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  1. I have typically gotten mine from Windsor. What are you using it for?

  2. Sides for my wife’s utility trailer. She doesn’t want plywood. I suppose it doesn’t have to be cedar.

  3. I would use Doug Fir for that. Should be cheaper than treated and the rot resistance isn’t really an issue.

  4. Great, that’s good advice, thanks!

  5. You can use some help with your grammar. I’d look into that if I were you, rather than running around protesting like some hippie.

  6. Is that Pat’s Acres? I did that course a long while ago. It was fun and brilliant.

  7. I received my OpenEVSE a couple weeks ago; Ordered April 19, Shipped April 28, and arrived April 30.

  8. That’s reassuring, thanks! I’d feel better if I could get ahold of them, but it is Monday.

  9. I have a similar configuration. Eero Pro + 2 beacons. 4k Apple TV that almost always connects to a beacon. Almost never a problem. Sometimes the ATV gets sluggish and I have to hard reset. I don’t think it’s Wi-Fi related as even the menus slow down. I haven’t run speed test from the ATV but one run from my phone connected to the same beacon is always 60-70% of other beacons and 25% of what I get connected to the gateway.

  10. I have a beacon in the same room as the ATV to serve that gear, plus cover some outside equipment. Normally works great. This particular situation was definitely the router not playing nice.

  11. If your eero is close enough to the Apple TV your should use Ethernet if possible.

  12. Would if it were, but it’s not so I don’t.

  13. I live in a part of the US that features 12mbps DSL. For $55/month.

  14. I'm surprised your new solar install doesn't offer monitoring?

  15. I just discovered recently that the PV system monitoring is highly WiFi and internet dependent. No connection means lost data. That’s a fairly lame design in my opinion, but there it is. No internet = data lost.

  16. You can put a smaller device on a bigger breaker in most circumstances. It's how almost everything you plug in to an ordinary wall outlet works. The breaker is there to protect the wiring more than anything else. That's also why it is acceptable for there to be 16A EVSEs on a 14-30 and 32A EVSEs on a 14-50.

  17. Not according to the electricians and inspectors who have wired up my EVSEs, nor is that correct according to the device manufacturer. ClipperCreek, for example, specifies a 20 amp breaker for their 16 amp charger.

  18. If you're hardwiring you will absolutely match the breaker to the device.

  19. Ah, good point, I’m always hardwiring. My mistake.

  20. Sense sees my heat pump. Unlikely to see my EV, which is why I have a smart charger. If you don’t have solar, you can use the extra clamp set to monitor your EVSE or heat pump.

  21. Someone dropped a catalytic converter?

  22. Trucking company should pay for it. Contact them.

  23. Who do they think they are, the NFL?

  24. Lake Terrell is nearby, it’s pretty chill. It’s shallow, so you can see the plant and animal life. You do need a Discover Pass for parking. Fishing year round.

  25. Okay, good first step, but I don’t see this changing anything from BPA.

  26. More so, BPA simply doesn’t have that much power available, it has been committed to other entities. Blue Wolf needs to hit the energy market and start negotiating.

  27. They started that a couple months ago and have come to agreements with other providers. BPA is dragging their feet.

  28. In what sense is BPA dragging its feet?

  29. $45 a day from 9 to 4 with drop off and pick up. That’s actually a very good rate. Not sure how you come up with $800 a month anyway but

  30. Agree, $45/day is pretty standard for a decent place with drop off. With pick up included, this is a very good price.

  31. I saw the fire from a distance, looked like a house fire, it was burning fast and smoking a lot.

  32. Leftist destroy a community with their policy. Crime takes over the city

  33. Pretty sure “order’s” isn’t a word. Or isn’t the word that belongs there.

  34. You probably crapped your pants when floppy drives were removed from Macs.

  35. I’m just south of the border. Let me know if you want to meet in Blaine.

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