1. I can’t imagine how rough it is. I’m struggling to make connections too but at least I have 3 best friends I can talk to.

  2. Yeah, you obviously don’t know how to cook it. Lol

  3. There is only one thing I hate more than oppression and that is conformists. People willing to sacrifice the many just because they are content with their situation. Tell your sappy story to the families of the 6,500 migrants that died miserably building that stage you are bitching about. If the East don’t like how the West do things then they shouldn’t invite us to their backyard.

  4. I’m not the one acting like it’s all about me. Your are the princess sacrificing others just to be content. I have no time for you pathetic antics. I’m done with this conversation. Go pester someone else.

  5. I’m 100% dominant top and I hate bottoming. However, after a messed up experience, I find myself getting super turned on by someone that can overpower me and make me a sub.

  6. lmao the fuck? Yeah, cuz "you wanna get fucked tonight?" is just such a great showing of interest. If anything, the top wanted him to be ready to be fucked at a moment's notice and OP already had plans. He doesn't owe that guy a goddamn thing.

  7. Maybe “interest” was not the right word. I hope that’s not all you got from it though.

  8. There's nothing else to get from your post that's worth a damn. You're acting like this dude asked him out on a date. No, he wanted to fuck OP, OP stated he had other plans and may not be free. You and this random top clearly don't like his response, that's fine. But let's not make this into something it's not.

  9. Bruh. I would hate for us to argue so early in the morning specially when you look so freaking good. It’s a shitty thing to say but just go ahead and down vote me away.

  10. Don’t discount yourself. Our sense of smell can change over time too. There are many reasons from psychosomatic to long term effects from medications/supps/desease. One can smell their own dick, so the fact that he doesn’t smell anything different is a good sign that you should look at yourself too.

  11. He is probably dealing with his demons. If he is not openly gay, bringing it up at work (even as a joke) can be a little insensitive. You meant no harm but don’t shit on the guy because of how he reacted. BTW, I’m not sure when was the last time you checked, but a lot of straight people know about Grindr. Is the butt of many jokes and pranks.

  12. Coming out is not a magical ceremony. Like anything, you have to do the work. Get out, meet people, and get into fun stuff.

  13. Reading about it sounds gross, but it happened to me hooking up with a fellow top and it was hot as fuck. I’m a top but he got me so horned I let him fuck me.

  14. Awesome man. It fucking sucks but you did the right thing and should be proud. That might be the best tasting ramen you’ve ever had. They all have the same shitty excuse of “not getting enough at home” but they won’t break it up. Fuck him and his drama. You can do a lot better. I rather be single than with a cheater.

  15. There are people like that. Long ago I decided to be more of a giver and have zero expectations. I usually carry with me enough stuff for everyone so I don’t need to ask and can offer if others need. Don’t be mad. Just feel bad for her and her pathetic pettiness.

  16. If planned correctly, the military can be an excellent opportunity to start over. I was in a similar situation at 21 and enlisted. I ended up staying for 20+ but definitely got what I needed. I was also able to experience things I wouldn’t otherwise.

  17. Same thing as an adult bruh. She still weak asf buy her powers got a lil upgrade with haki(maybe)

  18. She got skills though. She learned how to leverage her power (crack spines, necks, immobilizing) with her current physical strength.

  19. She had that as a child. How else did she sink those battle ships

  20. Now you are just arguing for the sake or argument. We already covered that.

  21. OP, you probably giggle when you hear the word penis 🤣. Grow up bro.

  22. Too much work for a high risk/low reward outcome. It was fun when I first started out and was experimenting. As you get older, the only surprises you get are bad surprises, lol.

  23. OP, you’ve been watching too much TV. Talk to real people instead.

  24. I thought Disco died in July 1979. That was before I was born.

  25. Even if they believed that you would never fall in love with your best friend, they can still get jealous of the intimacy. Most people expect to also be the most important person in their boyfriend’s life (obviously after a healthy amount of time). They can also sense that your relationship with your best friend will deny them the chance to be that person for you. Especially if you’re satisfying all your intimacy needs with your best friend, where they’re expecting to be more intimate with you.

  26. No sir. We got rules. People are just insecure. It’s only a problem because we are not biologically related. We live thousands of miles from each other and in different time zones. We talk on the phone often and meet up once or twice a year. Not a big deal.

  27. Okay that’s as close as it gets to a brother. Not everyone has a “best friend” they grew up with. I’m crushing over my straight best friend right now, but we’ve been to each other’s places only a few times in six years. Would you call that incestious?

  28. No, lol. I should have written it better. I was describing how I would feel having a crush on one of my best friends (incestuous). I know my friendship is unusual (and arguably unhealthy), I’m just trying to see how prevalent this phenomenon is.

  29. I wouldn’t be friends with people like that to begin with.

  30. If done right is hot. I wouldn’t do it with some random though.

  31. It’s very common for these things to happen. I taught my self that there are only 4 people whose opinion I consider: the one who gave birth to me (mom), the one who gives me ass (a partner), the one that pays my bills (my job), and the ones that have my back (my best friends). And even those I take with a grain of salt.

  32. Oh it absolutely helps man. I just wanted someone to acknowledge how distraught I am about the situation and maybe talk this weird situation with, at 29 I kind of figured out that I clutter my thoughts and emotions when faced with an inconvenience and I found that talking about them with someone even virtually help me process what is happening and help put things into perspective. It’s clear to me now that this guy I considered a very close friend has outed me to them and he called me to tell me because he felt guilty and wanted to cover up for himself (a conclusion not a fact). I met with the group that was talking behind my back today and they were all kissy and playing nice like they always did. The one guy that said he wouldn’t want to be seen with me in public was setting just right next to me during a lecture we had this morning. Very mind boggling to me.

  33. I’m glad it was a little help. The thing is that you really won’t know what was really said. I had my share of shifty friends in the past, some did terrible things, but I never gave up in making my connections and ended up with some good friends. Hang in there bro.

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