1. Not you policing how someone can respond to negativity on their personal social media. Respectfully GTFO

  2. While It’s appropriate have this energy with haters- victoria still gets triggered easily and can get aggressive with reactions, she needs to learn calm.

  3. She is. She just might not have deleted what you’ve seen recently. But I witnessed her comments go down by several hundred within 1.5 hours a couple days ago.

  4. Well if that's true, then good for her, I would block them too, no one deserves to be harassed on their personal social media

  5. I didn’t say she deserved it, I said I wouldn’t count as profitable engagement or good PR.

  6. This is not a Brendan and Pieper situation though, Victoria is gaining more and more instagram followers from this whole controversy

  7. Does she have the most IG followers out of the entire cast? 700k and the rest of them don’t even come close.

  8. Well she did keep her relationship with that country singer and Chris Soules private. I'm wondering if she would have kept her relationship with Greg private if the circumstances were different

  9. Still don't understand how we got 2 bachelorettes from Matt's season and one of them wasn't Bri smh

  10. Jill is no longer following Jacob on insragram… is it over already? 🥴

  11. Rodney & Eliza unfollowed each other on Instagram

  12. Interesting. They were all at Madison's wedding recently & things seemed to be fine? I thought VF still hangs out with Kelsey a lot too since they're both in Nashville.

  13. I think they are fine, I just don't get the vibe they are as close as they used to be, remember how they had that group called the cats. I assume Natasha was talking about the girls from Peter's season she is close to which would be Sydney, Deanadra and Victoria P. VF does seem really close to Kelley and Kelsey

  14. The way I would respond to these assholes who comment on contestants posts and the first thing they do is block. The Hypricosy

  15. Bachelor nation has got to be the most disgusting and toxic fandom ever, the comments on Eliza, Kate, Victoria, and Greg's insta posts this season of BIP is awful. Also the way Victoria closed the comments of her latest post and there are people who are commenting how closing the posts on her post won't stop them from commenting on her other posts, like who comments things like that

  16. Discussing someone’s bad behavior on reddit, regardless of whether you are being reasonable or rabid, is not “holding someone accountable.”Real accountability happens in real relationships. Your parasocial relationship with these contestants aren’t real. The only actionable thing you can do is to unfollow, and sorry, you don’t deserve an activism award for doing so.

  17. Also Tyler is a loser, he acts like a teenager, cannot take him seriously

  18. I really felt for Johnny last night when he said that when he looks in the mirror, he doesn't like what he sees. Yes, it's going to be messy tonight but Johnny will be better off not having to deal with Victoria's messes for the rest of his life.

  19. Also I want to know how Greg is handling all this, from what I remember he was very insecure during Katie's season so is he just avoiding all the episodes.....

  20. ABC is very stupid at promoting their show, why didn't they include Greg in the promo after the episode ends if they were gonna include him in the instagram promo.

  21. where did they allege to this?? i didn’t want the previews for tomorow

  22. I would leave if someone called me a cu*t and said what good was as a women since I didn't cook or clean, which you seem to not mention in all your comments 🤔

  23. Aaron is so full of shit, already back to his girlfriend back home 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  24. Not exactly on topic but did this story ever show up on this sub? Just read this and this is wild

  25. Got it. I’ve only been on this sub a few months. Thanks.

  26. I'm sorry but I need to know who followed first between Johnny and Katie because that is so weird 🥴😭😭

  27. I still can't wrap my mind around Victoria and Greg being an actual couple. They have pretty much spent the last month together. Did Victoria F really end that group of fivesome of Greg, Andrew, Justin, Mikey, and Tre because when's the last time they have hung out together 🤣🤣🤣

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