Scene from an Indian TV soap/serial/drama

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

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  1. This show sounds like True Lies but with ALIAS instead of Mr. and Mrs. Smith as the twist.

  2. Is Slow Horses that good? I love me some Old man but I'm trying to only keep Apple until I finish Severance.

  3. When Roe is struck that’ll effectively be signing a death sentence against a large number women and girls.

  4. As a Canadian watching its insidious how all your media is trying desperately to sell … calm….. now.

  5. To quote a family member on facebook “racism doesn’t exist because it’s not in the Bible”. ….dinosaurs Martha, dinosaurs…

  6. Hey man according to Papa Elon flashing your dick unsolicited is a political play now.

  7. That episode made me sad and angry, but the point was, I think, that this was a key part of that world’s culture, and the episode let us (the viewers) feel some of the frustration that was felt by the characters who were constrained by the Prime Directive.

  8. Nothing says you’re the good guys than using robots to kill dissent.

  9. I bet if it came out that she was cuckolding her husband it would have an impact. The right has a really strong relationship to that concept.

  10. Lol. Didn’t Musk move to Texas for its deregulation and freedom to be an asshole?

  11. My starting wage in 1995 at a union job with no experience was $13.25 plus tips.

  12. Some people I know were laughing in disbelief that day. They couldn't believe his overt racism and found the whole thing absolutely without a chance in hell.

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