AITA for yelling at my girlfriend for baking a dessert for a dinner party?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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The process of taking a painful L

  1. One of the weakest performances in a great movie, love Buscemi but he was green and it was rough

  2. Feeling this a bit. I'm 30ws. Work in a steaming hot warehouse on a 3 on 3 off 12hr swing shift. Since my bf moved in I've been doing everything with the exception of the lawn which he still feels bothered to do. Complains if I don't go a few days without cooking. I feel like I'm going to crack. He spends most his time playing mobile games.

  3. Had to block an ex recently from 6 years back because I get tired of those occasional attempts of his to reconcile a romantic relationship.

  4. Having an epidural may increase chances of an perineal tear, though, says most sources

  5. People will always try to override your parenting preferences (family, friends, coworkers, strangers even). More often than not it gives them a sense of validation to be able to throw their 2¢ in given an opportunity.

  6. Turns out I tear super easily during sex now (29w)😭 so I guess that can be a thing

  7. Thick hair that grows fast! I’ve had fine hair my entire life that takes YEARS to grow out. I was shocked at how fast my hair has grown during pregnancy and how thick it feels. It’s going to be so strange when it’s no longer like this.

  8. I feel like I'm doing something wrong because my hair is thinner than it was before

  9. But even other capitalist countries have realized that more children helps the economy. Canada is still pretty capitalist but we give the parents 55 weeks off paid by the government for each child.

  10. The US is looking at a full economic collapse in the next 10 years of this shit keeps up

  11. Well. For starters this is 100% something to be run by your OB/gynecologist.

  12. Holy shit. You are 38? Did you graduate high school? You type like a child.

  13. And to think she's going to burden her kid with this pathology.

  14. And so do you..saying a man will be a shit father because he wasn't a good boyfriend and telling her ways to male sure he's as little as possible.. its his baby . Hate women who think its only there baby... could you imagine if it was him trying to stop her and saying she will be a terrible mother cos she was a terrible girlf.

  15. As some who is pregnant right now I'd be worried about the character being projected on my son if his father had overly toxic tendencies. Trying to coparent with someone insecure enough to cheat makes things hard on everyone involved. I wouldn't want an insecure mindset like that around my kid.

  16. I would speak to your OB before taking anything however they cleared me to take biotin and b12 and this seems to be helping quite a bit

  17. Oh- crossed analyzed my blood tests and found out I have macrocytic anemia. Feel like it would have been nice for my OB to tell me this..

  18. From what I can tell so far no. Which I thought strange. It has a very thin density and is usually clear. It also dries quicky

  19. Literally pregnant right now and can say this woman was fucked before conception.

  20. I'm 26w and feel horrible now. After promising she could watch our baby my mother-in-law just accepted a full-time job. I don't know what I'm going to do now

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