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  1. What do you mean? I love it when my PS5 turns on whenever I turn my shield on.

  2. Got here from Google, the movie is dark as fuck, can't see shit

  3. This is fucking absurd. There is no why reason why a person credibily accused of a crime should be waiting for multiple years, let alone 7 just for a trial. That is a complete failure of the legal system and the DOJ should step in and do something if Texas is unable.

  4. Does the right to a speedy trial extend to the prosecution? Maybe someone from Texas should file a civil rights lawsuit

  5. On geologic timeframes, we might only leave behind radiological evidence.

  6. We'll leave geologically bizarre concentrations and absences of minerals. That's one of the reasons we are fairly certain there haven't been any previous advanced civilizations

  7. I think about this a lot. People love to say we are living in the greatest time in history currently, but honestly I personally kind of think that being able to live off the land with your family and not having to work for some greedy corporation under a corrupt government sounds much more preferable

  8. Have 15 kids because only 6 survive. Starve to death because winter last a little long thus year. Die because of a tooth abcess. Yeah, sounds wonderful.

  9. do you personally know anyone who has burned in an oled

  10. Old ass mainframe Probably worthless outside of novelty of the age

  11. Not only that, but once you have this method down, you can multiply numbers like that together in your head. This isn't really New Math. They taught something similar to this in the Number Sense class when I was in school for the nerds who did the math competitions. Source: I was one of those nerds.

  12. "new math" is actually a specific teaching technique and it's what's on the right. The left side is called "common core" teaching.

  13. The right side is how we have been thought to multiply in Europe since forever. There is also a version of this for division.

  14. New math came around in the 60s or 70s I think. People back then complained the same way people are complaining about common core now. "It's different than how I was taught, and different is bad/scary"

  15. And the cause of higher maternal mortality rates in African American women is because people like him think nothing of building chemical plants right beside black communities. Sad.

  16. Nah the reason is completely impossible to figure out

  17. The code I have is used on an open MV cam in python...when objects pass underneath, the code dictates if the object is pointed forwards (1) or backwards (0). So the values being printed are not set. I want to collect 8 readings at time, then send to board, then repeat. The code is only doing that one thing, so my instinct is I would want to loop everything but I'm sure that isn't correct. I'm a beginner so I'm not sure how to approach this.

  18. Throw a flag when an object passes, if flag is high record to index[i], i++, lower flag.

  19. Another submission from a coworker. I wonder if the Philips + flat is industry standard

  20. Who said anything about free of charge?

  21. Well the utility certainly isn't charging for their usage

  22. Can you explain to a layman how this setup facilitates the stealing of Electricity? Is this supposed to be where the Meter goes or something?

  23. Yes the electrical meter bridges the connection from the line side to the load side and measures the energy usage

  24. Wtf am I even looking at. That's not a Mexican pizza

  25. No court is going to put an injunction on a meaningless highschool election lmao

  26. He’s got a credible claim for a civil rights violation and could argue that not taking immediate action would cause further harm. Federal courts issue injunctions for stuff like that all the time regardless of how “meaningless” it feels to you.

  27. Contributions to FOSS go beyond lines of code and pull requests. Bug reports, feature requests, and discussions are also important. Not everyone has the know how to contribute code and limiting discussion to only those that do is just downright stupid.

  28. Justifying bullying and attempting to take over a project through that is beyond shitheadery.

  29. Look at the rails and you can see that it has already shifted and is up heaving in the center. Not going to be much longer

  30. Or the shifting was intentionally designed in to keep it from collapsing under an unpredictable river

  31. I heard this record is somewhat less impressive because most highschool track meets run 1600m and not 1mi races.

  32. look i bought a harmony elite to get away from half-working CEC that my wife complained about all the time, but she also didn't want to bother learning how to use the remote, which was braindead simple after it was set up (activities vs controls was just too much, i guess). so now the remote is sitting unused in a drawer waiting for a buyer. people just can't be assed to do more than the bare minimum, and CEC is *good enough* even though it doesn't work right 100% of the time.

  33. I played path of exile for a decade looking for one of these

  34. Lol no everyone didnt love it, and the fact that you're saying it's an older person thing 100% proves OPs point

  35. Lol what? It was hugely popular in the 90s. I didn't think I'd need to explain hyperbole but here we are

  36. OPs point is that it isn't relevant to a teen in 2022

  37. Yes, that's why I asked his age. Thank you for catching up.

  38. I'll take "things that are made of fuel and aren't UL listed for $500 Alex"

  39. The problem with the suburbs is nosy neighbors don't have enough to complain about. I bet someone creamed their pants when they measured your fence

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