1. Si tenes tiempo y dinero hay mucho para hacer acá, pero que te gustaría conocer? Historia? Naturaleza? Río o mar? Frío o calor? Si específicas un poco más seguramente te podamos ayudar mejor con tu plan.

  2. Spartan was my first foray in quality knives. It got stolen out of my car, but I promptly bought another

  3. This bunch is my first take in quality foldable knives, pretty happy with my selection considering I picked them based only in reviews. Spartan is such a beast for a folding that I don't think will be in the rotation like your Espada XL haha

  4. I ordered an EF55 about 8 month or so ago, I really liked the knife but the liner lock was non-functional. It can close with very little pressure in the spine. Was a real let down

  5. That's what I read too. Thanks for the response

  6. Lleva unos bizcos o facturas, averigua que prefiere ella si podes, dulce o salado, quedas como un campeón. Fuera de eso, anda tranqui, no te maquinees al pedo. Estuve en tu situación y hoy llevo casi 2 años de novio, take it easy, exitos!

  7. Then definitely get some practice in. Sharpening without any experience can do more harm than good.

  8. I would add that you should get comfortable with the tecniche first before you try with a big chunky knife as a Recon 1. In my experience I've sharpened kitchen knives and when I tried with my BK2 it was kind of a mess bc of the thickness of the knife. Just something to keep in mind.

  9. Y... no me vendrían mal encima te digo... no como una mierda de fruta.

  10. Yo laburo de mañana 8 hs y me cargo en la mochila el mate, 2 frutas y un frasco con cereales/frutos secos para picar. Llegas a las 13 hs con menos hambre y te alimentas bien.

  11. bass pro shops had a okay selection. most gun stores have knifes too. Randall knifes is in Orlando. if you are driving from Orlando to NYC stop buy smoky mountain knife works in tenn.

  12. I'll Google that place, I saw Randall knives but aren't they handmade? Sadly I'm flying to Orlando but someday I'll go to smkw haha thank you!

  13. I don’t enjoy buying online. Not fun and you don’t get to inspect before you buy. I support brick and mortar shops as much as possible. Meeting knife enthusiasts is fun, not knowing what you’ll come across is fun, being able to hold and feel the action is fun, learning all the extra tidbits can be fun but usually not after you’ve been around awhile. My hardware store sells knives, the good ones are in folding soft display rollouts in a safe. After seeing the display cases I always ask to see what’s in the safe. It’s fun to hope to find something on your wishlist in person or to buy something you came across you’d never buy online cuz you didn’t hold it and didn’t think of as there is too many choices.

  14. I agree with you, I always try to shop physically to take my time and check if the knife matches my necessity. I find it difficult here because of my ignorance about the place. I'm gonna look for hardware stores and see what pops up, thanks for the advice.

  15. You have to change the mags that you are gonna use, check your keyboard settings to know the keys. I can't remember exactly which ones are but try one of ( , . : ; ). You will see a text above your character indicating which mag they are switching to.

  16. Existe un mercado "ilegal" de divisas ya que los argentinos sólo podemos comprar $200 dólares mensuales a través de los bancos.

  17. It could be use as a "universal" cup holder too if you size it up, nice work 👌

  18. Which is the mod of the Health on zombies?


  20. Nice collection you have, which is the model of the first dagger left to right?

  21. Por supuesto que son preguntas válidas, cualquier pregunta por tonta que sea es válida. Por ejemplo cuando pregunta si nos vamos a volver comunistas nose porq en vez de reírse no dice automáticamente no y a otro tema. Pero bueno, creo que también es una estrategia del gobierno actual ridiculizar y hacerse la víctima del periodismo no oficialista. No entienden o no les importa saber que son empleados nuestros y no nuestros jefes.

  22. Sin dudas es la intención. Lo que me llama más la atención es la reacción de la gente.

  23. Como dice Kicillof:"Si tiene 4 patas, tiene cola y ladra, es perro".

  24. Maybe is a silly question, but how many tiles do you have to go to unload the generators???

  25. Its the standard unload distance, I'm not 100% sure what the distance is. If you start the game in debug mode there is a thing that shows the loaded range.

  26. I'm going to check it right now, thank you👍

  27. I would suggest something from south america, some alternatives:

  28. Felicitaciones y mucha suerte! No frenen hasta destronar a Rockstar!!!

  29. Nah it was a Condor. They make a model named after him now.

  30. Thanks for reminding me that. Then you may take a look at Condor or Ontario's Kukri if you are on a budget or you can go with Tops or Cold Steel if you have more money to spend. Hope this info is useful for you

  31. Intended use? Idk chopping, splitting, all-around tool?

  32. Dude thats awesome. I played all the games ( at the moment ) when i was a kid and dreamed of having a funtional hidden blade, thank you for the memory!

  33. I parcially agree with you, seems a little off to miss a shot aiming so near but 10 tiles it's a lot. I would argue about no missing shot for level 0 at 4 or 5 tiles but 10 it's too much. I think that it's not that guns are useless, as everything, they are useful if you know how to use them and devs want to make you feel the development of the ability. Currently I'm on a run that's focus on guns and the power is noticeable if you have enough ammo. I would suggest you to add Britta's gun mod which let you modify the sound that guns make so you can balance that.

  34. I think the guns shoul be very powerful and very easy to use. Then let the noise balance that out by attracting more zombies. However currently they are hard to use, nad are not effective enough, because they attract too much noise without doing enough damage.

  35. Guns are powerful, get yourself a shotgun and you can clear a whole town in a day but you can't do it like that if you never fire a gun before, that makes sense to me. Think it the other way around, if you got a handgun and ammo for that you would be unstoppable, and even guns have limitations. Try twitching the settings of the world or give yourself a few aiming points with debug mode so you can fight more efficiently.

  36. Maybe you can diagnose it by looking the logs of the game. It happen to me when we reached b41.54

  37. Ya that's what I'm asking. How do I see logs and what the actual error is?

  38. Logs are in %userprofile%\Zomboid\Logs on Windows. Then you look up for the newest entry.

  39. I would suggest the Cold Steel SRK, idk if you want something bigger or if you have a limited budget but for what you said, i think it would be a great choice.

  40. The 2 story houses near courtman medical and the grocery store received an update and now they have walls. I don't know if something else has changed

  41. Hmmm good point. I might get back to this shop to gather food. There is some 9mm ammo in there too. The camperpark is a nogo because its flooded with zeds.

  42. Try courtman medical, i believe is near the foodmarket and has a 2nd floor.

  43. The only brand i know that makes something like that its Cold Steel, probably are $100+. Maybe you could have it done by a knifemaker, but idk how much that would cost. Hope you find the gift you are looking for

  44. Nice looking dagger. Did you buy this in Argentina?

  45. Yes, im argentinian and this a local brand, they make knives for specials military and police units. If you want to check them out, here you are

  46. I was only able to find two military surplus models that previously sold on eBay for between $175–$190 USD.

  47. Yeah, they take a lot of "inspiration" from the Tracker haha. Idk if there is a way to buy it from here, bc the one I bought cost me around $90 USD (it's really hard for me to give you an exact price because of economic/political problems). Hope you try out one someday, they are the real knife for a lifetime.

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