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  1. I’ll go back to cricket if they are going to do this.

  2. Root ruined my night !!!!! I just want to watch the gameeee!

  3. Don’t forget to give them a blowjob before you leave.

  4. That’s sum bs. Miata is not a gay car well even if it is it’s still awesome car.

  5. Far cry sucks tho. How many times they are going to make same game ? Over and over and over ? Same shit.

  6. Flashlight bottle i like it. Just need some lube

  7. Pretend like a car but when lights turns red use pedestrian crossing. Yay

  8. 65 mph cruise control and engine be like 5000 rpm smh lol

  9. One of the suspects eluded police and could not be pursued by officers because of current laws.

  10. I do have to mention because of this ppl coming here from another states steal as much they can and go back ???? Theft tourism

  11. I want to thank you for creating this sub because seattle sub sucks! When you start talking real stuff they ban you smh!

  12. When I’m riding my motorcycle i need gps but I don’t want to install phone holder to my bike because i know it’s distract me so i use my apple watch for navigating also i have cellular model and even if my phone dies i can find my way home with my watch because battery last wayy longer then my phone and it has cellular data.

  13. Emerald City Guitars is an amazing shop. Worth checking out for those interested in vintage guitars/amps!

  14. Thank you for ignoring the title and talk about unrelated stuff.

  15. Are they also banning the RV gas generators and emptying chemical toilets into storm drains?

  16. Whoever living on the street should stop using drugs and go to the shelter

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