1. Narrowness is conventionally the opposite of width; it's a horizontal comparison. This made people on SK think narrowness was a yin feature. They had it confused with the petiteness DK talked about. Then DK chimed in and explained narrowness contribute to vertical, which is yang. That is because the characteristics are always relative to the person's own body, not relative to someone else. And if you are very narrow relative to your body, this will automatically make your body appear more vertical. As if you would have stretched out a petite (short and small) body. DK said that narrowness is not something to take in account because it's not an accomodation need. (If you buy clothes, narrow enough for a very narrow body, it could be that these garments would be too short in length, which implies the accomodation need would be vertical.) The accomodation needs are often what expands/takes over the balance (which is central on the scale): vertical, width, petite, curve or double curve. Narrowness falls within the balance. So narrowness is not a Kibbe term so to say.

  2. Definitely. Elongation in the oblong face yet curvy from the side view.

  3. I completely agree. I'm not saying it is at all. I'm saying my own body dismorfia fears feeling wide due to trauma from when I was a kid and I will often feel wide when I'm in a negative place with my body. I think naturals are some of the most beautiful women in the world and I often envy what they can wear. And I know kibbe width is not being wide. I was just curious on if there was a way to distinguish yang shoulders with yin flesh of a TR from yang shoulders with yin flesh of a SN.

  4. A TR doesn't have "yang shoulders with yin flesh". A TR is yin and only has a slight bit of yang that can show up at several places in the body. It can be in the face, the shoulders, other joints. Look at Vivien Leigh. She doesn't have what you'd call yang shoulder at all. Some SNs have delicate shoulders. Some TRs have a lot of sharpness in their shoulders. Some SNs have strong blunt shoulders. There is a great variety within each season and picking apart body parts is not helpful. It's about the overall yin/yang balance. Learn to see the beauty of yin and yang in nature before you look at bodies. And set aside your preconceived notions about width.

  5. I know all that but seeing that in your self is easier said than done, I’ve posted in all the petite and double curve groups. I’d just like Kibbe to explain the differences instead of saying don’t focus on ID. I think he could do more to help us differentiate between the types, especially petite and double curve that’s all. Some of us have been in the groups for years and still don’t know our type. I guess the groups aren’t made for us to find our ID so there is no direct line to our ID. The thing is many of the members spent a lot of time doing the exercises to find there ID and then get told not to focus on ID.

  6. I feel you. Some mods are more helpful than others, but there have been set borders which they may not cross. They only do what DK allows them to do. It's not always the case that they don't want to help. They wouldn't be mod if they didn't want to help, don't you think?

  7. I will say I’m questioning my accommodations right now due to the newish instructions on the line drawing and because I’ve lost weight and I know that’s not supposed to impact your line drawing but I’m still confused. I’m not implying that the mods don’t want to help, I don’t blame them for following the directions they are given. I just wish David would give more next steps or something. I will say I’m excited for his book. If I’m coming off super negative that’s not my intention. Just voicing some frustrations with SK and the line drawing exercise.

  8. I understand, I do. I have been questioning mine over and over again. But if you looked good with curve accomodation before, you'll look good with curve accomodation now you've lost weight too. You don't need curves for days to have double curve. Or did loosing weight reveal your frame to be more dominant than you thought? Anyway, I suggest you follow your instinct over the spinning wheels. Would that make sense?

  9. but I didn't draw sleeves, I just connected the shoulders to the torso

  10. You make an indentation at the armpits, but that's not what fabric would do. That's a cap sleeve.

  11. How so? If you put fabric on the shoulders and then make it go on the torso keeping arms out it will roughly behave like that ( probably would be more "neat" as there's tension but should be similar enough)

  12. Not if it 'hangs' from the shoulders. The upper part will make a soft trapezoid shape with rounded corners and outside bulging sides where the boobs push the fabric out. Except the line will continue down in a soft S. So basically connect the shoulders to the widest point of the boobs, because the fabric would hit there.

  13. Thanks for your help! I brought up the ethnic nose because I read on the 13 types website that some types don’t have ethnic features. If I sent you a picture of my vertical line would that help?

  14. The 'ethnic' thing is wrong. David Kibbe used 'exotic' wrongly in a different meaning than what it does right now. You can ignore that part. All ethnicities in the world can be any of the IDs.

  15. You could join the Collectif fan page on FB. A lot of like minded spirits there!

  16. It recently reread this part in the book and the description for Gamine and I'm considering Soft Gamine again. I knew I was resistant to yin in terms of curve, but height as well? I thought I got over it. Nope, I'm 25 years old and still getting heated over someone calling me little one. There's the hostility for ya. I get called feisty too lol. What makes me laugh the most is that people who are intimidated by me, I usually have to look up at them to talk to them. Like oh now you're scared of little ole me? 😅

  17. "the replay in my head" - indeed. Something most of us have a hard time coping with. Wanting to get over it, but still hearing that little voice convincing you're not good enough.

  18. Indeed, shoulders are only one clue of the puzzle. The yin-yang balance determines the difference. The shape of the shoulders doesn't say anything on itself.

  19. Your line from hip to knees seems elongated, and at a height of 1m67 or 1m68 you're over the height limit for R and TR.

  20. I've always wondered do people who are between 5,6 and 5,7 just pick the one which is closer. I usually say that I'm 5'1(155cm) when in reality my height is 154,4cm.

  21. How do you measure this so precisely? When you stretch your legs or spine a bit or even lift or tuck your chin a bit, this could give a difference of a cm, right? And measuring in the morning or the evening could give a difference of up to 2 cm when you're over 30y.

  22. I have never been overweight nor underweight, but my BMI has fluctuated from 18,5 to 24 to a recent 20 again (pregnancies not included). I have noticed where the extra fat distributed itself, which is an indicator for my ID. Note that the weightgain or weightloss alone is never enough to type yourself and it should be seen in context of the rest. You ID will not change with gaining or loosing weight, but my experience is that it can obscure things, especially in photos.

  23. Yeah, I’m trying to find my id among these 3, I’m leaning towards D family because the first thing about me that is noticeable is vertical, if I understand the term correctly, but I still am not sure how to differentiate between a pure D and a considerably underweight SD (I don’t have an ED or any weird eating habits, it’s more of a result of a chronic illness)

  24. I feel you. Have you been at a higher weight before so you can compare? Ds will generally be sharper and straighter. In SD, they will be curvy which gets offset by their vertical, creating an elongated S. According to Kibbe, SD has a dominant vertical frame but with soft flesh on top, which distributes as curvyness in stead of distributing on the waist or waist-down. But loosing weight makes the flesh 'melt away' so... Maybe you can just dress for vertical since that is your main accomodation need. If you need to dress for curve too, you'll probably notice? Anyway, you will not look bad when you only dress for vertical (long and sleek). Have you looked into the essences for the Kibbe IDs yet? Maybe this could give you a clue. (Even though not everyone agrees with Kibbe saying their ID always equals their essence)

  25. Ohh this is so helpful, I never see Romantics portrayed with muscles (even tho Im not a romantic, Im a gamine)

  26. I have a 'Dolores' linnen dress by 'Collectif' that's cut for curve. Not all Dolores dresses and tops are linnen though!

  27. which indicates that you CAN change your type with weight gain/loss but he never talks about that

  28. And yet he says the yin/yang balance is determined by bonestructure, and the IDs are determined by the yin/yang balance.

  29. That's why I'm so frustrated. Because I can't tell if I have vertical or not, so if I'm a SD, and I lose weight, do I become pure D because my curves are gone?? Or am I a fat TR with no vertical? The search continues.

  30. The woman OP wrote about is in the same boat. Only curve (double curve) or vertical + curve. Even DK can't tell from photos (hence the conflicted feedback).

  31. She’s been wearing her lines a lot more recently 🤔🤔🤔 coincidence or not?

  32. Without trying to type them, what stood out to me was that their outline would be practically the same, before and after the weight loss, in terms of accomodation needs.

  33. What do you recommend? I read the book and joined the FB kibbe group, I would say that I understand way better now, but I'm open for more resources

  34. Which FB group? Only 'Strictly Kibbe' and subgroups of that, are a good source. The 'Freely Kibbe' group is as full of misconceptions as Meriam Style.

  35. Hm but I thought width includes the upper torso as well? I'm not 100% sure if I'm seeing width with her.

  36. By accomodating width, you take care of the upper curve as well. She has very blunt horizontal shoulders.

  37. Vertical and width I believe. She seems to have upper curve too, but the shoulderwidth overpowers it.

  38. Nude pumps for DC! They look great with any professional wear and will accentuate elongation in the best way. Plus, unlike other “neutrals” like black or white, pumps that match your skin tone will always be in your color season.

  39. Well my skin tone in spring is not the same as in summer... (I mean the real seasons, not the colorseasons)

  40. Srs/ LMAO this is so accurate! I have been doing the exercises religiously and after a year I still don't know my season! Different mods in SK don't even use his color system.

  41. Don't forget that the accomodation needs are based upon what's seen from a frontal view. Even if someone has a bigger bust and a firm rear, she might still have pretty straight lines if seen from the front. So measurements don't mean anything for your Kibbe accomodations. (A bigger bust measurement can even come from width.)

  42. I (TR) can't pull off straight skirts of midi length, it makes my short legs even shorter. The tulip skirt could work, but if it has too much volume, it will look to big and won't follow your line anymore.

  43. FN probably too. Allows for width and vertical. It would not work for D, because it's not sleek enough.

  44. I'm probably FN (I keep questioning it, but I'm in the N family without a doubt), and this would look great on me.

  45. I can imagine! It fits the free spirit chic essence too.

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