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  1. try joining the actuarial society subcommittee or accounting society subcommittee, they're quite well established and my friends who are part of them all made really good friends.

  2. I actually quiet like the team, one thing that might be cool is future sight on vest lele! Helps setup kills. Also you always want technician on scizor in the event you don’t want to mega(bluffing a non mega set)

  3. Masako simps coming out of the woodwork to pretty their queen frfr🙇‍♂️🙇🙇‍♂️🙇

  4. How do you build resolve up so fast without any resolve perks in the build?

  5. I Believe its because hitting one enemy with a bomb will generate a certain amount of resolve, and hitting 20 enemies like he did with one bomb will generate 20x that amount of resolve, even though you expend the same amount of ammunition; that means he doesn't need the resolve gains because the multipliers brute force his resolve up to extremely high levels given the high amount of enemies he affects with only one bomb.

  6. If your only goal for some reason is resolve gain and not kills, ditch kenjis shared brew for the bottle of liquid courage with injured resolve gain, and replace the epic half bow with the weightless spirit; I'd replace the extra 30% assassination technique with legendary so you can hold 2 legendariew

  7. did you kill the first oni brute with the dash attack cancel (r1 + square + sprint) or did you kill him with the katana cancel (circle + square spam)? The angle makes it hard to see

  8. Platinum story is basically the raid chapters, after the fire spirits of yarikawa I believe entering the final portal gate canonically directs the ghost towards the first raid chapter

  9. I mean....8 years have passed since the game's release, I'd say it makes sense.

  10. true, but I see so many posts on here saying damn unity is so underrated, if only they spent another year on the game it'd be > ac2, I love this game its such a gem, best stealth system etc.... and only last year when the game was 7 years old matchmaking was like overwatch, now its completely dead :((

  11. looks not bad, try it with the white ghost outfit dye and the snows of kamiagata mask, it'll look like an actual ghost then

  12. is this pic saying that if you don't make friends in first year you can only make temporary friends that drift away after graduation?

  13. Great find! Another instance is if you go back to the straw hat encampment back in izuhara Jin laments about how ryuzo betrayed him

  14. Make sure you have auto aim turned on for blow dart gun.

  15. Stick to platinum, the spawns are random for platinum but fixed for nightmare so spawn campers won’t really be a thing

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