1. Not many bro, all the old head hip hop pods steer away from that type of shit for various reasons. They also have the range or experienced in the industry to carry interviews based on that alone. Talib, MDWG,JBP, Drink Champs etc

  2. Lawn gang!! I’m viewing solo so if u wanna dance and vibe together let’s link up

  3. Damn i know gotta be too late lol if you ever make more Dm me!

  4. This possibly is going to be a big precedent for festivals held in states with Wild West gun laws. If it's held in a public space like a park and the state has put in laws to allow open carry in them, these same type of activists will probably try to push the same issue.

  5. What is a “Wild West gun law”?

  6. Yeah, i know this has nothing to do with Bonnaroo but the implications of this will definitely be felt in the future. Very disappointed in my home state to say the least

  7. Tame Impala Kendrick Lamar David Gilmour or Roger Waters Odesza RTJ Tycho Ben Bohemer Black Coffee Fred Again

  8. Fred Again and Ben Bohemer would be some great vibes for Roo

  9. Criticizing the crowd at rap festivals is completely valid. They aren’t immune to criticism because the crowd is mostly black (even though, like I already said this rowdy, disrespectful crowd at this rap festival is mostly white). Saying this behavior is horrible and it seems to be coming from rap festivals isn’t racist until y’all connect rap>blackness.

  10. Either you are absolutely unaware of how rap is an extension of blackness, or you have done some extreme mental gymnastics to separate black music from black people.

  11. Jazz music comes from black culture too, but I never see this shit at jazz festivals.

  12. Ironically enough if this was the early 70s we would be having a similar convo about The Newport Jazz fest lol. My entire point has to with the generalizing the entire genre. It’s wrong to do that. Your comment is totally different from “thisisfuckingstupid” bc you acknowledge that is a specific part of the culture you don’t like. Not the entire thing being trash lol

  13. It looks like 14 was the strongest hip hop year, lots of peoples favorite performances went down that year

  14. Hip hop is fine but modern rap sucks live. 21 savage was the worst thing i've seen at a fest. Saw him at Lolla so I skipped him at bonnarroo bc I knew better. Wish they would stop booking him anywhere. Wish they would stop booking rap all together.

  15. Just cause one act sucks they shouldn’t book anymore of that genre? Maybe you don’t like hip hop to begin with? Lol

  16. Add a lil Kendrick, Tycho, and Rufus Du Sol and this is a dream lineup for sure

  17. Turmoil and Tinfoil blew my fucking mind

  18. Aghhhh. I hate that this followed them around. I’m by no means a white supremacist but their music’s lyrics or meaning behind their songs by no means supports the idea of white supremacy. I’ve been a huge fan of them for a decade and wish I could see them, but they can’t live up to their name without the two deceased brothers. Rip

  19. Am black and feel the same way man lol i was on a post in

  20. Am black and feel the same way man lol i was on a post in

  21. Thanks Partner this is one I’ve been waiting on!

  22. Man When Cole played “The Climb Back” 😩

  23. 21 Savage is a great artist, so I voted Lil Baby. I would say one thing I wasn’t impressed with 21 was his live performances. Mans is so boring on stage. Looks like he doesn’t want to be there. I don’t know if it was an off day for him when I saw him but that’s the only knock I can give him.

  24. Saw 21 last weekend at Bonnaroo and everything you said is true man. He really performs like he don’t like his own songs 😂

  25. Hey man did anyone take you up on it yet? Gotta buddy in Macon that would kill to be here. Edit: We have been to every one since 15 together and our fave artist is Flume

  26. I NEED A FLUME ONE! PM me when you get here and we’ll trade up 🔮🔮

  27. Damn i hate I’m just seeing this

  28. You can pick it up at will call

  29. Hey Friend! I’m a solo roo goer this’ll be my third year going solo. I’m also one who participates in consuming chemicals like yourself. I figure you’ve done it before so as you know most importantly know your limits! You can always take more not less. I had a great time solo flipping in 19 the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want is truly exhilarating. On regards to talking to people if you go up and compliment someone there is a 99.9% chance you will make a new friend and they will not ever be mean to you. Roo is full of amazing and kind people yes there are people who can be mean but a vast majority are amazing.

  30. He is 100% correct, I’m just wanna that if you worried about mean ppl you are in luck bc Bonnaroo is home to thousands of really kind music lovers. The community is seriously happy to have you and will be there in your times of need

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