1. Yes! While I appreciate the descriptions of seasonal color systems, this system makes the most sense to me. Her YouTube videos are extensive and long but if you have the time they can be helpful as well.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I can truly appreciate her willingness to make color analysis easier to understand

  3. Just an FYI, in Kibbe’s system, your ID and essence will be the same 😊

  4. Posted here last week but didn’t get any help. I am 5’8 and struggling to see wether I am SN or SD. Pics attached!

  5. You will want to upload a photo in a neutral pose that isn’t a mirror selfie. That will allow the silhouette to truly be seen. Posing and mirror pictures create distortion.

  6. Sorry I don’t really know how to use reddit so I haven’t added photos. Will this link suffice? Besides her shoulders, I’m just struggling to see width and bluntness (in her ribcage or other bones). Kibbe says that theatrical romantics can have sharp shoulders. I’m a soft natural and maybe it’s just me but there is no way that I could wear this outfit (in the photo linked), without looking very muscular and sexual. Whereas I think Kim looks pretty at home in this. Kibbe also says that theatrical romantics have dramatic elements, which is definitely true of Kim’s face

  7. Hahaha! We used the same photo. Yes TR can have sharp shoulders and some angularity in facial features, but it is an undercurrent on a R. So they would still be soft and rounded first and foremost.

  8. I see, yea that makes sense. I guess it isn’t a perfect science, but I still see much yin in Kim compared to other SNs. And that’s true about John Kitchener, sorry! I tend to blend the two haha

  9. Damn, and I thought my waist was small. This look is fantastic, head-to-toe.

  10. FG, she def has width, but has elements that contrast with that width (no width in lower half, not much in face)

  11. If she has width, which is a proportion in the upper body- then she would not have the petite to be a FG. Width cancels petite.

  12. I see angles and straight lines. She actually looks like she could be a FN.

  13. I like these a lot. I can see a lot of great outfits with these.

  14. I’m 5’0 and my legs are long. As long as my 5’10 husband actually. I suppose his legs could just be short though .. lol. But I’ve always been told I have long legs. I have long arms as well. So I look tall in photos, but of course still look short in real life despite my long appendages because I am short

  15. If you have long limbs it probably means you have vertical. I would look at IDs that have that as an accommodation.

  16. Actually you’ve made me realise two things (along with the rest of the comments).

  17. They have three IDs because what women in these IDs, and at 5’7 and above have in common, is the need to wear clothing that takes their vertical line into consideration.

  18. I don’t think deep is your primary characteristic. I would say clear/true winter possibly, maybe even Bright winter!

  19. I liked the bright red, the bubblegum pink, and the bright cobalt blue.

  20. I did COLORWISE ME two times. And the results are: cool winter and deep winter. I dont know what really Iam.

  21. I don’t know much about color analysis, but I do know color wise is known to be inaccurate.

  22. His screen test with Paul Newman was the epitome of dreamy and magnetic, with just a dash a fire.

  23. Yay that’s great to hear! I’m not familiar with DC so was curious to see how it aligned

  24. Oh yes! I think Rita really nailed it. She brought the crispness that DC needs with the fabric choices and accessories. The fabrics also give a sense of “pulling downward” which is what we want for vertical.

  25. I actually thought this was great! Waist emphasis, crisp fabrics, and most are vertical accommodating. I’d say she did a splendid job.

  26. Commenting because I am intensely curious about the answers. I share your struggles!

  27. It’s not the brightest, but definitely reads bright. I think Bright Winter or Bright Spring would suit this best.

  28. I think what is even more exciting about your outfits is that you experiment with color. Every look just has so much visual interest.

  29. Hi! I am just getting into Kibbe and I feel like I’m between flamboyant natural + soft dramatic. I’m 6’ tall.

  30. Per typing guidelines, please removed all measurements and weight numbers. This will have no bearing on your ID.

  31. I see a lot of gamine. And I think your look is really in harmony with that!

  32. I found this Pinterest Board. It may have some inspiration for you.

  33. If you’re looking for ID feedback, I would invite you to post on the pinned mega-thread for typing help! Just be sure to read the guidelines before posting.

  34. Couple ideas: Mila Kunis, Natalie Wood, Helen Mirren, Nina Dobrev, Milla Jovovich, Lorde, though I don’t believe they’re all verified :)

  35. I believe all but Nina and Lorde are verified!

  36. I like this for a winter! Blue based with true red!

  37. I’m a little confused about the SN typing because I thought her shoulders look pretty narrow and I don’t see too much frame dominance like an SN. I also don’t see that much width, just in the up close photos. Although, she looks great in the deep v shirts and the ones where her waist is accentuated. She definitely gives off gamine but idk if it’s her style throwing me off.

  38. Goldie Hawn is a SN with narrow shoulders.

  39. If I understand your question correctly, the answer is no. Measurements have no bearing on the Image ID one belongs to.

  40. No, they are not a must. Not everyone in an ID will be flattered equally by certain items. Everyone has a unique yin-yang balance.

  41. She is well outside the height limit for anything outside of D/FN/SD.

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