1. I bought an exhaust and only cosmetic mods. No engine work

  2. Someone tried to make their auto look like a manual. Can tell the shift knob lol, only autos come with a cup holder

  3. Just don’t use a front plate. My state requires front plates and I’ve never had issues without one.

  4. Michelin Primacy, stock ones that came with the car. I was surprised

  5. Yeah I drove in the snow on the primacy’s and had zero issues.

  6. I was 37 k out the door halo base AT 2023. Wait time was 7 months and at Toyota of Plano

  7. Get a beater/seat time car go to tracks or empty parking lots in the rain is the best so your not using to much tire for beginner drifters recommend to not used the handbrake as much as possible unless your extending a drift clutch kicking or flicking the car to initiate the drift

  8. buy a cheap simrig. seats time on it make a big advantage

  9. Unfortunately I don’t have a drift setup :( I have the thrust master tmx but I don’t think it’s good for drifting.

  10. Do you have VPN turned on? If so, turn it off.

  11. Try a new genuine Apple cord as well if that doesn’t work.

  12. I don’t have a front plate on mine and cops have complimented my 86 so I’ve never gotten a problem thankfully even tho it’s illegal where I am

  13. It looks like everyone filmed it. Why can't we have the guy in fronts footage who stays in landscape the whole time?

  14. The guy in the red? That’s me. And I only filmed the ending sadly

  15. No the guy in black with the backpack filming in landscape and holding the camera steady. Not the idiot in red filming in portrait swinging the camera around wildly, he probably got terrible footage.

  16. I'm 30, finishing grad school this winter. Good luck! Also, turn off the hill assist👍 I noticed some rough take offs when I had it on.

  17. Out the door you paid 29k? Including taxes and interest?

  18. Wtf. Wild. I was calculating if I get a base model for 29-30k, with taxes and fees it would cost around 33k.. glad you got yours for such a great price!!

  19. Yeah crazy I guess I just got a good dealership 🤷‍♂️

  20. It’s probably this, and you can adjust it in the audio settings

  21. Ay so you got it??! Howd it hold up in cold temps grip wise?

  22. So far so good with traction just have to wait for the engine to warm up some before I drive and the cold start is loud.

  23. Oh sweet bro. Can you dm me your number so I can ask some questions. My Reddit messages won’t work.

  24. Can never go wrong with some Enkeis if you’re on a budget, or some Yokohama Advan Wheels if you don mind dropping nearly $3k on a set

  25. So what enkeis would fit? I’m interested in budget friendly wheels

  26. What size would you recommend. I know nothing about wheels

  27. I wanted to do exhaust but dad won’t let me 😂 I’m gonna do a ducktail spoiler, wrap the roof, and tint

  28. Dad bought it for me as a birthday present. I’m very blessed for him!

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