1. Get a digital watch for around 20 dollars/euros from some local electronics store. Most of them have an alarm function and are water resistant enough to wear while swimming.

  2. Any dialect can be defined as a language. Or not. It's all abstract what is called a language, a dialect or a local variety.

  3. Absolutely! And for reasons such as politics and identity all forms of Swedish spoken in Finland are classified as Swedish, and nothing else. But you could definitely make the case that if Norwegian and Swedish are different languages, it would make sense to classify some Swedish dialects as being their own languages, too.

  4. If the measurements fit your torso or you can get it tailored to fit, it would probably look amazing! That said, it's difficult to see what the armholes are like, there's a slight possibility they could come off as too tight. The length of the skirt might or might not work (would be too long for me), but getting it shortened to knee length is an easy fix.

  5. oh yes, if it comes off as too tight, it will look constricting, which isn’t good for our type

  6. Took me way too long to figure out I don't hate my beefy upper arms, I just need armholes that let my shoulders breathe!

  7. If it's a round-ish bread, that piece is the boat piece or the baker's nose. It's usually the best piece. On square loaves, we call it the piece that ends up in the trash.

  8. I...don't hate it. As a Soft Natural I think I could pull it off! The key would be to find the right fabric, maybe a patterned one, or two-three matching fabrics. Might wear a heavier wool skirt over it, so it works as a skirt+blouse combo. It would also be best for the colder months, when you need to cover your skin to stay warm anyway.

  9. Stretching, especially long, deep static stretches, before exercise can increase the risk of injury. The reason is that stretching leaves the muscles slightly weaker.

  10. What are some things they use around the pool? I've gotten towels and such as a swim instructor, and always enjoy using those when I shower after practice.

  11. Swimming at a pro level equivalent is not a health pursuit; it puts a lot of strain on the mind and body, and can't easily be combined with holding down a job. It also requires you to eat an extreme amount of food and be very meticulous about getting enough rest and sleep. Many swimmers that win smaller competitions swim a lot less than the pros.

  12. If there was an ingenue category, that would be the one.

  13. Can you do high waisted pants? My favorite way to wear oversized shirts is tucking them in to my mom jeans, adding a rugged leather belt, and rolling up the sleeves. I leave a few buttons undone to add some femininity to the rather masculine clothes. Another trick is to wear shirts under a vest. The vest visually splits up the shirt fabric into different sections, giving you more shape.

  14. what exactly does this mean? my first thought was that he's a russian spy but i kinda doubt that's it lol

  15. More like Russia thinks he's a foreign agent/spy/anti-Russian.

  16. How can I put this? Eesti is not the one that's the pain in the persreikä. We have another neighbor for that...

  17. For clothes I would check out UFF locations as well as Relove (more "second hand" than thrift store).

  18. I second Relove for high quality women's clothes. I believe the one closer to Market Square might be a higher price point than the one in Töölö, and I know for sure the one in Töölö has a nice Café.

  19. I have heard there is a difference in second hand selling between countryside and cities. My friend on country side always stays for a long chat and coffee when going to buy an item.

  20. People stay for coffee???? Man, I've been living in Helsinki for too long!

  21. My hair is very straight, so just hanging down it looks kinda boring. I also like showing off my neck and jawline since they are some of my best features. Still, a pony tail is too slicked-back, I think, for many SNs.

  22. There could be some flowering in late May, but early June has the best show in a typical year. The park is still pretty in late June, as well, but some bushes will have stopped flowering by then.

  23. There's not much like this on the swimming side of things, but if you're lucky you could find a fun and challenging aqua aerobics-type workout. Look for names like "Aqua Combat", "Aqua HIIT", "Aqua Zumba", etc.

  24. It might be a skincare issue! Make sure to clean the area well as soon as you get out of the pool, dry by gently tapping/with a blow dryer and make sure you don't have wet hair or clothes touching your neck. Apply a soothing and repairing lotion, maybe something with zinc (diaper cream is good). Use light and airy clothing (no synthetics) over the affected area.

  25. Practice blowing bubbles in shallow water (no mask).

  26. All hail the mighty bones of Kaiser1917!

  27. Oh there one there, I’m visiting it in July

  28. No, but now I'm curious as to why you would think I am?

  29. Get an instructor to help you with this. People on the internet can't teach you to freedive.

  30. All good points in here but one thing that I will point out is that your cat is definitely playing. While we sometimes struggle to determine between play and aggressiveness in animals, the animals rarely do. If your dog was actually being aggressive towards your cat, your cat would have a much different demeanor as well. This looks like two buddies having a good time.

  31. Agreed, my cats act like this as well when they want to play with the dog. One of them also looks just like the cat in the video :)

  32. Swimming can make acne better or worse, it depends on a lot of factors. Your acne could also be from something unrelated to swimming.

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