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  1. When interacting with Basil’s bed a text box appears and says “A very comfortable looking bed” If you interact with anyone else’s bed Sunny will give it a rating and text will say why he rates it that way. The website the photo was taken on is the Omori wiki, Just google “Omori Wiki”

  2. i uh always thought that it was just a weird angle and we were seeing the teeth inside her mouth


  4. You do realize that you can also joke about serious stuff, right? How old are you? If you can't handle a joke like that, then you're gonna have a tough time in the world. Btw I can only speak for myself, but I'm a POC and didn't find it offensive at all. It was a joke after all.

  5. I’m not having an aneurysm over the joke it just annoys me to see stuff like that, I appreciate your opinion and your trying to help me make an understanding

  6. Got it chief, It’s all been resolved already, I’ll take your advice though

  7. Sorry for your loss mate. I got 5 shiny, one 94, one hundo, and completed research all in one hour.

  8. Woah good job, I’m happy you had such a good com day :)

  9. Sadly just one star, but atleast it has that in common with my other shinies

  10. I’m not asking for the reasons shown here but you can believe that if you want, what’s the manga called?

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