Doing all that to just get lit up on a slant is peak Cowboys

  13. Have TS1s in size 11 if that's of interest!

  14. With CNY pretty much all sellers are going to not be shipping for around 2-3 weeks, so unfortunately it will be a long wait.

  15. Galaxy brain to have Jefferson throw to Cousins on a 3rd and 1 after Cousins was dealing.

  16. One thing people should realize is, for sellers not as used to dealing with foreign trade goods, batch names are muddy waters. They don't call it M, LJR, OG etc as much in the domestic market.

  17. WTB USA/CAN BASED PAYPAL READY Any Hoodies size oversize M or TTS L (Essentials knit M or L) Essentials hoodies or sweaters M or L

  18. Got some Fog hoodies TTS L available here :)

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