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  1. if you parry the thrust you can get super long strings of parries that otherwise would have been interrupted by the mikiri. It's quite satisfying!

  2. Probably in fuckin oregon. People here cant drive for shit and 90% are too fucking old anyways.

  3. I feel this so hard, people are so damn slow in the Willamette valley.

  4. Dying Light, have the most hours in it by far

  5. The server has it set so you wait only 1 second and then you leave. So that’s the issue?

  6. Yup. For a server like that you're probably gonna have to alt f4 out of the game lol

  7. Shit.. better start raising my constitution lol

  8. Repair kits only have 20 uses now, so a full one only repairs 20 percent health

  9. I'm playing for the first time ever and I'm having a blast, though I am playing with someone whose played through the updates

  10. Same issue here. The support page they send you to says I have an "active firewall" preventing me from authenticating but that's definitely not the case. I'm guessing it's to do with Denuvo.

  11. Will probably resolve itself, still bs though. I paid money for this game, let me play whenever the fuck I want dammit!

  12. You're a life saver dude! For months I fought with this and finally stumbled upon your post! thank you!

  13. Earth's gravity slows it down, they're coasting in there

  14. I am left handed, have red hair, and blue eyes. I do not know if that makes me 1%, but it has to be pretty close

  15. Was looking for this comment! I also have red hair and blue eyes, and I'm left handed. Crazy stuff man.

  16. What the hell lmfao thats awesome. Try a no hit run fresh game man!

  17. If Jesse had just let Nick drive the damn thing they'd have been outta there. smh.

  18. Figured it out. Windows used a text called garbage text. There was a windows update last night. All we gotta do is change the font. course it was a windows update.

  19. Seems like someone set the standard font to something like wingdings

  20. So it seems like this is the most probable cause. If we can't change the font then we're going to try and roll back with a system restore.

  21. I would also use DDU and launch into safe mode to uninstall your previous drivers completely, then installing the new drivers. I noticed a pretty decent improvement in performance after doing that.

  22. I'm so scared of space. How are the things that are so powerful not close to us? How are we always safe?

  23. Space is unimaginably big. There are huge distances between these objects that the chances of one being near us is pretty dang low.

  24. possible that the first 3 must be completed before the 4th one unlocks.

  25. if you want to see some no damage at least, check out HayeteBahadori on Twitch, he's currently going for a 100 % Grandmaster no damage run. He has talked about doing no hit, so stay tuned if you're interested.

  26. Dude i just one attempted him last night as well, i dont fucking know how but i'll take it. Such a good fight!

  27. Is this really such a challenge? Killed it yesterday on my 1st visit to the planet, died 5 times but in the end, I feel like I was able to take it out without too much trouble. Granted, I was able to get the drop on him and take off about half of his life before the fight even began.

  28. They will. Most people fight bogdo at the beginning when they dont know the mechanics of the game. Hes honestly a cake walk after playing through grandmaster fully

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