1. If my dog was old and in this position I don’t mind cleaning the floor any number of times. He deserves the best.

  2. Playing with low ki players is tougher than soloing as there are a lot of variables you can’t control in the former. It’s an even better challenge for veteran players as it tests their quick thinking.

  3. This is China. So you have to reduce all your expectations.

  4. Paddle sports center @ the harbor is amazing

  5. Hat: Sufi’s kasa hat Mask: sarugamis maw Armor: sarugamis armor (basic)

  6. Are they “backwards”? The symbol was appropriated by you-know-who, but exists as a symbol for temples on maps. This swastika appears throughout Buddhism. This symbol represents universal harmony, plurality, prosperity, abundance, good luck, dharma, long life, and eternity. It is often used to mark the beginning of Buddhist texts. If the orientation is “backwards” then it might mean the original culture wants to retake it.

  7. Some people just kill and kill and kill and never buy any curses. It’s very frustrating. We have more than we need to start the waves why are doing everything except contributing towards a victory. Strange.

  8. I can’t zero in on a theme here but if you like it 🤷‍♂️

  9. Wearing skinny jeans while being painfully skinny goddamn do some squats every now and then.

  10. I love kill count because it’s a good metric for the effectiveness of your survival build. I also like measuring how soon can I clear a wave. That being said I would never attack an enemy that someone else is working on out of respect unless they’re a full health oni lord then I have to help

  11. I think this should just be done by having a shop where you can buy what you want for one of the three resources (most likely honour). Or have an entire different resource based on time played or something, so that no matter how much you grind at a certain point you will always get what you want. When you trade 10 epic charms in you can chose a specific charm or 5 legendary for the same effect. If you complete the three daily challenges for that day you can chose an epic item. Complete the nightmare challenges for that week and chose a legendary item or something.

  12. This may turn our beloved game into another Fortnite

  13. This is the result of true mastery over the sword.

  14. Only fans is the worst thing to happen to our society for both men and women.

  15. Her katana is twice the length of ours! That's crazy. Never noticed how long it is till I use the photomode

  16. It might be a tachi and not a katana

  17. Welcome! It is something I have learnt very recently myself! Also, great shots of Iyo. No one really discusses the injustices done to iyo. It makes me wonder - are we the good guys? Or are we just defending ourselves from righteous revenge ?

  18. This is either rage bait or mental illness

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