1. I watched sales for a few months before buying mine and at the time tractor supply consistently had the lowest prices in my area (Texas)

  2. I was there way before doors opened and no show specific shirts, only the show poster at all merch stands

  3. Moody Center is a gem. I hope DMB opens more summer tours there

  4. I hope so too. Was our first time there and definitely won't be the last! Will be heading back later this summer for The Killers, can't wait!

  5. I love hearing that and hope y’all have fun at Killer. Considering adding Chris Rock and Lizzo to our calendars

  6. I am thinking about those two myself 🤣

  7. I bought this set and love them. Similar to the second link you have here. The edges are super sharp so they get all the good crusty edges off and waste nothing! Extra Large Metal Burger Spatula Set of 2, Leonyo Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Griddle Slotted Hamburger Turner, as Barbecue Cast Iron Grilling Flat Top Griddle Accessories, Wooden Handle, Smash Burger

  8. I was in the same cycle for over 2 years. I finally pulled the plug on everything and haven't missed it at all. Like you mentioned, it's much more satisfying to just pick up things from Sephora and Ulta here and there that I actually want. I will still grab a Trendmood box here and there if the value is worth it to me and I'll actually use the items. Also did a Beautylish Lucky Bag the past 2 years for funsies 🤗 Other than those one off buys, nothing recurring and don't miss the clutter of those no name brands one bit!

  9. I saw someone recommend putting coins under the wheels to level out. That's what i did and worked like a charm. No more food running away from me 🤣

  10. I’ve got a ways to lift, coins may cost more than an alternative!

  11. I didn't realize until I read the other comment the way it was leaning 😂

  12. I'm not here to offer suggestions just to say I love Malcolm too 😁

  13. I have that eye balm and it's really nice for brightening and depuffing. The cleanser is also really nice, gentle but effective!

  14. Requested Club Level Reserved in Austin, got lower reserved (non club) I'm happy!! 🤘 I'm super excited to check out the brand new venue!

  15. Yes!!! They are local where I am here in San Antonio, there are amazing!!

  16. Nice! I'm moving to San Antonio next year, I'd love to see these guys live - his ability to capture Dave's sound and presence is creepy good.

  17. They play locally A LOT and at cool fun places, you won't have any trouble finding them!

  18. Agreed. So Right and Fool to Think are in my all time top 10 DMB songs.

  19. I have hard charges already posted for Austin/Series 1 on my CapitalOne card 🥰

  20. Whoo hoo! I requested the club level reserved but looks like on getting regular lowers, I'll still take them!

  21. I’m sorry universe but I got sick of Theresa Is Dead’s intro after hearing it twice. WAY too long

  22. It's all that plus the fake air horn for me. I stopped watching for awhile because I must've been in a mood. Decided to watch one the other day and first split second of the horn sound I clicked out and don't think I can ever go back 😫

  23. I have the second pic, the model from tractor supply. We love it and I prefer the removable hard cover to a hinged one, gives me more wiggle room. If your budget is 500, I'd personally get the one from tractor supply and spend the rest on a soft water resistant cover and some accessories 🤗

  24. Btw I buy that same container of bacon grease. What I like is you keep it simple.

  25. Bacon up is 🔥🔥🔥 And yes, chorizo is already so flavorful, can't overdo it, I like it to be the star of the show 🤣 I take cooking very seriously lol

  26. When i saw the emails posted recently they had sent with updates, I was afraid this was going to happen. Hope everyone gets their money back 🥺 I just don't see them coming back from this unfortunately.

  27. I was initially excited for this but I'm feeling a little underwhelmed. I think I'm going to pass this time 😕

  28. Good God these are dreamy!!! Thank you for all the details, I will be looking into this! Enjoy your beautiful polishes!! 🥰

  29. I also use the press, smash and hold down for 10 seconds before releasing so the crust really forms. Works like a charm!

  30. Wow! THAT is a great bag! It feels very thoughtfully put together and the shades and colors are gorgeous and bold 🥰

  31. I think you did a good job. The glaze are by far my favorite but I think the darker colors and glitters/patterns look a lot better. I agree with one of the other comments that the pastels and lighter shades for some reason look different 🤷‍♀️

  32. the ghost oil is amazing! i have fine-ish hair and oil prone. this smoothed my hair fairly well. granted I still get mid day frizzies due to how humid san jose is but it makes hair ultra soft

  33. Yay!! I'm so glad it worked for you! I might have to check it out!

  34. Thanks! I only I own ND minis. Happy to have this 😊

  35. You're welcome! Enjoy, you will love it!

  36. I own all the Natasha Denona midi palettes and that's by far my favorite one 🥰 Enjoy!!

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