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  1. Mine has slowed but its because the game is dying more than anything else. In the top 50, I now have 4 people who aren’t in alliances nor has logged in within the past 8 days (1 as of today) . Another 3 in the 51-100. Likely activity from others playing has also dipped from burnout, etc.

  2. I'm not saying their specific votes would have made a difference. But they have an audience which they can influence.

  3. You’re missing the reasons why they didn’t support her. Same reason many others didn’t. They were not the abnormality. The anti Hillary sentiment was already there from the Primary. People were even accusing the Party of cheating for Hillary.

  4. If Hugh and Dorothy Rodham had not of had Hillary, this also would be true.

  5. I completely agree. The rewards for Crucible make it perfectly enjoyable for me. The fights are whatever, win or lose it don’t matter a whole heckuva lot

  6. That sounds like an awesome game mode. Lol

  7. Wow. That’s pathetic. Why call it a “daily orb” . Thanks

  8. Probably because it will keep coming back until you click it.

  9. Rocket’s ultimate was the end of fights for a while, especially when he had Groot‘s shoulder to jump onto.

  10. Unpopular opinion: so many alliances are recruiting right now that if your alliance is dysfunctional, you all are probably better off breaking up and finding ones that suit you better.

  11. Let me say this. They screwed up with the keys. They gave extra the other day and all hell broke loose. First, people got reprimanded for collecting the ‘compensation” keys and not saving one for after the next launch…though many didn’t realize or understand this at the time.

  12. There are tricked out characters in Gambit raids. Mystique gets multiple evades on her and Luke Cage has an on spawn taunt.

  13. Good thing leveling a toon from 85-90 doesn't require training mats!

  14. Don’t worry. There will be plenty of opportunities to purchase them in the offers section! Keep a sharp eye out for them!

  15. Ukraine as the country it formerly was will never exist again. Even if they “win”. NATO had no commitment to them before the invasion(s). And they will likely not have much appetite for the cost of rebuilding the country( no guarantees that it won’t happen again in 5 years or so).

  16. Yeah i had to rank T’challa up specifically for this raid.

  17. They’ve got a character that will remove “revive once” now. Having the icon will be a nice reminder of who you’ve already hit or if the effect was resisted.

  18. That character also cannot be resisted. But your let your favorite content creator get the credit for something they were already going to do anyway.

  19. I’d just as soon not have to remember which enemy I’ve removed the revive from in a specific fight. Having the indicator is a nice reminder of what you’ve done, especially in long fights.

  20. Opening ultimus orbs if i hit skip(or whatever) it will give me anomaly detected. As far as combat errors, I haven't had any in weeks.

  21. Wow no one has mentioned the maintenance issue yet. I’m going to make my own post to spread the word.


  23. Resting at Level 75 just went out the door.

  24. There gonna be any core compensation? Didn't get to do a single arena match and that is gonna be right at payout -_-

  25. You waited until payout to do ANY arena matches? Where were you? Rank 2?

  26. I do them within the last hour. Because there is constant fluctuation, I try to leave as little time as possible between matches.

  27. Ah ok. Usually if i’m not in top 3 i will hit twice on refresh and then throughout the day as needed depending on my rank. If I’m in the top 2, I don’t usually hit until someone knocks me back.

  28. Twist! I’d save George Carlin. That way I’d have him and essentially both eras of TJ as well.

  29. By half you mean 2 of 5? Also, their abilities are out if you’d like to read them.

  30. Been saying that since the kits released. They’re out. Funny thing is that I was downvoted and told “you haven’t ranked them up” when I commented on how shitty the Unlimited team felt. People saying they shouldn’t beat Darkhold in Crucible? I beg to differ based on what was described by the dev on the apocalypse launch. Top tier (or dominating )in each game mode. If there;s a team or teams you still can’t beat…you aren’t top tier or domintaing.

  31. lol nope. gambit is total junk and scopely got away with selling him like he was some top 3 character in the game

  32. You’ll need them for Apocalypse. That’s their out. There was a time when we could at least depend on them to design and balance characters well. Seems like that has even gone by the wayside.

  33. Fantomex just went from top tier trash to lower tier trash. Also, why does a Crucible specific team have an ‘on death’ mechanic when deaths hurt your score on offense?

  34. Lately, they are having a hard time making balanced teams for some reason. Either they way outperform or underperform to the point of needing to be looked at again.

  35. They can‘t keep 1-2 events expect them to clean up their act with 5?

  36. The part with the little kid gave me the biggest smile. I’m glad that you and others could find a form of escapism with this game. Stay strong, commander!

  37. Yes. It was like reading a novel or watching a movie, wasn’t it?

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