1. You're talking to a different guy first of all, second we are also clearly leading the world in super bowls. Also charitable giving, helathcare research and gdp. I do have a passport (not very hard to get) I just spent two weeks in Panama recently. Heading to Spain and Portugal next month

  2. Hahaha the charitable giving metric is because other countries dont need GoFundMe for healthcare. A lot of our foundations are also for things the government could provide (and in many countries does), but doesn't.

  3. Lmao if that's what you wanna tell yourself buddy. My girlfriend who's not white moved here a few years ago from South America and she says it blows her mind how some people don't work hard enough here to be successful. In her country if you're born poor you're pretty much stuck here and she said it's not even close to America in terms of upward mobility

  4. That's great and all, but America isn't the best in upward mobility either. Her experience is limited by her moving from country A to country B. Country B is an upgrade, but so are countries C,D,E,F,G...

  5. Great pic of Claudio. I really hope he gets an amazing run in AEW. Give him a shot at the world title while the iron is hot.

  6. I'd love for Claudio to be treated the same way Brodie Lee was treated. I felt they were both extremely talented and underutilized in WWE, but I'd love to see Claudio now taken seriously and presented as a consistent threat.

  7. "Welcome to Pittsburgh" by River City Extension, but it isn't on Spotify anymore for some reason.

  8. You gotta let the ball stop before the tap in on #1. Also, never heard of Lenape Heights before. Is it close to you or just a favorite to play?

  9. #6 he 3 putted, but only recorded 2 for his score. If you want to be taken seriously as a channel, maybe play the game as the rules dictate.

  10. They said they were going to keep the stage for events all summer.

  11. I see. I guess they just moved it a few hundred feet then and are putting a roof over it.


  13. That sounds cool, but this wasn't at the convention center. It was a few blocks away.

  14. If you know anything about Costa Rican culture, you'll know we love leaving important things for the last possible second.

  15. without Lucas, We lose nothing other than his COYS COYS COYS tweets

  16. Dis anyone else see a reflection walking in the window at the end?

  17. I saw that but maybe thought it was a swat guy leaving.

  18. I saw it as him being put in the victim's shoes. Terrifying seeing him break down

  19. To me, it was Barry having to authentically confront killing Chris in a way he hasn't yet. There was no hiding and he had to deal with what he did and he broke down.

  20. I just don't get why folks tailgate with bottles of beer instead of cans. I've always felt that was tailgating 101. Always drink out of cans or plastic cups.

  21. Because they insist it tastes better out of a bottle and they are objectively wrong. Light still gets into bottles and can skunk the beer. Cans are the way to go always.

  22. Ah yes Organic food, where you pay more money for an inferior product that spoils sooner. Now featuring Hep A!

  23. I buy whatever produce looks and feels better. Trader Joe's limes are dry af. I hardly get any juice from them. The organic ones are full of juice so I get those. If it were the other way around I'd get the normal limes. I guess that's a long way of saying quality over marketing.

  24. Penn State alum here. I always found the Pitt/Penn State rivalry funny as Penn Staters don't care about Pitt, and Pitt(ers) absolutely hate Penn State.

  25. Pitt alum in Pittsburgh, this is very wrong from all of my experiences. PSU people hate Pitt. I'm whatever on Penn State. WVU is my rivalry.

  26. I mean where did you wear Pitt stuff on PSU campus? No one on the main campus bar crawl would give a crap until you start running into drunks. Then they'll just go after anyone and everyone wearing anything other than PSU crap.

  27. I didn't say anything about PSU campus. In Pittsburgh the PSU alumni are insufferable about how they think Pitt sucks and PSU is superior in every way. I don't even think about PSU.

  28. AGREED. I was there last night and thought the same thing.

  29. I saw a bunch of dogs there yesterday. Some were sitting at The Eagle, others at the symphony. Is it throughout the fest or maybe only in the food area?

  30. I hear Bethel Park has big Nazi Low Rider following at Simmons Park 😂

  31. If a business wants to make sure their worker gets a fair wage, they are perfectly capable of paying them a fair wage themselves. That said, in practice, I don't mind it typically, and have only twice in my life tipped less than 20%, both times in which I had to flag down a separate person after 40+ minutes of abandonment by my own.

  32. The establishment is paying their employees through the auto gratuity. It'd be the same as if they listed a $13 drink as $15.34 and told you not to tip, they just phrase it as auto gratuity and tack it on at the end.

  33. The vaccine works best when everyone gets it. That creates a lack of hosts and a smaller percentage of mutation that could lead to new strands that are vaccine resistant. But everyone has had access to information on how vaccines work for well over a year now, you'll just listen to what you want to listen to.

  34. Their 5th release, but 3rd album. Flyswatter was their first demo tape and had an "A" on the cover. They then had Buddha as a demo and Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch, and Enema of the State as albums.

  35. My friend started a food truck with home cooking skills, literally never worked in a restaurant in his life. He is however very handy, and the most determined hard-working person I know. He made every mistake you can make, and organically grew it step by step. Probably worked 75-100 hour weeks four or five years straight. Coming into his tenth year and he has two food carts, and two retail spots. Paid a living wage from the get-go so technically he made less than his top paid employees for a while. It's very possible.

  36. What kind of food truck does he have? Did he start with the truck or just a food stand? This is something I want to do but it feels overwhelming to start.

  37. His event was nowhere close to a failure. It was a resounding success. I don't doubt that it happened, especially considering Hofbraus was invited to the event but declined. Doesn't surprise me that they'd be pissy on event day.

  38. Funny how you call his event a failure which is your own headcanon then want to call me out for the same thing? I believe the organizer of the event, you believe a multi-national chain. That's fine, but don't say the event sucked just because you disagree with how the events went down that day.

  39. It should be devalued. It was handed to them after one minute for absolutely no reason. There was no semblance of a fair competition.

  40. Funny how Klopp was fine with how Liverpool played in that final. They sat back after they got their cheap goal. When another team does it to him, it isn't how football should be played.

  41. She is a treat live, if you ever get the chance

  42. I just got tickets to see her and Bleachers co-headline in Cleveland. I'm super stoked for it.

  43. Frozen we got the genie+ for 15 a day a person ( included in our military tickets). Now they have for the newer rides you can pay 10-15 to not stand in line. I had a Disney card from my credit card points and it was worth it to not stand in line with kids in the heat. Longest we waited was 20 min. Universal is 80ish a day per a person for their express lane and it didn't cover Hagrids and a few others. It wouldn't be worth it with young kids so we did single rider and swapped thinking it would be faster. Oh and for child swap at universal the whole family has to wait in line then swap off. My husband waited a hour for Gringots for single rider. I would have paid 10-15 for us not to stand in a 2 hour line for a few big rides just for us adults. We skipped it and rode others and just walked around some of the lands. We didn't do our second day at universal.

  44. I just got back from Universal. We booked a deal through Costco and stayed at Portofino Bay for 4 nights with 4 days of park tickets and unlimited express pass included on our room key. It came out to like $750 per person for the trip, which seemed very reasonable to me.

  45. Klopp and liverpool in general makes me almost want chelsea to win the FA Cup.

  46. What an prick. He insists on the interviewer to give his opinion and then laughs I'm his face and belittles him after he gives it. What a child.

  47. No, I believe because he said you are full of shit and he had receipts to back up his position. You "bOtH sIdeS'd" what someone said without any proof to back it up. Also, wanting everyone to have healthcare being one extreme is not equal to an actually attempt to overthrow a democratically elected government, hence you being full of shit.

  48. You said the left and the right are unhinged. What unhinged behavior on the left is equal to an insurrection? Fucking unionizing workplaces? hahaha

  49. It's pretty hilarious that we're at the point now where some college players are getting paid more than some NFL players

  50. Do college players have "agents"? If not, they keep even more of the NIL money than NFL players get, due to agents fees as well as taxes in multiple states. However, NFL players have their salary, plus endorsements. College players may be limited to fewer streams of income.

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