1. Is this idiot saying that every child actor he liked as latchkey child has been murdered by the deep state? I have no idea who Issac Knappy is (or was.)

  2. Isaac Kappy was a bit player in Hollywood, played the pet shop clerk in the first Thor. Was heavy into drugs, got deep into 4chan, claimed everyone in Hollywood was a pedo, then jumped off an overpass in Arizona and died. Of course the Q's think he was murdered.

  3. I know that in ancient Rome it was possible to rent/lease slaves. I have never heard of this being the case in the USA but it would not surprise me if it were possible for people too poor to buy to still make use of slave labor when needed.

  4. Renting out slaves was totally a thing in the US. If you had an excess of slaves on your farm for the moment, it could make more sense to rent them out and get them back later rather than sell them and have to re-buy.

  5. Conspiracy isn't even pretending to be a conspiracy sub anymore. They're straight up conservative 2.0 now.

  6. 15 boxes of his own stuff they are now calling “historical” and property of the National Archives?

  7. Yeah probably not. But again, this is all super weird. Top officials weren’t even aware of it. Was it even the FBI that raided him? FBI hasn’t even confirmed it.

  8. What "top officials"? Who would you expect to know about it outside of the FBI's direct chain of command?

  9. I gotta tell you folks, I won’t be voting for that Hunter Biden. He seems like a bad egg. What is his role in our government again?

  10. They dont know shit about shit. One was telling me earlier the child separation policy was just trump separating kids from adults and not them tearing up families. Either that or they know and are liars.

  11. Some of them even claim all the adults are traffickers and Trump was saving the kids.

  12. This is actual news btw, had to check the MSM to make sure it wasn't a goof. Multiple Arcon posts about this in the last 25min.

  13. I guess the think the NWO panicked and realized they left their game plan on a multi ton monolith in a field somewhere. So they blew it up themselves to be safe...

  14. Originally, Pizzagate referred to their conspiracy that there was a child torture basement under Comet Ping Pong Pizza because the place was mentioned in hacked DNC emails and is a popular DC restaurant. More and more of their nonsense was tacked on to it, and it culminated in one of the Q-nuts going there with a firearm and firing a round into a closet door after demanding to see the torture basement. Of course, the building doesn't even have a basement, what with DC being built on a swamp.

  15. Minor pedantic point that DC being built on a swamp isn't a factor in Comet's lack of basement. It's way up in the hills near the Maryland border, so quite a few tens of feet above the lower reaches of DC.

  16. Some guy in Florida got high on bath salts and took a bite out of a dude. This proves that the elites are secret cannibals.

  17. The cannibalism part is true, but turns out he wasn't actually on bath salts, just weed and whatever was wrong with his head:

  18. I assume they mean it was actually explosives or something, and any planes were holograms.

  19. It’s funny that they always default to “the government bombed the towers because vague globalist conspiracy”, when the much scarier idea that actually has a lot of evidence is that the government didn’t have to DO anything, they could just kind of ignore the extremist groups they helped create in the Middle East until one of them gave us an excuse to invade and take their oil.

  20. It's not like Islamic militants already attacked the same building in 1993:

  21. The funny thing is that in the Bible, being compared to a lion was typically a bad thing. Since there are multiple stories of lions eating people in the Bible, frequently when they were used as a method of executing jews. Meanwhile Jesus was referred to as the lamb of God, and there's the old adage "the lord is my Sheppard." Which the Christian right also preaches, while simultaneously using "sheep" as an insult towards anyone who doesn't follow their beliefs.

  22. They're leaning heavily on the particular mention of the Lion of Judah:

  23. I'd equate him to the the fake Aslan in the 7th Narnia book, "The Last Battle." It's an easily deceived donkey being puppeted by a greedy ape to wear a lion's skin to pretend to be Aslan so the ape could personally profit off it. If I were making the movie, the ape would have a heavy slavic accent just in case nobody got the hint.

  24. For cripes sake, how much of Arcon is just Babylon Bee posts?

  25. For some reason I cannot comprehend, a ton of people even fans of the show think soldier boy is good inspite of all the awful, awful things he does which the show also constantly beats you over the head with ( not saying that's a bad thing by the way)

  26. If you look at historical events prior to say the 1980s in the US, there was an appalling amount of "X person abused children but nobody came forward because there would be stigma against the victims."

  27. What special interests? Why can’t he be specific? Because it’s fucking obvious that we have every financial incentive to keep the fossil fuel system as is?

  28. “Admiration of French cultural superiority” like bro what are they even trying to say

  29. That conservatives don't consider the French superior.

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