1. I write my name on the board. Introduce myself and my 3 rules...

  2. Send the first offender to the office or call for support and do it early in the day. A difficult class will only get worse if you let them. Establishing boundaries early is helpful.

  3. Yes! A lot of time after that one kid is gone everyone else just settles down.

  4. I was just called a racist by one of the 30 black children in the room because I told him to sit down and stop hitting. I said "oh yes, that makes sense that I'm racist because I'm telling you to behave and not everyone else"and he starts screaming, "she said "yes! She admits she's racist" so I sent him to complain to me to the dean.

  5. What if you just didn't turn in grades? That seems easier as a way to say "FU" to their ridiculous expectations that you do everything during your own time.

  6. This isn't your fault. I agree with everyone else, it's an admin problem and the kids are emboldened to act like this with no consequence. I just left a 2 day job like this. That school can't find subs and now I know why. I will never go back. I feel sorry for their regular teacher that has to put up with them.

  7. My District implemented a minimum for subs through Kelly. Every 6 weeks we have to work either 3 Fridays or 3 Mondays or a combo. But basically to stay in compliance we have to work 3 days in a 6 week period. That is District specific though and Kelly doesn't care so if they didn't specify anything there probably is no minimum amount you must work to stay active.

  8. Do you get any pay at all? Through Kelly if this happened to me and they had nowhere to put me, I'd get $250. That sucks they just act like whatever...

  9. Did you grow up in Ventura? Growing up I went to Candy Cane Lane also but there were probably many in Cali.

  10. There are these things called Balance Stepping Stones that let kids play : The floor is Lava and jump from pad to pad to avoid touching the floor. You can make obstacle courses.

  11. Darn I missed it! I spent the day having fun and relaxing like an idiot. Maybe next year...

  12. I used to be a full time teacher and I thought when I rated subs on Frontline they could see it so I always rated high because I was so grateful for the day off! Lol. Now I realize they couldn't because I'm the sub and have no idea!

  13. No! I couldn't see what they were rated. That's why I thought it was for them and they'd know if I gave a bad review! Lolol

  14. So in my state it first goes through the Union mediation with the district and then if wrongdoing is suspected they escalate it to some board who have the power to revoke your teaching license. This happened to the most offensive teacher I have ever worked with at another district but he only had his license suspended for a year but he was terrible. He learned nothing and still says racist and misogynistic things (He calls rape as "men having fun with women") and tells stories about how black people moving in his building and all his stuff being stolen. I'm shocked no one else turned him in. In my opinion, your friend is probably in a pretty good place in that he teaches math and the kid is probably failing multiple classes and a known asshole. Tbh, I highly doubt they would fire him for this. They should just agree to move her out of his class and be done with it.

  15. I'm confused what the point of this post is? Dunk on how inept subs are?

  16. Teaching is waaay more than babysitting kids. As a sub I keep the kids alive for a day or three and leave. When I was a teacher I would have to grade, PLCs (Something Learning Communication) and PGP (Personal Growth Plans) meetings. Staff Meetings. Testing and Analyzing data. IEP Meetings and showing how I was accomodating the students. ESOL PDs and behavior plans. Emails from parents and admin. I get $130 daily as a sub. I was maybe double that as a teacher but it was triple the work of what I do now. I can't even convey how hard teaching can be. Oh and no one likes you. Not the students, not the parents, but the admin. You're never doing enough for kids that do nothing.

  17. I don't have that info. That's why I was kind of letting him just be in there and not letting anyone bother him because he was safe in there. When they said he was calling the police, that's when I knew I had to escalate. He never even sat down. Walked in the class and straight for the office/closet.

  18. Your user name is unintentionally ironic given what he did in the closet.

  19. 🤣🤣🤣 Now that you noticed I feel I must same spray and mark my territory over his!

  20. I'm proud of you for telling them to f-off. I stuck a second day out and I regret it. I'm no longer being nice and if these schools can't control their student behavior I am not going to deal with it.

  21. One of my own kids has severe special needs but he's such a sweet kid that I won't put him in public school because of the other kids. I'm afraid he'll learn behaviors like hitting and biting or screaming, etc.

  22. Also teaching degree here. The schools are absolutely terrible enough that I quit my full time job so my kid wouldn't be subjected to the inept schools. The teaching degree doesn't help with 5 kids that don't speak English, 2 that fist fight in a classroom and 13 IEPs.

  23. That’s exactly the kind of information I was looking for, thanks for sharing! It’s so fascinating that someone lost more weight with fat than with just water. I assume it would help greatly with hunger and energy levels as well.

  24. So after day 3 I was craving a steak (protein) and would tell myself I could have it tomorrow but then I would wake up feeling great and decide to do one more day of fat. I usually try to do 5 day stints (when I've eaten off plan and gained) then go back to keto/carnivore.

  25. How much would your weight go back up when you ate keto/carnivore after a fat fast?

  26. Nothing. But it just was slower loss like 1lb a week instead of seeing the scale move daily. If I eat off plan, like Thanksgiving week I can gain 11lbs. I know some is water but it's terrible to see the number go up!

  27. I'm from Los Angeles and myself and kids grew up at Disneyland. It is far superior to the WDW Magic Kingdom and to be honest I wouldn't really waste my time if you have access to California park.

  28. I only have 4 days booked for all of December where normally I could work everyday. I'm holding out that there will be last minute sicknesses to cover.

  29. I would find out if they will have a roast or what is the main meat dishes. In my neck of the woods we usually do Standing Rib Roast and then ham or a bird of some sort. I would imagine people don't just eat a carby casserole with no meat options unless they are vegan there is probably at least some meat to eat?

  30. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I would practice being a little menacing in the mirror before your next job. I used to be a classroom teacher and at first I would let them make fun of me. They will literally make fun of a supermodel because kids suck. Somewhere in there, some girl called me a B under her breath as I was walking away and I stopped and forcefully confronted her loud, "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" in front of the whole class. She froze. Said she didn't say anything. Then I go off about wanting a nice teacher or a mean one. I have had to do this now I sub. One kid said I sounded like Mickey Mouse (I overheard) and then he was like, "Ms. Say Golly Gee" thinking he could mock me. I shut it down. Again, I was like "NO! WE ARE NOT DOING THIS. Listen, you are choosing to have a hard time in this class. Then I ask their classmates if they want a good class with freedom or a class with zero tolerance where they have to continually work in silence.

  31. Many Carnivores fast and I can't. I must have adrenaline or cortisol issues and when I fast I have anxiety and can't sleep. So carnivore for me isn't the only magic bullet but I have to eat twice a day to feel calm and good. Just throwing it out there in case you try fasting and back track on your progress.

  32. I just did math! This sweet kid came up and asked for help finding the y intercept in Algebra 1. I was honest that I learned it once years ago and lost it. I then asked the class for volunteers so they could peer tutor. It worked well.

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