1. Yes, this sounds accurate. Strictly speaking 'rejection of postmodernism' is anachronistic if we're thinking in Nietzschean terms, but the general idea is that of responding to the death of God by returning to and reworking faith. While the Frenzied Flame ending does have suggestions of the Biblical apocalypse, the more important point here is that it represents the nihilistic response to the death of God.

  2. How do you make an opening to attack without attacking? Insult him?

  3. Rolling into him or parrying him. You can also whack him when he would normally punish your recovery, but do enough stance damage for a break.

  4. Whenever you roll into a ground-based, or parry an aerial, melee attack. How do these people fight Father Gascgoigne?

  5. NB the shura ending alone does not unlock the shura gauntlet, you also have to defeat two optional bosses available only in the alternate ending path on the same save as your shura ending.

  6. Dex dual wield build, with auxiliary faith to get your lightning (which still scales with dex).

  7. Playing on PS5 you may have missed the loading screen explaining this. Bosses require a final 'finisher' deathblow to end the fight.

  8. Thanks for replying, I actually got stuck at myoubu so I watched a ton of YouTube videos, “how to beat myoubu videos” but they only had to death blow twice.

  9. It's a freebee. You don't have to fill up an extra posture bar for it, it just pops up after you get the two normal deathblows and triggers a cinematic animation specific to each boss.

  10. She is very hard, but bleed plus mimic is a very powerful build that is effective against her. If you tried to beat her solo using a variety of different builds, you would see why she has her reputation for difficulty. There are many weapons found in Elden Ring that appeared throughout the Dark Souls trilogy, like the long sword. Now imagine trying to solo every boss in Elden Ring and the Dark Souls trilogy with the long sword. Most people would find Malenia hardest. That's what people mean when they talk about how difficult Malenia is.

  11. You get good by understanding animations, your own and your enemies. Pressing R1 commits you to a specific move which takes so many frames to wind up, so many frames for the weapon to travel a set distance, so many frames for your character's body to recover in readiness for your next move. Pressing R1 twice without thinking about it will commit you to a second, slightly different move that will only start after the first is complete. That's why it feels clunky. The tactic is to press R1 only when your move will hit your enemy, but the enemy won't hit you during it.

  12. Probably you're not taking to the wide open spaces, and prefer the greater focus of the other games. Many do!

  13. A lot of this is framed in terms of what other people are saying, and it's probably worth pointing out that you are playing this to have fun and not to impress others. But I take your point about wanting to feel a progression of skill. So: spell-sword. Perfectly fine: it's just another melee build, but scales with int and relies on fp. You still have to make every dodge and earn your openings Bloodhound's Fang is a strong weapon, but it's not OP in the same way the fully optimised bleed builds are. I enjoy the claymore: not OP, but really versatile. Coming on for ten playthroughs and I really think it's the best way to fight the notorious optional superboss.

  14. Spellsword builds are not op imho, the thing that makes sorceries powerful is more the ranged spells that let you sit back and do a billion damage from the other side of the room.

  15. Absolutely, if you stick to the melee sorceries that's just melee but blue.

  16. Could have been more straightforward to follow. Why would I rest at secluded cell after beating Morgott, unless specifically instructed by a guide?

  17. Sure but they would have worked better as rewarding thorough, logical exploration (like eg the Placidusax fight, at the end of a path visible from around the level) rather than as just a bunch of random triggers in a vast open world

  18. I think a lot of late game builds have ways to deal with the knights efficiently. Only time I really struggled was with no-status curved swords.

  19. Leyndell should have had a main route through the city which the player unlocked gradually, like Anor Londo

  20. Owl Father is a very strong boss. Inner Owl is indeed crazy. He has no poise though, so work out how to stagger him safely and never let him breathe.

  21. We have yet to see how RoP will play out. It doesn't make narrative sense for her primary presented motivation as the main protagonist to be trying to carve out a kingdom and rule while opposing Sauron for, in some sense, the same thing.

  22. No. What you are saying doesn't make narrative sense is the narrative. That's how Sauron is able to seduce the Elves so successfully: he understands what they want, because they want very similar things. Galadriel with only Nenya would surely never have become a tyrant as terrible as Sauron, but it would not have been healthy for her to reign with it as queen indefinitely. She needed to accept her place.

  23. That's the narrative as you interpret it from an incomplete set of scribbles and notes about the Elves of the 2nd Age, but that's not particularly interesting to build a television show around.

  24. They wouldn't need to show all 1000 years of peace, just effectively communicate the motivations and goals of the main characters

  25. That's Tyr's voice and my guess is its during a discussion where Tyr finds out Kratos is also a God of War

  26. Didn't they want to make a trilogy, with Ragnarok being two project games in one?

  27. Yeah no. Malenia is anything but fair. Her first phase is alright; her second phase is total bullshit.

  28. Margit has overly long and very stretched animations. He can even stretch them further to catch your dodge. Its very counter intuitive. Also he can cancel his attacks into dagger swipes to catch you off guard. Thats not fair imo. Its a mechanic to punish you and theres nothing you can do about it.

  29. you can avoid the daggers by getting to his side and behind him.

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