1. Bought this one a few months ago, I like using the torso for my smugglers or for Padawan outfits on Tython.

  2. Anyone else read that as Lego Enforcer and get really confused?

  3. Breath of the wild, Pokémon legends Arceus, Mario kart

  4. I know I can, but I don’t. Just feels wrong to exit my shop while in hyperspace

  5. How did you equip the robes of casting as a samurai?

  6. I think the left one looks cooler. However they both suffer the fatal flaw of not being able to romance Vette.

  7. The minute I saw this picture I 100% heard “HERE WE ARE, BORN TO BE KINGS, WE’RE THE PRINCES OF THE UNIVERSE!” In my head

  8. Depending on how many credits/how much money you have, there are lightsaber pikes that assassins can use. So it’s only one blade but still a stave weapon for the assassin class

  9. Honestly don’t have any. I am Pumpkin Spice Latte levels of Basic when it comes to my character creations.

  10. At some point there’s gonna be a segment where he tells Rey “It’s not just a phase!!” Right?

  11. Why didn’t they just kick him in the face? They had the high ground.

  12. I gotta say creative's story lines are working quite well now. Also 3 hours flew by without much bs.

  13. it helps when they're not getting changed, stopped or restarted on a week by week basis.

  14. Definitely no mask. I love masks with armored gear but with the cloth gear I don’t think it makes sense.

  15. i use the arcaan mask to cover scars that i buy with cc halfway through the story arc. it’s the most pointless purchase and is purely for story, like when

  16. I give scars at that point as well lmao, it's not pointless if you enjoy it

  17. If you’re subbed you can do both. I like the idea of Starting as an untrained sorc shooting lighting at her problem. but by the end of chapter 2, having learned and evolved in combat to be able to wield the double bladed saber.

  18. Don't leave us. Satele Shan will only get smaller if people leave

  19. I understand but 1) when something I want on the GTN is 300M cheaper and also more plentiful on SF it's hard to justify sticking with SS, and 2) I'll still have 15 characters on SS lmao and will probably leave 500M credits on the server.

  20. in reality you can fill your legacy hold or your cargo hold with mods/armoring/and buy that and leave in there and transfer when you move your alts to SF. I would recommend buying anything legacy bound, put the mods in legacy gear and stick that with your alt you are moving so you can really have as much level 80 with gear there. Remember which alt you have that has unlocked that mission, will have that vendor at SF.

  21. Yea that’s kinda my plan to use one character to buy a bunch of mods on SS then transfer that character to SF

  22. So what will happen to BCC now since Mox and Danielson will face each other for the world title? Are they planning to split the group?

  23. I doubt it. I'm guessing it will be hard fought win for Danielson, they will shake hands at the end, and Mox will be able to take his vacation.

  24. If he gives advice that turns out to be wrong how is it responsible or respectful to act like it is correct and not going to harm the player base? How is that going to translate into changes being made? Not being suicidal is not the same as safe. The mechanic needs work to be “safe.” Holding someone accountable for mistakes isn’t disrespectful. No one seems to give a shit about the disrespect it causes to players following his advice. If it is happening to me I would wager it happens to others. It is a pretty stupid mechanic that totally neglected HC players. It was suicidal from the word go. To say it is “safe” now when it is clearly not is going to fuck over lots of players. I rather disrespect him than disrespect everyone else out there playing. Because it is bad advice. I regret taking it. I am out here trying to save others from making the same mistake. If he is worthy of respect he would recognize that he got it wrong and fix it.

  25. Stop blaming everyone else. Raxx didn’t make a mistake, YOU did. Everything in his guide is true and accurate, you failed to execute it. Everyone here has told you the same thing, the strat works fine. You’re the only one crusading for changes because YOU failed. You sound like someone who just can’t handle hardcore mode.

  26. I made a mistake of listening to, and taking his advice. Now I am trying to shield others from making a similar mistake. Pretty fucking simple. I take full responsibility for my actions. But you don’t get to act like he didn’t give that advice.

  27. it is objectively true, you're just not good. You're not shielding anyone, you're sounding like a whiner who's looking for an excuse for his own mistakes.

  28. Look at d3 kadala planner and see which set piece has the fewest competing items. Then gamble that slot until you get 5/6 (depending if you’re gonna use rrog). Use the convert set item recipe in the cube to get the slots of the set you need.

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