1. Thanks for not answering my question punk

  2. I was naively excited the queen's infidelity would come to light when they released the Crown. Then when it didn't, I thought after her death maybe the stories would be published. But everything that ever was written or said about that has been redacted, expunged and deleted. And every person who ever knew about her affair(s) down to the lowest paid groundskeepers and housekeepers was silenced decades ago. Probably with a combination of bribes and threats.

  3. The vaccines play a relevant role in the genocide plan being carried out by the Intelligence agencies involving Monsanto and Big Pharma as well:

  4. lol mate, that's Nobi and AO, not the best but far from nobodies. Surprising still. Thanks for the list.

  5. I know Nobi and AO are great, when I talk about unknowns I mean other regional champions, and Japan has many other great players, but we will not saw them

  6. I totally agree with what you're saying. Idk why ppl act like there is no problem with this format but there is. The finals used to be a bloodbath were top players would fight each other now there are some top players and these other dudes who we hope are somewhat good I guess.

  7. Tarnisheds judging a merchant's serial killer is the height of hypocrisy

  8. Genghis Khan, this man in his day killed more people than Stalin and Hitler combined (as a percentage of the world's population) and was an avid and proud rapist. And yet people love to talk about the great Khan, as if he were somehow admirable.

  9. No hatred against faith in general, but I can see the parallels between religion and zombies. Both make people act blindly as if their brains were controlled by a parasite.

  10. Politics too, Red Guard destroyed ancient architecture in China because it represented the old values, not to mention violence against people who think differently, passion mobs are dangerous

  11. Forgive my sins, Lord. And thank you for everything you have given me, my Father.

  12. Com essa mentalidade, provavelmente os caras ganhavam beijo e olhe lá

  13. Aqui pelo menos vc pode postar opiniões contrárias. Lá esses só excluem e dao ban mesmo.

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