1. The wider neckline accommodates width and the dark on dark color scheme and the sleek silhouette accommodates vertical. I think your look is great for FN!

  2. Because Winter gets black, and black is a color that many people are used to wearing therefor they desire to be in that family. However, it also probably has a lot to do with the fact that anyone with dark hair is likely to be recommended Winter, especially if they have blue eyes. While we know this isn’t always the case, it seems like a dark haired person will ALWAYS receive at least one comment for winter.

  3. Just went to Zara and got that color in a roll neck sweater. It is gorgeous!

  4. Speaking of which, how the hell does she slip and slide everywhere when performing some of her commands if her shoes aren't actual skates?

  5. The light within her heart, naturally.

  6. You look so classy and elegant! I know black isn’t your best color, but you look amazing! I think understated glamour is perfection on you!

  7. Awww thank you so much! Honestly wish I could wear more black🥲🥲. I think the blazer being houndstooth helps to break it up in a way that works somehow lol. Yea it seems understated glamour is the way to go for me

  8. Yes! You don’t need a lot to really shine!

  9. I want to thank you for taking the time to share your story and your thoughts. I agree with so many of your points here. The Kibbe system can seem insurmountable but it has so much potential to help you improve your looks. Some of the concepts are initially confusing but once you learn that the definitions aren’t as extreme as they’ve been made to be, it’s easier to find your way.

  10. Photographing/or appearing tall has no bearing on the Kibbe system. A lot of people relate this to having vertical, which isn’t the case.

  11. I don’t think I’m seeing vertical dominance. Are you?

  12. I did love when they cut their hair into the bob for This Is The One.

  13. Thanks for that! It's quite ironic that the type that's supposed to rock "big" is bad at wearing heavy fabrics. Sure, Kibbe. Let me find those soft fabrics with big ornate details that are modern but also casual to wear as a student🥲

  14. Hahaha, the dominant vertical means that your scale is larger,hence your larger details. However because you have curve/softness, heavy and stiff will stifle that. Heavyweight fabrics work well on people who are straighter in their silhouette. I actually love Sofia Vergara’s casual style. It works well for her accommodations, but is easily wearable!

  15. Its pretty but not exactly good for a 24 year old college student because I can't casually rock platform heels on a day to day basis😅 on top of that I'm a soft summer and struggle to create vertical because a lot of black doesn't work for me. At least I can rock the corset tops that are trending rn😆

  16. I meant more in terms of shapes. She does a lot of elongated flare jeans, and she does long draped cardigans, waterfall I think?

  17. It’s your call. Do you like the color on yourself?

  18. Well then, I would exchange it for cream then. Might as well get a color that you know will work.

  19. Men start with a baseline of length and width, the way women start with a baseline of curve. And the accommodations don’t work in the same way. He hasn’t really gone over them for men.

  20. That makes sense. Thank you for elaborating.

  21. Kibbe has said it is highly unlikely for a Gamin to be above 5’11. But it also seems that Kibbe doesn’t believe vertical in men is automatic until about 6’3, which is very tall no matter where you are. The Gamin archetype examples from the style section of Carole Jackson’s Color for Men (written by Kibbe) are mostly under 5’10.

  22. I immediately thought diaphanous when looking at this. Fantastic work!

  23. I’m finding this especially paradoxical and maybe I’m overthinking it but how do I get an unbiasedly true and accurate assessment from me, the guy that is fat in the mirror and most pics but truly has no business using that descriptor according to my weight and height yA know?

  24. Kibbe would tell you it’s enlightened subjectivity, we probably will never see ourselves in a completely unbiased way. Many members in the community are in similar situations. But over time you will learn what your require in your silhouette and then you will connect that to the mood/essence that you innately have.

  25. Hey, thanks for that…I was nervous to even comment because I everyone here seems to be so fluent and it is a bit intimidating- but I’m glad to learn I am not floundering in solitary ignorance lmao.

  26. I am laughing so hard, because this is all to accurate. I tend to avoid celebrity discussions for this very reason. I really only feel confident in typing people who I have seen/interacted with as I’m able to get the full package.

  27. Yeah, I know that's what he always says, but stretch in clothes was very common since at least the 1970s. Just watch all the form fitted shirts with spandex in 70s fashion as well as early 80s. Metamorphosis was published in 1987. Just look at 80s aerobic fashion and tell me they didn't have stretchy clothes back then.

  28. I think accommodations can be fit issues, but not necessarily. If I don’t accommodate vertical, it doesn’t mean my clothes don’t fit, it means that I am creating visual disharmony through strong horizontal lines.

  29. I got over 80% FG with D second. I never felt quite right as a FG but perhaps I am a FG that has a more pronounced Dramatic undercurrent like Audrey Hepburn…Oh the crisis!!!

  30. As an AA, I have encountered many people who claim indigenous heritage even if genealogists have said that this is highly unlikely. While I encounter it less, my grandmother’s husband still claims that his grandmother was Cherokee because of her long, straight hair and high cheekbones. I’ve kindly explained to him that many Sub-Saharan Africans have high cheekbones, and many AA people with European also have hair in the way he described.

  31. Something about Winter doesn’t feel right? I do find the black to stand out rather than harmonizing with you.

  32. Is Kibbe actually lowering the height for automatic vertical or did he mean to say 5’7 instead of 5’6? That’s a massive rule change that would mean reclassifying a lot of verified people, at least one prime celebrity, and shrink the height limit for SN, SC, and DC.

  33. So it seems that the comment wasn’t saying that everyone who is 5’6 is automatically vertical dominant, but that he suggests you explore those as your first picks with SN and SC being secondary picks.

  34. Thank youuu! Edit: just watched it and that was really cool 😮! Also learned about Japanese designers lol. It’s funny cuz I see Comme des Garçons like everywhere here! It’s really well known. And I love Yohji Yamamoto now (their pronunciation is a little off). I’m gonna have to look him up. I see a lotta artists wear clothing really similar to his work. A lot of black and a lot of draping and they always look so cool

  35. You’ve inspired me! I will have a look at Fortuny- it’s a brand I’ve never heard of.

  36. Thank you! I learned it from blogger Monroe Steele. It makes tops that don’t work for me normally, look incredible.

  37. You look like a successful art dealer living your life between exiting fast-moving cities, then refueling on magical islands to enjoy a carefree life in tropical luxury villas in the play of sunset lights.

  38. Again you have an incredible eye for explaining things that “feel” right when I’m putting the look together, but I can never quite explain. How did you become so great at pointing out these details? ✨

  39. The p in parentheses made me chuckle! You look great. Definitely effortlessly chic.

  40. I love 1, 2, and 7! I literally did a double take at you in number 1! Where does one acquire such a fabulous article of clothing?!

  41. Glad I haven’t lost my edge entirely 😉

  42. I’m inclined to agree with you. She is a comedienne so I think that influences how people see her. She has edge but I would not describe her as sassy or reserved. I have noticed that a lot of Classic-family celebrities are almost chameleons and can look and present very differently depending on the situation.

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