1. Etude House Lash Serum works well too! It's available on Beauty Barn and retails for 450 rupees. I usually buy it when it's available at a discount.

  2. Does it make the skin around lashes dark?

  3. Nope! Have used 3 bottles and faced no such issue.

  4. Eyelashes !!!! Seriously ? Your one eye has my 4 eyes eyelashes combined And I only have 2 eyes I have been using cAstOr oiL for months

  5. Hey OP, read your edit and the products you shortlisted. you need to get a better sunscreen if you are starting Retinol, even if it's just 0.1%, and even if you are at home. That lotus sunscreen can move to your hands, and your face needs SPF50 sunscreen since your cell turnover will increase with Retinol use. Just using a sub standard sunscreen may cause adverse reaction. Alternately, finish sunscreen and then get SPF 50 and then start Retinol.

  6. I have dry skin and I downright hate reequil blue. It feels like powder on the skin, which is fine, I could've just used something under it; but it also just sits on my face like this goopy mess and transfers onto anything that touches my skin, including my fingers. Like i could just scrape it off. I've tried the orange one and it gave me a much better experience.

  7. I have a lot of favourites! Loved CosIQ SPF 50 serum, Dr. Sheths Ceramide and Vit C sunscreen, Dermaco SPF 50 (although I don't trust their SPF in specific) and BOJ SPF 50. Didn't like aqualogica, fixderma much- tried 2 each from them, not a fan.


  9. As someone with melasma I want you to know that all sunscreens are good sunscreens if they provide adequate protection. There’s no chemical vs physical debate. Just choose whichever one you will feel comfortable using the appropriate one that has the right texture and comes at the right price. Then you need to reapply it every 2 hours if you have serious pigmentation concerns. This alone will be enough. Since I am dark skinned I prefer using chemical sunscreens or at most hybrid ones. Favourite chemical sunscreens- L’Oréal UV essence(love of my life), Bello Photo stable, Biore Uv watery essence(want to eat it) ..../ Sunscreen I trust but can’t apply around my eyes- Neutrogena Ultra sheer chemical sunscreen/ Favourite Combination Sunscreen- Blessing Tree sunscreen lotion( new fave, This subreddit introduced me to this gem), la shield (don’t like as much but recently it feels nice under makeup)....Physical sunscreens that are kind of okay- Reequil sheer tint zinc sunscreen(leaves a pink white cast), Z-block(leaves an okay kind of white cast). These are my thoughts now you choose which one you like best.

  10. Biore has low pa++ strength otherwise it looks like the best option.

  11. Okay, so alert here, I am a brand founder, and this is a product/problem we're addressing & launching a product in the future.

  12. I am currently taking Truebasics eye shield. Though I am looking for some more reliable brand. US brand also works for me since I can order from Iherb.

  13. Im looking at eye basics. Health kart vidion claims 100mg lycopene but I doubt it

  14. K beauty only (mainly) or Japanese (just biore)... I've recog. that they put silicone in almost everything Indian idk why. it's a good emollient but not for PPL like me who burst up with acne with slightest drop of blockages like oils. And there's literally not much options...

  15. What sunscreen would you recommend? How's pa+++ rating?

  16. My beauty of joseon 50 ml sunscreen looks like it will last me ages while the biore watery essence spf looks like it will get over in a week🥲 i don’t get it

  17. To add to the other comments, search for official citra servers for your game. You can find many other people playing your game

  18. Hey.. Hi... I tried that uv smart sunscreen... Sadly 😴as usual it didn't suit me out... I hated the texture.. And not blending onto my skin properly and also it gave me white cast and not spreading good... Also my face looked dull after washing off and for straight four day and also it gave me burning sensation too... Not while I was putting on but later on while I washed off.. And started to use my go to sunscreen.. But thankfully I have no problem now.. But money is wasted.. 🙂🙂And that's quiet usual now.. As I bought lot of products that didn't suited me out... So not a big deal for me now... I used to it.. So this all my experience on that sunscreen but.. I could say it might suit u.. Because.. I have a different skin type.. As every skin type is different and it reacts differently... That's all I wanna say... Until unless we use the product we doesn't come to know whether the particular product will suit us not.. But to be honest I have ultra sensitive skin.. If any product suits me then it might definitely suits everyone..

  19. Radiance uv smart sunscreen gel from mankind Pharma?

  20. Are these honasa sunscreens ( derma co, aqualogica, ayuga) also tested? because the claim themselves to be tested or certified

  21. Derma co I'll never trust. Their sunscreen offer no protection (except physical one)

  22. I wanted to love it so bad but i could never wash it off properly.

  23. I hope you know once you start using Minoxidil, you will have to keep using it permanently. Once you stop using it, your hair will start falling again. Ketoconazole is a DHT blocker, it will slow down hairfall so use it.

  24. Don't injections burn? My derms microneedling is okay but injections burn like nothing

  25. Not in my case. Injections were fine.

  26. Quality of skin is a function of what we eat and hydration as well, apart from using cleanser, toners serums and moisturizer. So nutrition plays a very important role along with fitness as well. So it's a combination of multiple things.

  27. I eat omega3 fish oil, marine collagen, lycopene, astaxanthin, zinc, selenium, 60+gm of protein, no fast food or oily stuff, and workout mildly.

  28. Bioderma you will get it on nykaa. Supergoop I used having relatives in USA to an advantage. 😄

  29. Haha the cosrx low ph morning cleanser suited me well!! Currently I am using Supergoop. Otherwise bioderma aquafluide sunscreen is the only one that suited me best. Been using it for almost 2 years

  30. Load it with lots of collagen and protein. Avoid any exfoliation like microdermabrasion right now. No retinols. The focus should be on restoring the skin barrier.

  31. Face feels hot after using sunscreen and being in sun

  32. If your face feels burning hot in sun than you should definitely stay away from sun

  33. minimalist sunscreen is bomb, checks all the right boxes but is hella uncomfortable to wear which makes it a pass 😭😭😭😭😩😩😩

  34. What do you mean uncomfortable? Which one are you using

  35. It has niacinamide and probiotics which gives me the same reaction

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