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  1. Would you mind just telling everybody that you're going to the doctor?

  2. People on Reddit are some of the meanest, rude , judgmental dicks I have had the displeasure of running into. I HIGHLY doubt most truly care and any reassurance from the OP is nothing more than a comment to make you feel better. For the most part people don’t want advice, just a sounding board and strangers POV.

  3. No. I was much happier just knowing about Kevin. Thanks for the initiation.

  4. I get it. I’m the same way. Here’s the thing. There is a lot of weird shit happening in the world. So, the possibility this skinny, crazy eyed woman looking over her shoulder, weapon in hand ready to attack. Are you schizophrenic? Are you of sane mind? Strangers don’t know. Mass shooters, people getting pushed onto subway tracks or in front of trains, etc. it all happens with no sense.

  5. Future generations will be baffled that people actually lived there.

  6. “Actually Dave, I have been the one declining the clicks.”

  7. Evidence for her vehicular homicide in the future. Stupid people + social media = golden opportunities

  8. I read once from a person who said that they were almost a mass shooter. They said they wanted to cause as many people pain as they could. They wanted other humans to feel all the pain that they had felt throughout the years. They didn’t care who it was or where it was they just wanted the maximum amount of carnage and pain reciprocated on the humans that had been done to them all those years. Responses in this section remind me of that man’s words.

  9. As a single mother since my son was 2 1/2 I let him sleep with me anytime he wanted. He slept better and it’s a proven fact that:

  10. It’s actually Huber-Hitler Rd. I pass it headed to my sons grandparents house.

  11. I’ve had a medical marijuana card for over a year now here in Ohio strictly for RA. Nothing except steroids helped before. I do 18:1 CBD:THC. I don’t care too for too much THC because of how it affects me. The CBD reduces inflammation. I do tincture before bed. If I’m in severe pain I’ll use a stronger THC percentage. It doesn’t take the pain away it distracts your brain from the pain.

  12. All of a sudden they care about the war now that they are getting pulled into the fight.

  13. A lot of people cared before too. My friend was arrested for protesting in Moscow a week after the invasion

  14. Yes. But a lot went about their daily lives as if it wasn’t their business until Putin pulled the “draft card”.

  15. I commend you on being such a patient, educated and loving mother coming from your past. I too have that horrible past and CPTSD yet found it oddly easy to soothe my crying baby and not get overwhelmed by the uncertainties a baby can throw at you.

  16. Best part is where they say “children, families, unaccompanied children” Why not just say “We are heartless, selfish fucks”? No aid next big fire. Let that place go scorched earth. “No Way. You will never get aid” 🖕🏻

  17. My cleaning company has done this for 11 years as part of our Routine cleaning.

  18. What’s infuriating is that people seem to have it in their heads they are the almighty and all knowing about how steak should be eaten.

  19. This seems like a ridiculous way to frame this because I challenge you to find a full time job paying minimum wage right now. McDonald's is advertising over $15 an hour.

  20. Depends on the location. W. Broad is hiring at $11 an hour.

  21. as someone who knows nothing about cars, what psi is the tire pressure supposed to be at?

  22. Now I have Under Pressure stuck in my head.

  23. I know where this is. I love it! I call it Fred from the movie Cars. Absolutely love ❤️ it! It also has nice rims😎

  24. I had a stranger text me once “Yo, I need to get a piece”. Now, I know what he meant but I responded “Piece of what?”. I thought I was being so funny. He did not find it funny. I just texted back “wrong number”. I might have played more but my number is all over Google attached to my business and address. So, I did the smart thing and STFU.

  25. I'm gonna ask you a question which I learnt the answer few minutes back and make you look stupid in camera and make a living out of it...WoW🙌🙌🙌🙌👏

  26. Ah hell no. This is all “common sense”. You should know most, if not all of this BEFORE you graduate high school.

  27. How sad that I learned of her passing on Reddit. I learned of Diana’s death while delivering pizzas in college.

  28. I used to think this was bad ass. Now I cringe. Age does something to us that only age can do.

  29. He literally invited her to confirm - she wasn't even denied

  30. Technically that is true. In my youth I applied for a job at a fertilizer company. I had to agree that I could lift 40 lb bags all day. The company had you go through extensive testing. Full health work up, blood work, chest X-rays!

  31. My employee talks about him. I was so horrified I went home and asked my 15 year old son if he knew about this “Tate guy”. He said , yes. “But he’s a joke and all the videos are people making fun of him. He beat a women with a belt on camera and forced her to say it was role play.

  32. Horrifying to see small kids playing sports where you need armour and a helmet to reduce (not eliminate) the chance of brain damage. How do Americans think this is okay

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