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  1. He hasn't mentioned it. He goes with the flow now and just releases the podcast when he has time and energy-- (I guess) there's never any set schedule or time nowadays. :) Could very well be that there wasn't enough responses which would suck tbh I was curious.

  2. Also why does tsuki only swim in the place that has stingrays, jellyfish and sharks? Should really go to dawn's to swim if anything. Lol

  3. I think it would be uncomfortable for dawn if Tsuki skinny dips in the same water body as her.

  4. Is that phone case part of the homecoming paid package or does it appear like a normal item in the store? It's so cute!

  5. He's hot and all, but him being a dick in the show AND real life is a no for me

  6. What a horrible, unprofessional, unempathetic c*nt. Don't let what he says define you. He has some reeeaaal issues if he is humiliating kids and getting joy out of it.

  7. Why are you complaining about His criteria. Its His Heaven and Hes the One who created everything. You should be grateful youre able to even type on a phone and post your laments to the world. If you reject God and never repent for lying, stealing, cheating, fornicating, witchcraft, etc then what do you expect? Should He just let you in? No. You choose where you want to go. Heaven or hell. Jesus died for you so you wouldnt go to hell but if you reject Him, then thats your decision.

  8. Not really as easy as choosing heaven or hell seeing as there's 10,000 religions to choose from, all with their own contradictory claims on how to get to heaven, how am I supposed to know which is the right one.

  9. Why would any other religion be true? When every other God at the end of there story are dead they died and never came back to life.

  10. What do you mean that in every other religion the God died and never came back? I'm not sure what you mean, please explain.

  11. I'm assuming this means " The universe needs a cause therefore that cause must be God" But then wouldn't God need a cause if he exists? It's exactly the same problem. If he's always existed, cut out the middle man and say the universe has always existed.

  12. Nah, it's an important part of the argument that it's "everything that begins to exist has a cause", and then the argument is that God never began to exist, because he's always been there.

  13. The big bang definitely does NOT prove that our universe began to exist. There are plenty of theories around it not being the start. All it proves is that the universe got really small for a bit ("The Big Crunch" theory is the theory I think I personally believe in the most) so it doesn't really work out.

  14. I hope you read this. Imagine yourself as a six year old getting punished for not doing things and everyone around you in the family is getting rewards and such. You try to do it because you want affection from your parents but also it's just who you are. Some people find it more difficult to be forced to do things they have no interest in. You don't mean it, You find it hard because you've never been rewarded so you give up and your parents treat you a lesson that your true self no one will actually love, and you feel like you're just inherently unlovable. At 11 Your inside sadness, neglect and self hatred that you've grown up with make you retaliate and become horrible to everyone around you. You mature and understand the importance of these things but it doesn't erase the trauma and abandonment that your parents dealt you. You miss everyone you love and feel like now you've "fixed" yourself maybe they will love you. But it's too late. You are still unlovable because of what you did as a fucking kid not knowing any better. You wish you could turn back time and get a hug from your parents again. Have a loving family like all your siblings got. But your left to figure your life out by yourself at 18. Still excluded since you were since you were six.

  15. If he wanted to do this, he would. He has plenty of money, stop worrying. He has loads of patreon donators (probably what brings in most of his money looking at how many there are on the website) monetized content with at least 100k views each video and would do advertisements on his podcasts when they were running as well. It's not like he's putting himself through it by not doing more, probably would drive away viewers if anything seeing as lot of what people watch his YouTube for is the unmodernised aesthetic about it and just him being humble and authentic, whereas most sponsors require you to lie about playing a game, or say you love something when you don't. It's not really worth it.

  16. Think they deleted their account/privated all the videos. Idk why guess they didn't want to do it anymore.

  17. This is great advice for honing in your shapes, lines, and colors. It teaches you how to clean your pixel artwork and make design choices.

  18. Omg!!! So cute I love this πŸ˜… Do you have a business? I would pay for this x

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