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  1. All the time, but nothing heavy. I prefer somewhat of a natural look with light but bold lipstick and eyeshadow.

  2. To each their own, but this definitely wouldn’t work for me. As much as I want to cuddle and have intimacy with a guy, doing it with some random that I paid for would not help me in anyway. For me, it would feel weird and awkward. I personally, would have to have a connection with the person.

  3. George was a cop. I really don’t think he’d be that stupid to dump the body that close to home. It seems like something a lazy dumbass Casey would do.

  4. Yep. I never comment though. I just like to look for tips and advice in case my situation ever changes.

  5. Hard to say without any other info. I understand the doc’s perspective though. Just because you have excessive hair doesn’t mean you have pcos.

  6. I often get compliments about things that I do for other people. So usually it’s something like you’re so smart or nice. I also receive compliments about my clothes and hair. These mean nothing to me though. Last weekend this random guy told me how good I looked and how cute I was. Even if he was full of shit, it put smile on my face all day. That’s one of the best compliments that I’ve ever received.

  7. Many have. You should be suspicious, most are full of shit, but not all. Many guys messaged me and assumed I was some naïve idiot who was going to believe their bullshit. I played a long for a minute because it amused me. They seriously thought I was going to send them nudes, yeah right. With that being said, I did meet an amazing guy on here. I guess the point of this is yes, be suspicious, but also have an open mind.

  8. I always add milk, salt and pepper and beat until there’s no translucent spots. I use butter to grease the pan. While they’re cooking, I don’t move the eggs around too much. I also like mine to have some lightly browned spots. Perfect every time. Light and fluffy, but still somewhat firm.

  9. It’s annoying, but I try not to take it too personally. They’ve probably had some not so great experiences and are alone by choice. I guess it’s hard for them to comprehend that some of us don’t have a choice.

  10. 5+ years, I guess, but more accurately would be close to 10+. The only time my period comes normally is when I’m only BC, metformin, and spiro.

  11. Definitely not mentally ill. I wouldn’t say I’m hideous, but I am slightly below average. Plus I have a bad case of resting bitch face. If there have been any guys who haven’t been turned off by my looks, all they see is me looking like a mean disinterested bitch so they don’t even bother.

  12. I’m very different. I love makeup (I don’t go overboard though, I really hate the fake look) and cute and sexy clothes. I like dressing up for me, I don’t do it in the hopes that some guy will take notice.

  13. I don’t have a problem with it, I’m not naïve though. I’ve had some guys message me, who I knew right away were playing games or just plain creeps. I’ll admit, I like to play games back. Not all guys on here are like this though. I’ve met a really great guy on here. It just sucks we live so far apart.

  14. NTA, but I have more important things to worry about than some idiot letting her child take a piss. Don’t get me wrong, it’s gross, but I’m sure others have done worse. You saw where it happened, just walk over it and go on with your life.

  15. No. I wish I had those experiences though. Maybe it would give me some hope or something. I can barely get a hello out of most guys.

  16. I’ve been going the gyn since I was 11. I really don’t think that it hurts, it’s just uncomfortable.

  17. I really hate my life. My life consists of going to work and coming home and an occasional outing with friends. I’m starting to hate my job. I do the work of 4 people and don’t even get a thank you. I come home and I’m just surrounded by silence. Nobody to talk to. I’m tired of going around with a fake smile on my face. I feel like I’ve been cursed.

  18. I’m soon to be 34 and already a certified spinster. There are some really great perks that come along with the title.

  19. I don’t think anyone has actually ever called me ugly to my face. They don’t need to, their avoidance says it all.

  20. Do you have to tell him that you're a virgin??

  21. Personally, I would want to. If I didn’t tell I think it would lead to a lot more awkwardness and misunderstandings.

  22. I think I would have been a good parent. For some reason kids love me. My desire for children has never been that strong and I’m okay not having any. I just feel bad that it’s a another life decision that I never got to make.

  23. 33 female virgin that’s never been on a date. I’m not pretty but there’s nothing abnormal about my face. For unknown reasons I make men nervous without saying a word.

  24. I doubt it. I mean every guy I come across can’t be shy. I think my below average looks are the main reason. I also don’t smile a lot so many people assume I’m mean. I’ve been told a few times I’m intimidating, which is quite funny. I’m small and quiet, there’s nothing intimidating about me.

  25. Ryan reminds me of a leprechaun, his brother is a lot cuter. I think Erik is the cutest this season.

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