1. 😳😳😳HEY IS THAT GOD? I didnt know god had a second name of geneveive

  2. Lol i feel you. I somehow focus on the „important“ legendaries, so I’m taking a break until Dialga is up at the end of the month lol. How bout you?

  3. I’ll still be raiding Moltres next week even though I have 14 shinies already haha need candy to max my hundo

  4. Dayum, well I guess imma do a few raids as well, still miss the shiny 😬 Btw you still looking for an active friend?

  5. Sure haha always looking to add more friends!😋 hit me up with your code

  6. 300 from when it was first brought into the game to now

  7. I definitely didn't give Niantic that much money.. got my shiny forever ago and got a 99 from GBl rewards never gave a single cent for the digital mon this time around Niantic doesn't deserve it. They got you though...

  8. Right so that just means I got my good one for free. 🤷

  9. I mainly did raids to max out my hundo then I got a shiny 98 that I wanted to max 🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. Nice job dude. Curious to know what you're up to now for your shiny dex collection after Gofest and the last few shiny releases. I'm currently at 564. I wish I knew what my all time shiny total was but I transfer so many. I mean just the other day I transferred 49 shiny Deino which is actually low compared to most community days. Lol. My total is currently at 2975 after transfers.

  11. That's pretty solid man. I got all the new stuff from Gofest which was nice. The thing I was a little worried about was Archen and Tirtouga cause they were barely spawning in the wild but I grinded the heck out of those field research and I finally got two of each.

  12. I’ll wait until they give us another chance for those two lol my friend that spoofs got them lol

  13. Does shiny ditto have to be a shiny Pokémon if so that’s kind of a bummer I would rather have the shiny honestly

  14. Yeah it has to be a Pokémon that has a shiny form, I’ve noticed that Numel has the highest chance of being Ditto. I would target those 🍀 best of luck 🍀🍀

  15. SHUNDO Unown?? One of the rarest Pokémon I've ever seen! Congrats!

  16. I nearly cried when I got it 😅😂🥹

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