In Pixar’s Elemental (2023), two opposites have to go a journey together and annoy one another but then develop a bond. Then there’s a misunderstanding before the third act and they get mad and separate. Then realize they love one another and rescue each other at the end. Just a guess

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  1. Am I high or are the Top Right and Bottom Left all using Chinese characters?

  2. Yes, I am sure. Bed of Chaos, whilst being a bit of a pain, isn't too bad once you're familiar with its arena and know when to roll/block attacks.

  3. The walk to Bed of Chaos isn't overly long, there are much more egregious examples in the series (see the entirety of Demon's Souls)

  4. I think a lot of it is tongue and cheek. However there are people who legit graph their own misunderstanding of social cues and writing tropes onto ships.

  5. Am I seeing things or are they both German shepherds.. or German shepherd mixes? 🤔

  6. I Like Oda., don’t really have a problem with him, like yeah i guess he is a bad person but i didn’t expect him to be good at any moment, didn’t expect anyone from the Game Yakuza where you play as Yakuzas to be a good person.

  7. Ahh yes let me a British no time ask a billion are that (I think) lives in AMERICA how to make friends

  8. They all still have their LEDs, didn’t Markus remove it before he got the blue eye?

  9. My parking brake cable snapped lol but I prefer leaving it in gear anyways

  10. By not using it your putting a lot of stress on your transmission as well as removing an extra layer of safety.

  11. Am I the only 1 who still likes the show? Seasons 7-9 were pretty slow especially season 7, but season 10 revived the show. Haven't seen much of season 11 yet tho

  12. Are you stupid? How could cars exist In BC; Before Cars?

  13. Wait people didn’t pick up on this in the original game?

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