1. Let me emphasize AGAIN that this would be an OPTIONAL program for SM’s.

  2. Not in my experience... the "lazy" or unmotivated seniors are not the ones working to improve or run the cadet program. If they are the ones running things that would mean they aren't lazy...

  3. I tend to concur. Seniors that stay for the program do so because they have something to DO. They don’t mind being challenged, mentally or physically. There are certainly in the program to help, and since it’s not every day they get to go out and walk in the woods or man ICPs it helps to not sit around and listen to lectures all day. If they are involved in the cadet program, even the more reason to lead by example. Some are content with doing bare minimum. But activity motivates, and I’m a firm believer in that. If there are those that want to do bare minimum, fine. But I’m for giving the active ones an option to challenge themselves not just mentally, but physically as well.

  4. I think this is marvelous. I am for religious diversity in our military and society in general. Tolerance and diversity is a good thing.

  5. Congratulations! If you train this summer, we might run into each other.

  6. If you go on long term orders you get another something like twice in a career. I got one as an lt then another once I started an agr job. Had to put in some paperwork though.

  7. Nice. Curious though, with uniform changes (such as with the ABU to OCPs) is there an allowance for that? Or at least, will they issue the new uniforms for free?

  8. Nope. It gets really expensive when you need to buy new cold weather gear.

  9. Bummer. Just from browsing online I can tell they are not cheap.

  10. I'm sorry you went through this. What he did was absolutely wrong and an abuse of his spiritual position and office. I hope you've found healing. He's not worth the sacrifice of your inner peace.

  11. The only summer 2023 class is an OTS-A, however, others are saying that we would not do the Abbreviated. Thank you for this information. How long did your background/security clearance take?

  12. Candidate program manager himself told me 5 wks. That may mean extra training later on, but he may have not remembered to tell me that. My SC is still pending.

  13. Yes, it would be (from my chaplain recruiter's assistant) 3 weeks of Chaplain training after the OTS-A, in order to equal the 8 or 9 weeks.

  14. Good to know! Looking forward to possibly meeting you in the summer! Chaplain candidates are not that many so I reckon we’re part of a small group.

  15. No need to worry, most recruiters are known to take their time. From what I understand there’s just a lot going on in the background.

  16. Do recruiters not tell people anything anymore? It's a physical. Your gonna pee in a cup and get your hearing and eyes checked. You'll see a doc who is gonna look at your butt hole and you'll do a duck walk.

  17. This ^ LOL That was my experience at MEPS

  18. I’ve heard of the guard giving waivers to chaplains over the age of 60

  19. I wouldn’t mind the Guard. For me, it’s a calling.

  20. If you're willing to relocate I don't think you'll have too hard of a time finding a full time slot.

  21. Is there a way to start checking now to get a feel?

  22. Doesn’t look like he budgeted his food 🤷‍♂️

  23. Are there any AGR opportunities for Chaplain AFSC?

  24. I am not a chaplain, so hopefully a reserve chaplain will find their way here. Or you can go to the OTS subreddit, where they have some chaplains hanging around.

  25. Thanks! I now have a better understanding of what to expect. Part of my concern is that I’ll be hitting cut off age by end of year. But they said as long as I oath in before then, I’m good. I guess I’ll just need to trust the process.

  26. Yeah, sorry. Got autocorrected. There may be an interview, I honestly don’t know. But some corps selection criteria are developed to eliminate the need to interview. You wouldn’t have been authorized to go to MEPS for a $2 million work up if they didn’t intend to select you.

  27. I am entering OTS as a chaplain candidate.

  28. I’ll know more once I’m in lol. But yeah, what dan60 said. My recruiter saying the same thing. Full 8.5 weeks, drill and all, just no firearms training.

  29. I joined when I was 2 years into my BA degree. Didn’t complete the program though.

  30. If you're coming in as chaplain from your respective faith you're probably right, but if you're coming in direct commission and not already a practicing chaplain, then you do the whole thing. I had one in my class.

  31. That would include, presumably, chaplain candidates? I am already endorsed by my faith body, but I'm a seminary student, not an ordained chaplain...yet.

  32. This is not true. First of all there aren’t any Space Force officer recruiters yet. The AF officer recruiters handle everything for now. If you heard this from one of them they are incorrect.

  33. I spoke with USSF personnel who were familiar with the ROTC program and was told the volunteer route from USAF was the only current path. Perhaps I heard wrong, but that is how I understood it.

  34. They were incorrect. It happens. A lot of people on the inside apparently don’t even know the full accurate state of things. Maybe he/she means that in ROTC you can say “I want to do Space Force.” That’s probably true to some degree, but once you commission into the AF you’re in the AF. And to apply to commission through OTS, it’s direct application to the Space Force now.

  35. Well, what do I know. I’m just a chaplain candidate looking to enter OTS in the Fall, trying to enter the USSF down the line. I can only go by what I’m told and I’m a happy camper either in USAF or USSF, I’ll serve wherever I’m needed.

  36. I needed to send in all of mine from 3 different schools.

  37. I'm curious how much of this relies on the ecclesiastical endorser. I'm currently in the process of entering the Ch Candidate program and am wondering if I can enter AD right after seminary. I'm not exactly the youngest recruit, lol

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