1. Why does this factory feature exist? Because of Activision. I'm sure Treyarch would have not added it if it was their decision.

  2. Never liked playing fps on a controller. And it sucked that since consoles fps were slowed down to a crawl because of it.

  3. Diabotical has the shock rifle (void cannon). Personally, I think it works pretty well in that context but overall I would say it was not well received.

  4. i’m not a native english speaker, what does moochers mean? or what is the joke implying?

  5. Man everything is so subjective. idk anything about these animes but just let people like what they like man, unless it’s harmful content.

  6. Ohh I see what you mean. Like the toxic Rick and Morty fandom kind of

  7. lmao dude really went after an anime that's universally considered as "meh" and call it overrated. My man what's this, amateur hour? You gotta aim higher. Stop attacking anime with mid ratings on MAL and go after the 8.0+. That's where the fun begins.

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