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  1. He is also the director of Sia's Fire meets Gasoline w/ Heidi Klum and Pedro Pascal, thank you for bringing him back to my screen

  2. He reminds me of the basic teen-comedy dad, same vibes with Eurotrip!dad, the guy's just clueless and that's the whole joke, unless next season he ends up going on a killing-spree a-la-Lost Boys

  3. And this is how you do a comeback after more than 2 years of hiatus

  4. I feel bad for the actor since he actually wanted to play a book accurate Euron.

  5. That's on the writers, Pedro Pascal looks nothing like Book!Oberyn, however, he OWNED the character, same as Charles Dance... they're the ones I see when I've read their parts.... this guy could've made a fine job with good material, but he was just given shitty-horny one-liners and that's that... you read Book!Euron and the guy is badass, sexy, intimidating, etc ...physically I imagined him like the second Daario (Michiel Huisman), only with black hair. eye patch and the lip thing

  6. How does Charles Dance not look like book Tywin?

  7. Some people said it was about the sideburns, I remember seeing some videos back in the day that made comparisons book-vs-tv-show pointing that out, I honestly don't have the character's physical description at hand but that's what I remember.

  8. I don't want to hurt my mom, my brother or my dog... I wouldn't want them to think it's their fault, or seeing them going through that kind of loss.... it's a one day at a time kind of thing

  9. The files are on a blue folder and the first page has everything they need so they can understand the whole case in 20 seconds

  10. To each on its own, I remember that he seemed more open, kind and relaxed when he was with Nina, but after the break-up, two things happened: he was very bitter towards the whole situation, and the craziness of the "Nian" fans made it worse. He started dodging/ignoring questions about Delena in conventions/twitter, and being dismissive with Nina, when, on her side, she was very discreet and kind when asked about the relationship.

  11. So you don’t like him because he tried to stay away from drama and wanted to keep his life private?😑

  12. If that is the conclusion you got from what I posted, that's on you... none of us here knows the guy personally, not everyone is forced to like him or every single thing he does, I loved Damon s1-s3, but regarding Ian, the actor and public persona, I'm entitled to have an opinion as I've read some repetitive behavior regarding not honoring fan's paid content and not even being accountable of said commitment with fans on other posts, take it with a grain of salt if you want, but here you go:

  13. At least Ross made an attempt to have a stable relationship, I've noticed that the writers never gave Rachel her equivalent of "Emily", I don't count Joey because that was a different and wildly rejected plot by many... I mean, a guy who could seriously make Ross worry about losing Rachel for good, and the best they could come up with was a rushed thing with Joey by dumbing Rachel down?

  14. My favourite is: “don’t you worry about me falling asleep. I STILL HAVE YOUR LETTER.”

  15. Sorry for all the dogs named Khaleesi, Arya, Ghost... imagine to remember where you got the name from, I'd get angry just thinking about it

  16. Facts. I named my dog Arya and now she’s always teleporting behind me and saying “nothing personal kid.” She finds symbolic horses like everywhere. She says really obvious and dumb things like “I know a mailman when I see one.” It’s like yeah, he is wearing a uniform, got out of a truck that says USPS, and put mail in our mailbox. Literally everyone can tell that’s the mailman.

  17. I was gonna say this one. Just so stupid and random. Monica wouldn’t have concluded that Chandler had a shark fetish in the scenario.

  18. Is like if by that point, all characters had gone as progressively dumb as Joey did

  19. I wanted to forget this... I can't, it brings me great pain. The only bright spot of the Dorne plot was Oberyn and thank fucking god it was written that he dies because seeing Pedro Pascal getting involved in that side of the story would've been horrible

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