1. The economic self-regulation of Euskadi together with the spanish government ignoring catalonia’s request for the same treatment is the proof

  2. The same economic self-regulation was offered in 1980 to Catalunya, and they rejected it.

  3. Still, then people get kicked out of their apartment after if they have this clause?

  4. Not only that. You should be aware that, regardless of what the contract says, the rental law allows eviction of tenants based on "annoying activities" (actividades molestas), for which excessive noise is one of such. You would not get kicked out just for one party, but if you throw them regularly and your neighbors complain, you could find yourself in the street.

  5. Fun fact: That's the last type of "pesetas" coin minted (100 pesetas from 2001). The back is a reproduction of the first ever minted peseta from 1869.

  6. Why not just run over it? Fear of getting some sensor damaged in the fall, maybe?

  7. But what if it the other way around. What if Russia has already decided to use nukes and THEY believe that NATO’s threat to response is a bluff. It seems to be the case at least from what Medvedev is saying. Also do you really think that if the Black Sea fleet was wiped out or Russian forces in Ukraine were annihilated that Russia wouldn’t just think fuck it and fire all their nukes. It’s a dangerous game of cat and mouse that we’re in right now..

  8. Prime Minister Elizabeth Truss stated last Sunday on morning television in the UK that she, as Prime Minister, is prepared to enforce mutually assured destruction and the nuclear doctrine of the UK, even if it means destroying humanity.

  9. The US has repeatedly rejected the adoption of "no first use" policy and has stated many times that they reserve the right of first use. US doctrine doesn't specifically define a "first use" case, but it pretty much allows preemptive strikes and the POTUS basically has absolute power on deciding to launch or not. One

  10. Why does a mountainous, neutral country like Switzerland need so many tanks?

  11. Not very usefull. Bigger countries mostly have higher numbers of tanks, not surprising. Would be more usefull to see the number of tanks divided by the population.

  12. I would say the contrary. I think the map clearly shows, for the biggest part, different doctrines for armoured warfare, with a clear distinction between former Warsaw Pact block (more focused on mass armoured assaults, thus more tanks needed) and Western/NATO block (more focused on combined arms and air support, so less tanks needed). Almost the only exceptions would be Turkey and Greece, which have their own arms race themselves.

  13. More like an IFV with a big gun. If I'm not mistaken the main variant still in service with the Italian Army has a smaller, 20mm gun turret.

  14. It appears to begin with “ET” to me, which could easily be “Ejército (de la) Tierra” - Spain’s Army

  15. Right in the spot. Road able military vehicles from Spanish Army come with "ET XXXXX" plates. As you correctly guessed, ET - - > Ejército de Tierra. The VE at the end of the plate is for "Vehículo Especial" (special vehicle).

  16. I think no one calls it Palacio Real since 1973. I would bet that if you ask around San Sebastián about a "Palacio Real" most people would not know what are you talking about. XD

  17. Yes, I was also buying DCA SXR8, but when I see eur/usd market today...crazy. Everyday we can buy less value(positions) and when dollar weakens we could lose 20% only on that.

  18. If you sell in a couple of years and you have to pay capital gains taxes, wouldn't that cancel the advantage gained by hedging?

  19. Why exactly would do we need to judge the US participation in that war by the casualties ARVN suffered?

  20. Because the US didn't fight alone and was thus not the only one suffering losses. Russia is fighting alone and it is the only one suffering losses.

  21. But numbers given don't discriminate.

  22. That is something the Russians have been

  23. > People are more willing to invest if their investment gains would be less taxed.

  24. TBF, boundaries between musical styles are quite diffuse. It is pretty easy for a song or group to fall in several categories at once. Not to mention that a category so vague as "rock" is a hotchpotch of very different styles.

  25. Exactly. The average income will never increase when Spain's taxation and bureaucracy drives away anyone with a profitable idea.

  26. Yeah, poor Swiss. That pesky wealth tax they have sure keep them salaries and income so low. /s

  27. The three European OECD countries with a wealth tax are Switzerland, Norway, and Spain.

  28. Errr... Kind of off-topic, but... Seville is actually one of the oldest cities in the Iberian Peninsula. The only debate about the founding of Seville is if it was founded by Tartessians or Phoenicians in the 8th century BC... Hispalis was an important city of Rome's Baetica province and during the Visigoth rule it even acted as court several times.

  29. Oh, don't worry. I think there are a good number of examples: Algeciras, Tarifa, Guadalajara, etc. There are many others that could be debated, like Murcia or Cuenca, as they were founded over previous known settlements, but could easily fall in the same category.

  30. you can thank Thales for that, they also gave the tech to china, the west was at lest 30-40 years ahead in optics before Thales whored it out.

  31. AFAIK the difficult part of optics is the lenses' manufacturing technology. You can sell them the devices and even if they reverse engineer them they would be unable to replicate them since they just don't know how to manufacture good enough lenses.

  32. IMO, they are basically the same. Going for one or the other would depend mostly on the tax treatment they get in your country. Other differences like liquidity, purchase fees or minimum investment are not deal breakers for me.

  33. Who knows. State ownership of ports is even in the constitution, so they couldn't sell them even if they wanted.


  35. Indexed ETFs are passive investing for you, but that doesn't mean that they are static. In fact they are constantly re-balancing to accurately reflect movements in the index they track.

  36. No hate for the south, it is beautiful down there. But I believe people move to the north To work/study, and people go to the south to visit :)

  37. People move to the north to earn money and to the south to live. ;)

  38. Can you please ELI5 what the president has to do with it? I assume you mean the USA political president?

  39. My guess is that the Government probably has some power to take down the strike in case it considers that it greatly endangers the country.

  40. I am not sure if the politicians can force the staff to work - that would almost be slavery. Something I am sure the USA prides itself in not having - "land of the free" etc.

  41. I would be very surprised if there isn't any law or mechanism around there that gives Government or Congress the ability to meddle in issues considered strategical or critical.

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