1. Sonic at his best is hypersonic so despite my love of Madeline, v1, and peppino he comes in a distant 1st

  2. Have you seen Celeste speedruns those Madelines move faster than light itself

  3. At least it’s not transphobia this time

  4. They look really nice, and I love the colors. Def feeling these

  5. Disagree. The action isn’t inherently cringe, It’s the same way we got Alexei navalny tweets from Siberia for his efforts to stand against Putin.

  6. The action itself might not be cringe but the shit he asks to post is downright comedic 💀 I genuinely can’t figure out how anyone can take this clown seriously or follow his advice

  7. What if I chewed on your skin what if I used your skin and flesh as a consumable replenishment and you had no control over it

  8. she nearly causes his painful death multiple times


  10. Pretty sure it was in the base game as well. I’ve only played vanilla, but yusuke let’s you duplicate skill cards when you reach a certain confidant level

  11. ik hahaha I'm making a silly reference to mr Replacement Therapy Games (RTGame) not even addressing Yusuke's existence

  12. Ranch Tanch Game broke my heart with him ignoring yusuke he’s like one of my fav characters

  13. It was supposed to symbolize the blood of the victims that her hatred has claimed too, so some extra meaning added onto it

  14. I like to think it’s just one person who really hates ferraris

  15. yea ive heard on this sub saying that thats not ok. but i personally think its fine to pirate indie at times such as when the developers are assholes *cough* heartbeat *cough* or just to try it out first

  16. Or just when the original devs aren’t even getting money anymore cough disco elysium cough

  17. There has been way too much shit just infesting my brain, mostly negative. Grades, safety, future, death, and many more things have decided to run around my meat computer and make it feel worse every day

  18. The world Truman was living in itself was literally devoid of anything remotely divergent of cisheteronormativity and had a single black family that stayed in the same place every time. How fucking media illiterate are these people?

  19. upvoted because goofie china but in spite of lame rocket system (space shuttle and buran are poopy)

  20. What if there was a bug that went around houses eating peoples arteries

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