1. Yes but not by too much, a 25% boost to Stealth Attack Damage will only increase ult damage by 6.25% if my memory serves me correctly...

  2. We shouldn't hinder people's freedom of choice like that. What we should do is incentivise TAFE and other trade schools, drop the requirements of a uni degree for a lot of 'trade' related jobs.

  3. Ehhh most who went in to trades are making more than people who went to uni are making that I know.

  4. Assassin should've activated his class ability before going for the donut, or at least popped a smoke bomb... must still be a rank 1 with that mask smh smh

  5. Thank you for all your responses, i ended up emailing ticketbooth and it turns out that as long as the QR code is readable it was all good, i transferred him the money after I got in and everything turned out to be fine... turns out

  6. activating the way of the flame is got to be one of the coolest things in this game every; the subtle, fluid and lightning fast drawing of the sword, the sharp sound effect of the steel against the sheath and the crackling and smouldering of the fire just goes together so well

  7. In Number 5 i can almost imagine that Sakonji Urokodaki waiting for Tanjiro to cut the rock in half 😆😆😆

  8. seems like some sort of stagger damage build... the things I'd change for sure are:

  9. I'm surprised the Eagle isn't mentioned here... everyone on this list is very beatable for me but the eagle is literal hell.. she takes it by far

  10. She actually competes ☠️ her squat PR is probably higher than yours 😭

  11. wdym improved modem? is that like improved signal? Also how is the battery life?

  12. Unfortunately, the players who need to see this are unlikely to be in this sub. Just is what it is.

  13. I tried this, most of the time by the time my second spirit arrow is ready the enemy has already recovered; I'm quite sure sucker punch designed the spirit arrows as weapons that only work with cooperation within a team... So for me it only works when my partner is aware

  14. Demon from the Underworld hunts the wandering souls of the damned

  15. Lucky for me the other team kept sensding shades so managed to get a quick lead and ended up with 69 kills.......nice

  16. These haters are acting like his teammates weren't creaming themselves by getting all those easy kills from the enemies this ronin staggered, not to mention free smoke bombs, healing and probably munitions as well... this is literally my ideal teammate.

  17. Based on Kaido's introduction, the narrator said "people say in 1 on 1 fight always bet on Kaido". The emphasis here is "people say" meaning it could be just rumors because most probably up until that point, the world haven't seen Kaido and Shanks fight. But based on what Kaido says, Haki supremes over DF and based on what Shanks had displays, i'd say his haki is pretty overwhelming to say the least. So if he ever fight Kaido, idk maybe if they have 10 fight Shanks would win 6 and Kaido would win 4 or they'd both win 5 each.

  18. By far the best answer here, we can't always take what character statements at 100% face value, e.g. them saying whitebeard is the strongest in the world whilst also saying that you always bet on Kaido in a 1v1, I love the context you have regarding haki.

  19. Ronin outfit is the only one you can wear, and it has no natural durability perks; if you're playing on lethal or lethal+ you're gonna get one shotted anyways, even if you're wearing the most sturdy outfit in the game with mazes out durability charms you'll still get to iike 2 or 3 shotted, which is not too different from getting one shot cos shimura won't just attack once and back off, he'll try to combo you. If you're playing on like easy and still getting one shot, then either ryou have the NG+ cursed charm or your game is glitching

  20. I think if you replaced the mist of Yagata with an epic smoke bomb and instead got 30%+ assassin damage or 2 extra stirkes on your ult it's be perfect

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