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  1. I like to correct. It's not Na Sa. It's actually Na rSi न र्सी. Smaller marking were not clear.

  2. Thank you very much, this is super helpful. I hoped the better lighting would make it easier to read. I’ll check the book out!

  3. Second picture also has De Vi, which is Devidatta batallion.

  4. It seems like it got around, I wonder where it went and what it did

  5. Bet you wouldn't call em Newfies if you've ever been to Newfoundland

  6. You are the best dude, thank you very much. I was hoping it was a gorkha gun. Can you tell me which one is Go Na?

  7. This collection is tucking gross, care to donate some to the poor?

  8. Himalayan imports, great great stuff. I have their ww2 model as well. Don’t be turned off by the old website, the actual forgers are some Gurkhas in a shack lol

  9. Very nice item you have there. I love these because I had a G.I. Joe set (21st Century toys or Ultimate Soldier) that was supposed to be a U.S. 1917 Water-cooled MG position that had this knife in it... At the time I called it a Kukri.

  10. I'm pretty sure his job is to oversee them hunting the rest of the Jedi so I think you're wrong on that one.

  11. As far as I understand the inquisitors are just tools for Vader and palpy and are there just to free up vaders time to go do other imperial stuff. They, like most people working for the sith, are manipulated and disposable tools.

  12. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that not all loose cannons get killed.

  13. But again the point is that specifically in the inquisition and the sith in general all subordination is met with brutal punishment or outright death

  14. Thats because of the hundreds of hours of effort in every other part of the production. Like someone else said people enjoy looking for every excuse to complain. You sound like a child.

  15. Ok I’m a child then, but considering I’ve had zero problems with blaster design even in the sequels I think I’m entitled to an opinion here. Personally I think it’s a reasonable request that a sci fi show doesn’t have unmodified real world guns, especially the most produced and recognizable gun.

  16. Left to right, 1928 Tula Mosin nagant, Peruvian Modelo 1909 Mauser with a Peruvian bayonet, 1919 Greek return Springfield 1903, 1944 Byf Russian capture Kar98k. On the top is a 1918 DWM Luger

  17. I'd love to find a Gew98 but everything I've found has been chopped up or in completely I operable shape

  18. I think Great War arms on insta has one available, maybe not anymore but you could check, I know it has a duffel cut

  19. Just noticed the serial stamp in the buttstock as well, another sign of a Greek return.

  20. I forgot to mention, it also has a cut for a Pederson device.

  21. Beauty. Does the quillback have a crest on it? I’ve seen one before and it was gorgeous!

  22. It does, I actually bought it online thinking it was a German so I was quite lucky

  23. You realize that a runner on uneven sidewalk has a high probability of being tripped and injuring themselves?

  24. Lol, I guess I’ll drive to that gym I have a membership at in the car that I own so I can exercise. Fucking elitist

  25. Wow I didn’t realize it took so little to be an elitist. Fair enough not everyone has a car and a gym membership but elitist? I don’t think you understand the meaning of the word

  26. Yes but it being worth it or not depends how much they want, If it’s cheap then it would be a good shooter.

  27. I'm obsessed with the Argentine 91 Engineer Carbines. Handled one at a shop years back with the crest and all, but couldn't afford it at the time. Absolutely amazing handling rifle.

  28. Too bad, I’m very glad I could afford this one. What’s your draw to the 91s?

  29. I think it just has to do with the lines, I'm not sure honestly. I mean, I'm equally drawn to the later 98's and all, but the 91's just strike me as something completely different. Not sure how to explain it. Could be because most of them, sans the crest being removed, seem to have survived in amazing condition if they didn't get chopped in the 50's, so when you find them they are essentially brand new 130 year old rifles.

  30. If I’m not wrong some of the 91 argies had their crest removed because they got sold to peru, although I think most have roller coaster sights

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