1. Travis Scott rocks this in his ‘Yosemite’ Music Video

  2. Stop simming, playing D is the best part of the game

  3. I wish... considering abandoning my children for more time to play lol

  4. I agree with OP. when I have a buyer return, I relist and it sells and now I am waiting a week plus to get the item back so I can ship it out again.

  5. I edit my schedule to play all the best ranked teams (AWAY) as possible. Makes each game way more meaningful.

  6. I always see people talking about binding offers and comparing them to eBay. People always say ebay offers are binding - they are not. Unfortunately, I have been that person to make an offer on eBay and then when the seller accepts I ask them to cancel. This is for various reasons, sometimes I’ve found something I want more within the time frame. They always say no problem and the offer is cancelled. Sometimes I just haven’t paid for an offer that a buyer accepted (one time I went on holiday) and as far as I can see this has not effected my profile at all. I got reminders asking me to pay but that’s it. I don’t think the non-binding nature of Depop offers is unique

  7. Then everyone makes less money. These apps do not favor sellers. Mercari is the only app that when an offer is sent it’s binding. Better app overall by far.

  8. Oh I know, it is a terrible system. We don’t have Mercari in Australia, so I’m not familiar. Just wanted to point out that eBay is not binding, as I constantly see people saying it is. However, Depop’s system does make it WAY easier to just ignore. With eBay, you do get constant emails asking you to pay.

  9. Yeah I have had numerous Auction winners not pay me and have to relist and take less.

  10. I am turned off when I see a shirt on someone else’s dirty bed.

  11. Easy rebuttal when this happens: oh wow what a coincidence, I’m selling items to raise money for terminally ill children. Please pay.

  12. Someone just messaged me “how soon can you ship?” I always respond “how soon can you send offer?”

  13. Because when you have over 2000 sales you start to see patterns. I also replied I ship same day everyday. He replied, “ok great I am ready to buy!” Days later still no offer. I am not rude I am just a realist. And people love to waste time on Mercari

  14. Welp, back to my PS3 40 year dynasty with Oregon (picked just due to their jersey options).

  15. No I sat a section behind VIP, who is selling one?

  16. They reprint everyone of these awesome vintage tees. Just google it.

  17. Let those with fragile minds, crack. Not my job to change my dealings or walk on eggshells to make sure you act decent.

  18. Well if you're happy, then by all means take it. Get that money. Not a bad strategy to drop the dollar on an offer. Just wouldn't feel pressured knowing they might come back with "fuck u" if you don't lol

  19. Why does so much of the vintage/classic cycling gear look so BAD?

  20. In ~30 years we will say the same thing about todays apparel.

  21. It looks like an alternate colorway of Wesley Snipes cap from White Men Can't Jump. Nice.

  22. Yeah he did wear a few different ones in the movie. I can’t find this exact Colorway from pics, maybe I need to watch the movie again.

  23. That doesn’t look like a shark bite wound. Looks self inflicted for a good story. Is it just me?

  24. They are shirts, so they are meant to be washed in the washing machine. They will be fine. Just put them in a warm or cold cycle on gentle with oxy clean and let air dry. I flop them over my shower curtain. Sometimes they end up in the dryer and are fine. Cracking and fading happens over years of washing. Air drying prolongs this.

  25. Tough to watch him weighing so little though. Vocally amazing but he looks so sick and frail.

  26. Exactly. It sounds like he has dentures in. Maybe he does.

  27. I have these, they aren’t that great. He is better off with some crocs or new balance mules

  28. Why? It’s a perfectly good white and gold dress.

  29. Sorry to say but these are all bootlegs and reprints. None are from the 90’s. Still neat though.

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