1. Thank you guys for your help🖤 got a Trop Cookies Green Dot cart for 47 otd 🛸🛸🛸🛸

  2. Did you happen to see the hours? We are flying into Denver tonight and were hoping to get some before we drive to Keystone.

  3. through similar experiments i noticed that as well but it varies based on the nature of the business.

  4. This has not been the case for us. We are a business that offers services (real estate team) and we keep having our reviews removed that have these parameters.

  5. There's a pretty popular video on YouTube that showcases Beachwalk very well. I'll link it for those who are interested. '

  6. If the cops are just executing a warrant, they likely don't have to tell him anything (though it's very likely that they'd have given the name of the department or jurisdiction to him at some point).

  7. They did tell him what county it was from and actually transferred him to that jail. I should have included that. I bailed him out of the jail the charge is filed in.

  8. Me. I’m so annoyed at this point. I wrote CS and they told me they sent a replacement but haven’t gotten that either. Haven’t gotten my June glam bag. Honestly, at this point I’m just shitting money out to ipsy for no reason. I’m literally just waiting to receive these items before I cancel altogether. I don’t trust them to actually send what I’ve already paid for if I cancel before I get them. The email about inflation and the price change was just comical. You expect me to pay more when you can’t even deliver your products on time now? No, thank you.

  9. I tried OTF for the first time today and I was so shocked that we weren’t allowed to have AirPods during our workout. I thought it would be okay after the coach told me they had music but 5 min into the workout I was about to have an anxiety attack from all of the noise. It was just…too much. Loud rap music, the coach on the mic, the women beside me chatting, the sounds from the treadmills and rowers. I got overstimulated really quickly and had to remember my breathing which ultimately made me slow to fast walk instead of jog. (Decreasing my workout due to noise isn’t something I’d like to make a habit of) I was told it was “corporate policy” but I think corporate should re-examine this policy or offer an alternative (besides stupid ear plugs. That’s not a solution for me as I can still hear through them) for people who have high anxiety and/or hearing concerns. I enjoyed the workout very much but the environment wasn’t a good fit for me due to the noise.

  10. I haven’t received mine and the cs has been horrid. After the initial email they responded and said that the shipping company had not updated it yet. She then “assured” me I would receive the package by June 3. (I got an email on May 12th saying it shipped but the tracking showed they never actually received the package from ipsy. Just created the label is all) I called them out on it bc it was like May 22 and I feel pretty confident that USPS didn’t just forget to scan the package in for multiple people in this forum. No response. I emailed again and said I would be canceling and disputing the charge with my bank if I didn’t get a response from them. No response. I’m super unhappy with their customer service and I def don’t want to pay for June when I haven’t even received July. I don’t even like the regular sample bags. I literally only joined for the Glam Bag X

  11. I came on here looking to see if others were having this problem and sure enough….

  12. I replaced my smok novo 2 with the x bc my local shop was out of the 2. A month later, I got so tired of the inconsistent hits and random leaking that I decided to stop vaping altogether. So IMO you should probably just get a new vape bc that thing is trash. (And $25 more than previous models like the 2 or 3) My husband just switched to the 4 and likes it but you have to switch out the coils instead of the pods. I know that’s usually a personal preference.

  13. NTA - BUT if Steve is as bad as you say, his ultimate goal would be to get rid of the people closest to her so he can control her better. If you don’t go, you could be helping him win. Then in the future when things escalate (and they will) he’ll use her isolation to his advantage and manipulate her. Just be sure of your decision before you make it and maybe try having one more heart to heart with your bff about your concerns with Steve before you decide.

  14. ESH. All of this is blown out of proportion. It was 3 minutes late with family. Shouldn’t be that deep at all. But it’s his kid, not yours. You should have respected that and just said “totally my fault bc I’m the adult. I’m sorry.” and left. Then if you still felt upset about the way he talked to you, you could have privately spoken to him once you both calmed down at a later date. And probably after discussing the situation with your wife. This would have prevented SIL from getting in anymore trouble and probably prevented this awkward tension between you and FIL.

  15. I'm wondering if she was set up. If the whole thing was planned. The reason I say that is because for one... she sat in that bar for almost an hour waiting on somebody who never showed. Secondly.....The dog, who by all accounts was constantly at her side, was at the dog sitter that night. Maybe the killer knew that the dog wouldn't be there. No dog no barking. PS. The dog was with the sitter because she and the younger son were flying to Michigan the next morning to meet up with her husband and older son. Has anyone read anything about the older son's girlfriend? I've also heard that there is a man that is in question but nobody seems to know for sure if that's true. The youngest son has definitely been ruled out.

  16. I have searched everywhere for if the dog was okay! This is definitely an interesting piece of the puzzle.

  17. I just saw on the news that some cities are without light, food, and heat. It got me thinking I wish there was a way we could get Hot Hands to donate a bunch of their products to Ukraine. I know it’s not much but you can easily throw them in your pocket and thaw your hands in a jiff. Could def be beneficial. They don’t seem to be an active company on social media. No tweets since 2020.

  18. I immediately thought bad guy but not bc of that line. The last scene in the Stan music video where Matthew is standing at Stan’s tombstone with his hair dyed like em’s is what I immediately thought of

  19. NTA. As someone who’s also been TTC for over a year. It blows my mind the things that comes out of peoples mouths once they hear about fertility issues. She may not have meant anything by it, but she definitely needed to be called out so it doesn’t happen again. I can’t even imagine my reaction if my MIL starting talking about my hubby’s ex having a baby. I would be livid.

  20. NTA. I mean this respectfully, make sure your daughter is on birth control.

  21. NTA and holy hell. Your stepson is tiptoeing on a lawsuit if he doesn’t change his ways. Get your boys out of there and let the 2 AHs have each other. I would be terrified of them teaching those beliefs to your children.

  22. Wonder if Dani was left off or not invited so she made club divi the same week

  23. Was she already in Cabo during Taryns gender reveal party? I don’t remember seeing her in any pics/stories. Kind of weird they all went on that trip together to the Bahamas then Dani didn’t even go to the gender reveal.

  24. The guy sitting on the curb taking minding his business to a whole new level.

  25. What do you expect him to do? The attackers had guns

  26. I obsessed over that line for a solid 15 min bc I KNEW I had heard that verbatim somewhere else. Then it finally hit me. They say it no less than 100 times on that Netflix show The Circle lol

  27. NTA. They tried to do some shady business and got caught. Now they’re embarrassed and gaslighting you. I’d keep a close eye on anything related to your mothers estate going forward.

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