1. Yeah lol she’s not completely sane… (none of my family is, tho) she still believes in sky daddy & hell, which just makes me sad. But she never ever pushes that crap on me.

  2. 6 for the god of classical theism and 4 for deistic gods. Also Dawkins' original scale went to 7 which made sense, the new scale is stupid and logically makes no sense. It's not possible to be more than 100% certain about something.

  3. No it isn't possible. But people wrote in because they didn't feel the scale covered them. LOL They wanted to be an 11 or 12.

  4. Tbh I think if all anyone has to share is a video then their posts should be deleted. This place is about TALKING not WATCHING.

  5. Definitely! Some of us don't do youtube videos. I much prefer an audio transcript.

  6. Yeah transcripts would be better, if all one is going to do is post someone else taking points lol

  7. It is easier for me to focus while reading. Plus, what if you are in the bathroom at work hiding on Reddit with no bluetooth device? Then you have no sound. LOL

  8. I can't find any laws against teens holding their own prescription. There are some states that have laws regarding self-administration of medications at school. Perhaps this is a state law? Everything I read in my search states you should teach your child to administer their own ADHD meds, and to educate them regarding it being illegal to sell your medication to others.

  9. This sounds like abuse. It's hard, where when you're wearing rose colored glasses, all the red flags just look like normal flags... Please, try to see from a new perspective, and realize how terrible the abuse you are in, and how shitty of a situation this is.

  10. I agree. I would never tell me kid I would have them arrested for a fake crime to get them to do what I want. That is HORRIBLE.

  11. I would like to say 100% HELL NO! But... Well... There have been times it took me screwing up the same way more than once to learn my lesson. I would guess there are many lessons along the way in my life that I missed.

  12. I have to agree with your post and most others here. I am a believer but disciples don’t identify as a “Christian”. Most individuals who identify with that religious practice are what the word refers to as “lukewarm” or fake in layman’s terms. That being said please don’t confuse actual believers with the influx of self righteous individuals. If someone chooses not to believe that is their choice and that is even annotated in scripture. Each individual is responsible for their own choices and last I checked humans were given the privilege of free will to choose in regards to Yah. All I’m saying is understand you know the real disciples by their “fruit” or the way they conduct themselves. That officer was very patient but what he point out was the hypocrisy that is evident as they know of Yah but do not call on Him. They can’t because they don’t even know His name! Be encouraging and know that is not subjective to all who follow and believe scripture. Love to you all. ❤️

  13. Why wouldn't you call yourself Christian? Christian means Christ-like, meaning that you are aiming to be Christ-like in your actions. So wouldn't you just say that hypocritical Christians are just fake Christians?

  14. Imagine someone today worshipping Apollo..., Apollo, Odin, Jehovah, no difference. All a bunch of bronze-age gods. Myths! Religious people are ALL atheists...they don't follow Zeus after all, they just need to go one more god, and maybe then humankind will have a fkn chance of survival.

  15. No kidding. I'm not out there looking for unicorns or fairies either and those would be cool if they were real. 😜

  16. Your post triggered a thought in me. As an atheist/antitheist myself, I would probably accept someone who believes in a deity, but who doesn't put this deity on a pedestal. Hasa diga eebowai. Maybe antitheists could also be grouped into theistic antitheists and atheistic antitheists? And we could all get along so long as we are ok with blaspheming? This is interesting to me because someone very close to me identifies as agnostic/potentially theistic, but also loves blasphemy. That is probably key to our connection.

  17. Well since an agnostic only believes that nothing can be known of whether or not there is a God, then yes, that would make sense.

  18. Wow I didn't know about numbers 8+, thank you for enlightening me to potential new points along my spiritual path :)

  19. LOL, well those aren't Dawkin's numbers. They were developed after a bunch of people wrote to the site saying they weren't represented well enough on the scale. They thought it was too simplistic.

  20. Law in the state where I grew up is that schools can use corporal punishment unless the parent sends a notarized letter withdrawing permission every year. My parents did so (they preferred to beat me themselves), but they were probably the only ones who even knew about it.

  21. My elementary school spanked. My mother told the school they better not lay a finger on her child. She did take her own anger out on me more than a few times, but it wasn't a regular thing, so I guess I was lucky.

  22. I worked for two large transmission providers and both only had matching 401Ks. Pensions have been basically done away with, unless you are in government. The last good retirement plan I worked for was a power plant.

  23. Definitely seems like retirement benefits are better for co-ops or municipal utilities. Possibly balanced by worse pay in some but not all instances.

  24. The power plant I worked at was a part of NRECA, a co-op, so that makes sense. Even there though, the union stated the pension would probably be going, for future employees, in the next contract.

  25. He should have been, as Kanye should be. Just because they didn't do it to one disgusting human being, doesn't give another human being the right to be disgusting.

  26. GRRR.... gay does NOT equal child molester. What an asshole. He is probably the child molestor, or at least one of the pastors at his church probably are. If he found out about them he would probably hide it and allow the pastor to continue in his role.

  27. SS: I'm not saying the vaccine 100% killed him, but he was a relatively healthy guy and the diseases that killed him can be caused by the mRNA vaccines. W can only speculate for now, but God damn... RIP to a good guy.

  28. Do you even know if he was vaccinated 4-6 weeks before this developed? Plenty of people get non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, he could have been exposed to Round Up weed killer for all we know.

  29. TLDR: if your young and get low amounts of term coverage (under 20 yrs) they care less and don't ask about what you don't tell them.

  30. Wow. I am over 50. I haven't even looked at insurance since I finally got a job where insurance was provided... lol 😆 due to the rate being so high when I looked at around 33.

  31. They have. If it is coverage through your employer, your premium is likely higher than it should be due to Group underwriting assumptions.

  32. They don't taste hepatitis c after treatment anymore? For basic work life insurance, 1.5 years salary, they don't ask health questions. If you want more than that they have a questionnaire.

  33. Hitler himself said that the most dangerous man in the country at the time was a Jewish drag queen performer...

  34. Definitely. Kristallnacht was incomparable due to the scale also. It was a dark time in history. My family didn't have to go through that, but they did go through the pogroms in Russia. They emigrated to the US before Hitler destroyed their town in sissies/Ukraine now. It does make finding out more about my family history hard since hitler's army burned all the records. sigh I am happy they made it here and I had a chance to be born though

  35. I'm sorry your family had to experience it that but I'm glad to have read your comment today

  36. Yeah, it's life. For some reason people love to hate and blame. All we can do is try to be better.

  37. Everything but that last part is true. There's mass death happening,just the people dieing on camera alone....

  38. Even with the myocarditis and all the cases reported to the adverse effects system the numbers are low for deaths. Correlation does not equal causation.

  39. I’m going to try this specific dose. That would give me 15mg 3x/day + a bonus to stash for emergencies.

  40. As long as your doctor says ok. Most days I only take one. I am bad at refills so that gives me longer to call it in. ;) always good to have extra especially since a lot of people are having to search for stock.

  41. I'm in the same boat as you. I had my last healthy child at 37.

  42. I'm sorry. :( miscarriage sucks. I miscarried at 14 weeks when I was 20, thought I was 10 weeks until they saw the size of the fetus. It was traumatic. It changed me. I didn't care whether I had kids before that and suddenly I got baby fever.

  43. I'm not sure. She seems like she possibly would be. Iron supplements would be good

  44. My problem with this is that it gives them the perception you are participating. And sadly, perception is reality sometimes. If your goal is to not participate, plain and simple, giving them the perception you are an active member kinda defeats not wanting participate in the first place. My opinion is all

  45. My family all knows they don't believe for a minute I am participating. Lol even if they did, I don't care. shrug I could easily sit out, it's more work than it's worth. Then they have to reach over me to hold the person on my other side's hand. My hubbies family doesn't even bother to do a prayer when we are there. Hahaha they know we're heathens

  46. Isn’t bizarre that a full grown man would never let someone cut off his foreskin without anesthetic, but some Bozo’s think it’s just fine to do to a tiny baby. Smh.

  47. Yeah, which is why a lot of doctors provide numbing now. They gotta keep that money stream coming after the studies about how the pain affected the newborns. I'm sure it still hurts while healing. It's gotta burn when they pee. 😞

  48. keratinization is something all cut penises have and somehow people prefer that because of mountains of misinformation ingrained into science and culture. It doesn't feel like this will ever end.

  49. Have you considered going abroad to get it, or find one you know is going abroad to pick some up for you. My aunts and uncles frequently visit India and brought me back a years supply for like 10 dollars of the 1000mg time released stuff, I cut it into 4ths and take about 250mg every meal. After going on a longevity binge after listening to alot of information from David Sinclair and Dr. Huberman.

  50. I don't socialize much and don't know anyone traveling. I can't afford it. I'm close to Mexico, but I don't know if I trust going to Mexico to get it. 🙃

  51. I got mine to prescribe it, I have low grade brain cancer and showed him a bunch of studies showing it might help. Or just use one of those telehealth doctors and say you need a new prescription

  52. don't the telehealth check your records to see if you need it? Do I need to tell them I have diabetes? That wouldn't be right... :(

  53. We noticed it with the chicken when we moved to Texas. Texas chicken tastes off.

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