Trump lunged at Secret Service agent in rage when told he couldn’t go to Capitol on Jan. 6, aide testifies

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  1. If you can’t tell such an insane one liner was sarcasm, just quit Reddit now.

  2. You clearly haven't seen the shit trump supporters say

  3. That’s Douwsky’s room, was added in the latest patch. I believe there are two variations, but I don’t know how to loot them.

  4. What do you two mean don't know how to loot them?

  5. They charged 5 euros for water? Wtf. I'm Dutch and I would be very surprised if they charged me they much. I don't eat out much though so yeah

  6. I reject your reality and substitute my own.

  7. I don't think people get the reference

  8. 1.13.3 is bugged to heck, go back to 1.13.2 per Douwsky

  9. Yeah my world got stuck loading at 100%

  10. I got one randomly and I had to leave in semi tier 3 armour

  11. Where is this hate against shaders coming from?

  12. Nice but damn worst possible armour?

  13. They sound more Chinese or something Asian. I don't think this is in Germany

  14. They really have no idea what they're talking about do they

  15. Not very likely. Just disable the chat. Sucks, but it's a solution

  16. Well we didn't really get a anniversary update last year so keep your expectations low

  17. And the leftists are the snowflakes ..

  18. I really really hope there isn't something going on he doesn't want the world to know

  19. Maybe start a team and you could win one. Jelly much?

  20. Yes, there are European football teams. The NFL is trying to expand internationally.

  21. Ah, I wasn't aware. Nevertheless, in sure this is meant to be sarcastic

  22. This is a known issue with refined storage. Check their issue tracker.

  23. Didn't occur until after the update though. Are you aware of a fix?

  24. odd, I've been dealing with it for as long as I've been playing vault Hunters. The workaround is just to keep an item in (like a tool or something) in slot 1 while using the grid. I thought there was a fix for this like, a good while ago, and in that update they also brought back facades... but my memory is terrible so who knows.

  25. I did manually update refined storage, maybe they helped

  26. I think I have gotten the Blaze boss once in all my time playing, level 262 now.

  27. really? i got it like three times and im at level 10

  28. Well he only spawns on lower levels I believe. They could also have changed since I was your level.

  29. For some reason, when i use any other eggs like chicken or zombie spawn eggs, it still spawns a cow that can drop coins. The damage trap from dark utilities is also what i used for killing them. I also spawned them by hand, but I’ve actually never though of using dispensers, so if its not disabled then those paired with the RFTool’s timer is gonna make everything better

  30. I can't unsee this. The top photo looks like a person laying in a large bed of lettuce, legs sticking out front, arms tucked under the body, and chin sticking straight back. :facepalm:

  31. Iskall said it's finished on hermitcraft so it probably gonna release within a few days

  32. What do you mean it's finished on hermitcraft?

  33. I think they meant like, Iskall mentioned on a hermitcraft video, that it was finished.

  34. Oooh of course. He said it on a vh stream as well btw

  35. Please tell me they didn't kill that gorilla

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