Elon Musk accused of exposing himself to private flight attendant, report claims

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  1. Alright, you put the time in so I'll take some time here too

  2. Ok if you want to ignore the overwhelming evidence of collusion with big tech, the repositioning of organizations such as the ACLU etc then stay with what you can see and we’ll do the fighting for you.

  3. Well you have super gear that I don't, but it looks like a great build. Congratulations.

  4. It's interesting how you say "black poverty has deep racial roots" and then say go on about how Black communities experiencing elevated levels of pollution has nothing to do with racism, just that they are poor.

  5. Please stop mis-characterizing -- it's lazy and disingenuous. I stated that economic differences/class are primary and significant. I also write numerous times that racial and other factors can contribute to this.

  6. Because you are more interested in deflecting talk about systemic racism.

  7. A few of them are going to accidentally stab themselves in the heart with a fentanyl laced knife...

  8. So can we now stop talking about them since most of us can't access them? lol

  9. And just bc YOU can't access something doesn't mean no one else should be able to talk about it. What a selfish, absorbed comment to make

  10. Theres many ftm athletes that are pretty highly ranked. I'd say the reason they arent dominating is because cis men have the advantage of being on testosterone longer, while trans men usually start at 18. Theres not much time to catch up. Theres probably also social reasons and there aren't many trans men. Some bone/height stuff maybe, though thats also testosterone dependent if you start early enough. There isnt really a difference in amature sports though.

  11. As long as we allow steroid use for all so its an open playing field. Is that your suggestion?

  12. Where did I say that? It's not considererd steroid use if men need trt to have normal testosterone levels.

  13. Because we are talking about sport and taking testosterone is using a steroid.

  14. Thought I was there only one who doesn't differentiate taste. They all taste like weed except queso and guru

  15. Worddd, I saw south Florida got their email. I’m west and haven’t got it yet so I’m assuming they’re setting up west coast date to be after south lol

  16. It’s tuesdays and Thursday’s for west coast per flowery website

  17. Most conservatives I know don't care. So, since the thesis is wrong, the whole post is rubbish.

  18. According to polls about 60% of Republicans support gay marriage. This probably would've been flipped about 15 years ago to 60/40 against. Imho this has changed for a couple reasons:

  19. And that percentage would be substantially higher if we changed the wording from marriage to civil partnerships for all state-based unions. I.e., it's the connotation of the word marriage to religion that irks most of the 40 imo...

  20. Hell, even if true it makes him human. He tried for a happy ending, didn't work out, end of story.

  21. Imo the Blue River Cake Face cart I had was okay but just okay. I just found myself having to hit the live rosin a lot to get to my desired effects. I prefer MUSE.

  22. Live rosin carts do have an amazing strong odor and they should, it’s the closest form of vape to smoking actual bud

  23. I’m excited for all the new players entering the arena— let’s Go Florida!

  24. I wouldn't take the downvotes personal. I'm pretty sure there's some people running bots on this subreddit just to downvote everything that gets posted. They're fast and downvote before you can get any upvotes.

  25. Blue River (Dutch Hawaiian) at TL completely changed my perspective on vapes. It's Live Rosin and tremendous effects. 60 per 0.5 is not cheap, but the value it provides...well, its a life changer.

  26. do you use a special battery for Rosin carts? I’ve never had one, but I use a pretty basic battery that starts at 3.3v which from my understanding is way too high for a Rosin cart.

  27. I hit around 3 because I don't taste terps that well. That really jacks up the effects but reduces the taste component that is so attractive to many vapers.

  28. So can Elon take on the fossil fuel industry? He does make a lot of electric stuff.

  29. Wow, lot of women there. I read the story a month ago and know they were charged with pics and stuff.

  30. We did rescue work in Asia and in our experience women were the most prevalent abusers of children. They often recruit, train (horrible things), punish, and sell the children. They are also frequent users of services, although men would outnumber them in most cases.

  31. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is a system for how to measure the sustainability of a company or investment in three specific categories: environmental, social and governance. ESG criteria are a set of standards for a company’s behavior used by socially conscious investors to screen potential investments. Environmental criteria consider how a company safeguards the environment, including corporate policies addressing climate change, for example.

  32. This is 100% correct. Many executives hate it -- and I mean detest -- but they and their Board's compensation is tied to these scores.

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