1. Huh. I never paid much attention to them I guess. I just thought they were shiny flies.

  2. I didn't think we'd be living in a Squidbillies nightmare but welp here we are:

  3. Surely this has nothing to do with the fact that BAH and COLA is so inadequate that some junior enlisted are living in cars and some families can only afford a 1-2 bedroom apartment in the hood.

  4. This place is like a mile from me and I keep hearing about it on here. You guys are gonna force me to go check it out finally. They're doing some great work!

  5. Not unsafe but I've definitely noticed that bottles can develop a certain funk after awhile. It's not like offensive/rancid but just a little off. I recently threw away a box of mint chocolate but I was drinking them for at least 6 months (probably longer idk) after the date before I started noticing it. Maybe it's a bit of the plastic leaching in, no idea. Some flavors seem more prone to it than others.

  6. My G3C and GX4 just got cancelled. Figured it was too good to be true but it's pretty bullshitty.

  7. I have the same order and it got cancelled simply because out of stock. Either I get my pistols (which I can wait even for months) or get my refund.

  8. Got an email saying I was refunded but haven't seen money come through yet. I'll give it another day or two and dispute it if it never materializes.

  9. Just wait until you get to the driving level. That car gets forty rods to the hogshead

  10. Half moon is pretty sunny and unless things have changed in recent years, for the love of god do not sit on the top deck of the tender. Was there once and the tender got held out for about an hour, burning everyone to a crisp. It hurt watching that from the shore. The cabanas are pretty dope if you feel like paying that much for them. You get a dedicated steward which is kinda nice.

  11. Whenever a company's interview process is more than half them trying to sell the company to you, it's a sign to run.

  12. I worked there from 2009 to 2011and at the end of my time there I was 1 of 3 remaining from my 25 person training class. Right before I was about to start making good commissions I was told I couldn't use my biggest client any more because the profit margins weren't big enough (only was making 150 per load but had 25-30 loads a week from them, sometimes 40+). Shortly after that they put me on goals and I was gone in a month. The goals were 1k more per week than I was making with my biggest client. I went from about to make some decent commissions to being out of a job in about 6 weeks. Fuck that place.

  13. Sorry to hear that. The best part is when they feed all of your newly gotten clients to the trainer LAE and leave you up shit creek with nothing to show for your time.

  14. At this point there's enough of it going around that you should assume there's a decent chance of getting it. It was all over the place on our early May cruise. We were positive afterwards but it didn't hit us very hard.

  15. Someone in a game thread said it always looked like Hagel was falling on the ice. I could not stop thinking about it because it was so true.

  16. I had no idea. I couldn't figure out why he looked like Bambi out there but welp there it is

  17. It's not just Loveland. Her district is the whole top half of Clermont County.

  18. Didn't realize her district covered that much area. Definitely explains it.

  19. They are seriously not going to call fucking anything

  20. I just wish we had a replay of Pat blowing someone up in the neutral zone. That looked nasty from what little we saw.

  21. Definitely try some things out if you're on a tight budget cause it sucks to get something and then find out you hate it with no way to replace it.

  22. My car gets forty rods to the hogshead and that's the way I likes it

  23. Cooper messed up with Killorn’s TOI, not with pointing out a blatant mistake

  24. Also with Hagel on the ice at pretty much any point this series.

  25. Did you put your phone on the DNC list? I never get sales calls(legit ones) on my cell phone.

  26. DNC lost doesn't work for everyone. Best way to do it is to get an out of town area code. Was stationed somewhere else for awhile and kept the number. All of my spam calls come from that area code. I only need to answer if it's someone I know or a 513 area code.

  27. Maybe add something like a second offense, even after the time period is up and rights are restored, will trigger the permanent restriction. I know shit happens and people lie, things are misinterpreted, whatever else, but the first charge should be a pretty strong message to not find yourself in a questionable situation again. The legitimate abusers are often repeating offenders and will filter themselves out.

  28. Diagnosed with a lower back issue due to having to support his gargantuan dong all day.

  29. Fuck me, that G3C is less than a hi point after the rebate. Already have one and I don't want it to be lonely. His little brother can come play too.

  30. Get one of those conversion kits and make a space blaster.

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