1. If you send me a message I can send you the link to where I got mine from

  2. If it is still available, can I also have the link? Thank you so much 💗

  3. NTA. But I suggest instead of being hostile you can just be civil with her while keeping her at a distance. You should also understand that it is your mom who is suffering at this situation. She cannot just ignore her family as it is her decision as much as it is your decision to cut them off.

  4. YTA. Seriously, I feel so much for your son. He lost his dog, and he does not want him to be replaced until he is ready. That is a very simple request, and you can't even give him that?

  5. NTA. But why are you still friends with her? She stole from you, insulted you and alienated you from your friends. Why continue associating with her if you know that the cycle will just continue.

  6. NTA. I suggest you cut him off and everyone who aides with him. You are already in too much stress to be dealing with him.

  7. YTA. You know what would happen? Your kid would hate you too. Your idea of a blended family where your wife is treated the same way and even favored more than the mom will never happen if you continue acting this way.

  8. NTA. It's good that you realized that your sister is not a good influence in your life. If limiting contact is what makes you happy and find a good space to deal with your problems, then so be it.

  9. NTA, for goodness sake, some people shouldn't have children if they don't know how to show love and compassion. You are clearly suffering and yet they have the guts to be angry at you for being sick due to the circumstances they had put you in.

  10. I've talked about this to my aunt and grandma. My mom liked to use the good ol "it's because of that screen time"

  11. That's just pure ignorance in their part. This is borderline neglect and abuse. You need to reach out to them and make sure that they have your back in case your parents continue on mistreating you.

  12. NTA, you have been really generous with her and it is about time she stops mooching. She is being a deadbeat and she is not your responsibility.

  13. NTA. You have the right to refuse and they should have stopped the first time you refused.

  14. NTA. I'd say it is a long time coming. They shouldn't blame you for being a failure of a parent that they can't even see or recognize what is really happening.

  15. NTA, you are too young to have the burden of working and making a living for your father. You should put yourself first and if he really lives you, he will have your best interest in his heart.

  16. NTA, but does your mother have a history of being easily convinced or falling with thia type or trick? I suggest talk to her calmly and ask to meet the person or proofs that he is real. Don't confront her because it might make her more defensive and refuse to listen. Be empathetic with her, she may be going through something right now that she just refuses to admit.

  17. Not at all, she's usually just fell for complete dicks, but nothing like this , I told her I'd love to meet him before I go back to work so we shall see.

  18. Let's hope that this isn't a scam. I hope you will update us afterwards.

  19. NTA, at this point she is just being a complete mooch. Show that shiny spine to everyone and not let yourself be treated like a doormat. Those relatives can chip in to ensure your sister have the vacation she 'deserves' if they wanted to. You don't have to do anything for her, she is not your responsibility.

  20. I love the contrast in their faces. One is a gloomy cloud and the other is pure happiness.

  21. Donate it to the museum. Or hold on to it until you unlocked the lost bundles in the former joja building. You can also give it as gifts afterwards.

  22. NTA. Are you sure you really wanted to be with this person. There is so many red flags that all I see is red.

  23. He is all I have in my life.. He is good to me most times it was just tonight he acted this way

  24. You deserve better than this. Don't settle and accept this kind of disrespect. It might be a one off but you need to clearly tell him that he had crossed a line and how much it had hurt you.

  25. NTA. A full grown adult giving a child a silent treatment because what? My child doesn't call me when she is always with me? Boohoo.Th

  26. NTA. A full grown adult giving a child a silent treatment because what? My child doesn't call me when she is always with me? Boohoo.Th

  27. YTA. Have some accountability. You KNEW you are in the middle of the test, you should have put away all distractions beforehand. You can't fault your friend for assuming you have the time when you replied.

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