AITA for selling the house my brother and his family live in.

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  1. It was just a free outfit ticket they gave away during a summer campaign. IIRC it was done because they sell those tickets in packs of 3 and at the time they had 10 members.

  2. He would be moving with his dad, who is also his family. And he isn’t getting “taken from everything he knows”—he’s 3, he’ll barely remember this time in his life in a few years. How much do you remember from when you were a 3yo?

  3. I remember enough to know I’d definitely remember being taken away from my mom and being given to a STRANGER (that kid won’t give a shit that’s his biological father, come on now) but you keep telling yourself otherwise.

  4. She’s not his mom. She’s an unrelated aunt who’s only been raising him for a year.

  5. She IS his mom as far as that kid is concerned. I don’t get why that’s so hard to understand. She’s not an “unrelated aunt”, she adopted him and stepped up to raise him. Nowhere did I say I condone their behavior. In fact I’ve literally said that I don’t before. But there are more nuances here than you can grasp, so I’m gonna block you now since I’m pretty sure you’re just a troll willing to argue over stupid basic shit.

  6. The problem with this kind of scenario is that I think it would be tough for both families to pull 50/50 weight. Rarely it might work out if you had the right combination, but more often than not I think you’d have feelings of frustration and of being taken advantage of developing on one or both sides. I could also see there being issues with parenting styles.

  7. How's the idea of letting a 20something girl to live in your house rent free in exchange for X hours of childcare per day?

  8. Theoretically fine, lots of people have nannies, but you’d want to make sure there’s a contract in place that fully covers both parties and which both parties are in agreement with.

  9. Im from Canada and tipping here is absurd, even baristas want you to tip them. In the process of getting my uk citizenship so hopefully i wont have to deal with that crap for long!

  10. The tipping culture that’s seeped into Canada drives me fucking insane, especially since most waiters and waitresses make above minimum wage. I think it’s absolutely crazy. The only place I ever tip is in a restaurant (and usually no more than a couple bucks) and when I used to go to my hairdresser, because I’d been going to her for years. I’m not fucking tipping a barista or a fast food cashier for doing their job. I don’t get tipped for mine.

  11. I mean if you’re doing the bulk of the household chores and always have been since the baby was born, I don’t think you’re being ungrateful to say something about it. Maybe the answer is for you both to redistribute the chores between you. Maybe the answer is to hire a housekeeper if you can afford it. Maybe the answer is that you let some of the chores go.

  12. I feel so silly fretting over Dokipipo yesterday, I'm lacking in MLB voltage types and it felt weird not using my natural SP girls. So I was doing 2 vo + party Karin and trying to keep as much appeal backline as possible. I S ranked but barely.

  13. Being able to look at the leaderboards can be soooo helpful.

  14. I feel like stage 3 of the DLP is luring us into a false sense of confidence for the hell that will be stage 4…

  15. I thinking could they like making more "form" and all, like Dragon ball or Kamen rider. That way you can sell more of a same character. Not only change dress each song. Let the Character have multiple hair style etc...

  16. They already do that to some extent. Doesn’t change the fact that more characters = more merchandise = more money.

  17. Honestly surprised it took this long. I’m sure she’ll be at 250k before we know it. She deserves every follower tbh

  18. Don’t listen to that person. You’re doing literally everything you can to help your kid, and providing her with all the tools she needs to turn things around. There’s nothing more that you can do, especially when you’re already doing a hell of a lot.

  19. Thnx it’s hard when you see people telling you that it’s not enough. As we all know parents also have mental illness issues and I have my own trauma I’m working through.

  20. The best part is when you ask people wtf else you’re supposed to do and they either have no answer or they spout off the most ridiculous ideas.

  21. Eh, I think you’re overthinking this. If you had left two packages behind, maybe a struggling mother would’ve come along and bought them… or maybe they would’ve been bought by a very wealthy family. Or a middle class couple who isn’t hurting for money either. Or by a single mother who is well off. You really have no way of knowing which scenario it would be.

  22. KLAB just doesn’t give a shit anymore. They completely bombed the responsibility of handling LL stuff and are now reacting like recalcitrant children over the fact that no one wants them involved now.

  23. I mean it worked, after the cat entered I definitely wasn’t looking at her face. He was just helping.

  24. Wait no I'm mega blind mb(prolly just super tired from all the experimenting i was doing/irl stuff at the moment). The 1st AC buffs both GD-types and Nijigasaki cards. So Kasumi is still good, but probably best to run Niji GDs alongside her.

  25. Also fair lol I don’t think I’ll tackle this song for a while yet especially since I’m not really sure I have any MLB’d Niji GD types that would help.

  26. Here's the team I used for this song

  27. I wish he hadn't tried to play silly buggers. His kids love the yard.

  28. Your brother learned a valuable lesson, I think. It’s a shame his wife and kids had to learn it too. But that’s what happens when you think you can push people as far as you want and face no consequences for it.

  29. For number 1 you’ll need to email support and see if they can help. IIRC you only get one transfer ID so if you lost it, you might be out of luck.

  30. Yikes. Your friend needs to see another doctor immediately for a second opinion. That is so, so dangerous for both her and the baby, especially since the dad is a piece of shit. You are 100% correct to be concerned. Please urge your friend to talk to another doctor ASAP.

  31. Nope, I scoured all the Nico cards I could find and I just don't think this card exists tbh. Thank you though!

  32. Perhaps it was a piece of fanart you saw, or a card edit that someone made.

  33. What exactly is it that you missed out on and that you now feel you’re too late for?

  34. It seems unlikely that they plan to add Liella to the game. Adding a whole new group to the game at this point would probably require a complete overhaul, which they don’t seem to be willing to do for what I’m sure is a variety of reasons. Maybe someday in the future if we get SIFAS 2, Liella would be a part of it. But for now, it’s probably not gonna happen (and I’m probably one of the few who is totally okay with that).

  35. No need to apologise! And yeah I feel like it's BS too mostly. It was just kind of planned and it really just falls on me to do it all and regardless of anything else I dont want to upset anyone just because I think the idea of mother's day is dumb 😅

  36. I think you need to get more comfortable with the idea of upsetting people. Next year take your mom and grandmother out for lunch. Make sure everyone is aware upfront those are your plans and that you won’t be hosting a dinner. Flat out out it back on the men to plan something for their individual wives. There is a happy medium here between “hosts for everyone” and “does nothing and feels guilty”. You just need to be willing to dig your heels in about it.

  37. Iirc The easiest thing to do is just create a Japanese Apple account. It asks for an address but you can just make something up. You can have two accounts on your iPhone and just switch between them. When I tried I found it to be kind of a PITA switching back and forth, and it pissed off Apple Music, but it did let me download Japanese apps.

  38. I don’t use Apple Music so I think I’d be ok in that regard. Does creating a JP Apple account and switching between them on one phone have any impact on your subscriptions?

  39. I didn’t have any issues. I think you do have to remember which apps you downloaded with what account and be logged into the correct account to launch the app.

  40. Ok, thank you very much! I’m going to try this tonight. I’ll create a completely separate JP Apple account and see what happens.

  41. Mitiaken HORIZON is one of my favorites so I’m a bit protective of both it and Maru/Kinchan. It really annoys me when people act like she got a pity win or that Yoshiko deserved it more.

  42. Why did king-chan cry at a concert saying that his character was not popular and that she would like to have a central song and the European fans voted for it out of pity. This caused a lot of problems because Japanese fans loved Yoshiko and her classmates from her group criticized her for victimizing herself in front of the audience.

  43. You really couldn’t be more bitter if you tried, could you? It’s time to let it go. Hanamaru and Kinchan deserved their win. It wasn’t a pity vote.

  44. Three is a hard age. Somewhere between baby and figuring out who they are as a person. Do you think maybe places like the trampoline place are too much for her? Would you have better luck at a quieter place?

  45. I’m think you’re right. I think she sees the bigger kids and wants to do what they can but can’t and it pisses get off, plus is overstimulating even for me. There isn’t many places for kids where I live and I don’t have any mom friends so I got a membership here but I think I’m done with this place for her.

  46. I can see how that would be frustrating for her (and for you!). Do you have a local library? Sometimes they’ll do stuff for kids, and a lot of it is for younger kids.

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